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  1. QAPI... help!

    Yeah that was extremely helpful input… thank you! I’ve been managing to figure it out though on the days I’m not out seeing patients. Also, “a lot” is two words.
  2. QAPI... help!

    I am new to home health, but have been in LTC nursing for about 15 years. I was only involved in 1 or 2 QAPI meetings at the tail-end of my LTC work, and now am working on QAPI for the home health agency. Does anyone have any really wonderful...
  3. LTC, COVID-19 & Visits

    Just wondering if any other LTC nurse's have any input on guidance in regards to out-of-facility visits for the residents and Covid. It has been said that we can allow out-of-facility visits if they are "low risk" situations, but how are facilities ...
  4. I'm reading all of these comments, well skimming them to be honest... what are you going to do with the patient? They're justified to be there by their need for medical treatment (I'm assuming or they wouldn't be there).... is everyone going to refu...
  5. Unsure where else to post this, and can't really find any helpful information anywhere so thought I'd leave this here and see if anyone has any input. Since our ICD 10 switchover, *every* person with depression has a dx of Major Depressive Disorder. ...
  6. If you could redo it....would you choose nursing?

    WITHOUT A DOUBT! When I started this, I was a young single mother and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life. My mom was a nurse, but it definitely was not on my radar growing up. I got my CNA just so I could support my son, and it snowballe...
  7. Is this within my scope?

    In Iowa, the LPN scope does not allow an LPN to perform an INITIAL admission assessment in LTC. Once the initial is done, if the LPN has taken the supervisory course required by the Iowa Board of Nursing, then they can perform skilled assessments. ...
  8. It's hard to say that they are being intentionally "withheld" from the patients. It needs to be brought up with administration/management first. Do they know it's an issue? Is it possible for the off-going staff to get supplies for the overnight s...
  9. Skilled Notes

    Ive worked in LTC for over 10 years. We do skilled assessments once a shift. My facility has a "skilled assessment" template/form on our system. It's basically a head-to-toe assessment, and make sure to focus on whatever brought them to skilled ca...
  10. Long Term Care Nursing is Lame

    To each their own... everyone has their "thing". I love long term care. I'm intrigued by critical care and emergency work, however long term care is where my heart is. And as for them getting paid more... sorry to say, I make more working in a nur...
  11. CNA with One Year of Prerequisites for Nursing

    I got my LPN about 11 years ago at a community college. I continued on for my RN immediately, but ended up dropping due to other things going on (attempting to work full time and raising a child). The timing just wasn't right for me. I am now 33, ...
  12. Tardive Dyskinesia Screening

    I would think if it hasn't been used, it wouldn't pose a threat, therefore you wouldn't need ongoing screening. HOWEVER, the first thing I would do is DC the order for PRN Compazine due to non-usage if it had been that long.