2.5 gpa hello will i get into nursing school


hi im currently taking mirco n psych lifespan i have chem left and nutrition im worried my gpa wont get that high i was going for pa but i got a c- twice in bio thats why i switched to nursing im in ny i hold a ba degree


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I'm going to be completely honest with you. With a 2.5 gpa it is very unlikely you will be able to get into any nursing program. That is usually the bare minimum to even apply for the program and even then, they usually only accept the applicants with the highest gpas. Have you thought about applying to an ADN program? Most of them only look at prereq gpa so your cumulative gpa wouldn't matter. You would need to do really good in your prereq classes, but it is easier than retaking all the classes you did bad in to make your cumulative gpa higher. Maybe you should call the colleges you want to attend and ask them the average gpa of those accepted.


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That is a pretty low GPA. I would look into retaking some classes because I don't think getting A's in the remaining pre reqs would bring your GPA much.

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If you're not good enough to be a PA, you're not good enough to be a nurse. Don't feel like I am attacking you personally, but don't think that nursing is a less intense option than any other medical path.

You need to show that you're willing to master the information given to you, that you can apply it and rely on your judgements. That means getting A's maybe B's in classes. A 2.5 doesn't reflect a drive to master information. Even A's at the end of your school career doesn't show a dedication to your studies and will hurt you.


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I don't think you have any chance in being accepted in any accredited nursing school with 2.5. Sorry.

Even people with 4.0 have a lot of challenges, some don't even make it in nursing school. 2.5 sounds too funny for making it to nursing school and making it in nursing school too. I am being honest and realistic with you.

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The answer is: no. There will be hundreds of applicants with better GPAs.

Start over.


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We've had girls with 3.7 GPAs turned down for nursing schools. And even ADN programs are competitive. You may be able to do LPN and then a bridge.


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If you want it bad you can get that gpa up by retaking classes, giving up social life during school and hauling butt! Funny because I actually had a 2.5 at one college two years ago and not to toot my own horn but this is coming from an AP, honor student. It wasn't that I was dumb I just wasn't making school my life. I'm now pulling a 4.0 in tough classes.

You're never in too deep over your head, it just takes more work than the rest.


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It's not possible to go from a 2.5 GPA to a 4.0 GPA.

But, yes, take extra classes and retake some classes to get it higher. Be aware that most schools average multiple attempts at certain classes, so it may not be that beneficial.


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ADN programs are often just as competitive as BSN programs. I wouldn't say it's impossible. But I'd say it's not likely, unless you choose a program that puts emphasis on other criteria besides GPA. But there's no hurt in doing your best in your classes remaining and giving it a try.

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That's a rough GPA....if you can bring it up to 3.0 you might have a chance, also do those sciences over. You might be able to get into a for-profit trade school, look into those. It'll cost a small fortune but it may be your only option.


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Stephanie, maybe not a 4.0 on the dot but depending upon how many classes one has taken at the 2.5 level and if there are far more classes taken at the 4.0 level, ones gpa will come out pretty high. Again, it takes hard work and a complete lifestyle change.