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  1. Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    I used my skills from psych nursing and there was is a training I will be going to soon that my employer pays for.
  2. Working with an unlicensed RN

    I would call the BON and ask them
  3. Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    I felt this way recently and am now working a per diem nursing job and a part time non nursing job as a recovery coach, I use many nursing skills and it had been quite nice. I also loved the residents and my coworkers in LTC but the micromanagement...
  4. Getting orders noc shift

    This is how it works at many long term facilities, unless it is an emergency, it can wait until morning. Where i work everyone has a standing order for Mylanta.
  5. Orientation Checklists

    Maybe you've taken on more than you can chew.
  6. New job as addictions nurse need advice

    These kids are very fragile and have very low self esteem, it can be sad some shifts, but also can be fun. They don't trust adults so they can be very hard to reach as well as violent, so don't let your gaurd down.
  7. Sexual harrassment or just an old creep?

    And also yes he is creepy.
  8. Sexual harrassment or just an old creep?

    This is sexual harassment, for sure, I would tell him to leave me alone and I would complain to HR, they take these complaints very seriously in my state of Vermont
  9. Are you a "Sister?"

    To me it is more a term of endearment, I call many of my close friends brother and sister so I think it would be cool to do this at work also.
  10. How do you feel about B's?

    If you want to go to graduate school you need an A, otherwise a B is great.
  11. How to become an Mds nurse

    I work as an RN in a LTC my goal is to do Mds but I don't know how to get there. Is it just sucking up to the right people?
  12. What song describes your workplace environment?

    God bless America I work with veterans
  13. Help me spend money!

    Guest speakers
  14. Syringe driver terror

    I have read some articles that say morphine doesn't actually hasten death at all
  15. Why do We eat our young?

    I think we eat our old. I feel agisim in that places don't want to hire older nurses.