Night shift-no keys to central supply no keys to get briefs

  1. When I first started this job the floor nurses had a key to central supply and a key to get briefs. Now these keys have been removed and only the "Supervisors" have these keys. There's just one big problem. THERE IS NO NIGHT SHIFT SUPERVISOR ON NIGHT SHIFT!!!
    How can anyone do their jobs when they can't get the supplies needed to do their jobs? Are all the nursing homes like this now or just my place?
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Somewhere along the line, your previous system was being circumvented poss to the point of things being stolen. I mean no offense to you, but I did see this happen several times.

    Another consideration was that over-dispensation of equip was leading to equip stock being depleted WAY TOOOO SOOOON. Either by staff wastefulness or staff theft.

    I do blame some supervisors - they ALONE should have had the keys and been the sole person to go into the stockroom, But I knew of places where the super would give the keys to one of the more 'trusted' staff, who would retrieve whatever was needed. No supervision. And then there were problems.

    So Admin would take back the keys. So, no to your question, your place is not unique. But it does place a terrible inconvenience on conscientious & reliable staff.

    My suggestion - YOU suggest to Admin that they get a 'granny/baby cam'. Anybody entering should 'wave' at the camera and sign a clipboard what was needed.

    This issue also occurs with the 'kitchen key'. Foodstuffs and equip freq disappear. I was kind of glad that I didn't have a kitchen key - couldn't blame nursing!
  4. by   caliotter3
    When something like this would happen, an enterprising individual would contact State to file a complaint. Supplies would again be available on night shift to start the cycle all over.
  5. by   Blackcat99
    As soon as I get to work now, I try to get supplies from the 3-11 supervisor who ALWAYS get mad about it. She always gives me lectures about how the nurses are always "hoarding all of the supplies". So not only is it inconvenient to try to get supplies from the 3-11 shift supervisor but I am made to feel "like a criminal" for even asking for supplies!!!!
  6. by   Tippyrn
    Don't let them treat you that way, you are getting what the residents need, you should be proud of yourself for being proactive.
  7. by   Neats
    Unless you are hoarding supplies there is NEVER ANY REASON WHY you should have to beg for those supplies. I would not put up with working in conditions where there are no supplies or limited supplies, as long as I have what I need to do my job and take care of residents I am fine. You should have keys to all necessary areas certainly this includes the supply room. There are other avenues management can explore other than the allowance of only supervisors can have the keys. You are the RN at night you are the supervisor. I would speak to the DON and Administrator. If they ay no then by all means make it a practice to ensure the "supervisor " provides the necessary supplies you need- give a list of items and the number you need of those items on a daily basis. If they do not provide then ensure you write the Administrator and DON each time the supplies are not provided.
  8. by   brownbook
    I'd love for you to call whomever has the keys at 0200 and say, "We're out of adult depends, can you come down and unlock central supply."
  9. by   ponymom
    You need to start letting families know how their loved ones are being treated...because the supplies are ultimately being withheld from them.
  10. by   cunninghamtarra
    It's hard to say that they are being intentionally "withheld" from the patients. It needs to be brought up with administration/management first. Do they know it's an issue? Is it possible for the off-going staff to get supplies for the overnight staff until the issue is resolved? As someone else also stated- go ahead and call who ever has that key and ask them to swing on by the facility at 2AM and see how long that lasts. Stir the pot a bit, definitely... but slandering the facility and basically telling families that their loved ones are being neglected is a bit much if other routes haven't been taken to resolve the issue first. And if the facility is genuinely neglecting and with holding things from there residents that need them, then DIA needs to be called.