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  1. ponymom

    Holiday fun

    I don't know, the only "fun" that is truly enjoyed by all is a "fun" day of proper staffing. Try that, I'm betting you'll be successful then..
  2. ponymom

    without a job until after new years

    Nursing school is the easiest and less stressful part of this whole nursing thing anyway. Wait untill the real stress starts...
  3. ponymom

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    I like Christmas. Decorations at home in the house, the barn , etc. Holiday baking and other foods. Outside trees and buildings decorated with the old-fashioned big lights that you can't buy anymore. Red and green saddle blankets when riding. Even house cats climbing in the tree. Lots of snow...feeding the birds (homemade suet cakes) and other wildlife. I watch allll the old shows I grew up with every year without fail...Family get together...big meals. Yep, love it...
  4. ponymom

    Boomerang Coworkers

    I've never been a boomerang employee, however I've had three boomerang bosses. Two in manufacturing, one in nursing. Both the bosses who returned to the plant were highly respected and much-liked before they left. They remain the same today we'll after they've returned. The nursing boss was a pig before she left, and was no better well after she returned....
  5. ponymom

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    This is a bit above my nursing experience, but I am just heartsick and astounded over this whole tragedy.
  6. When and if you fail, take 'em over... That's pretty much about it...
  7. ponymom

    J-tube. RN/LVN

  8. ponymom


    Haha your question is sooooo funny (nnnott). Hehehe..."noncostly"...haha It's clear from the way you ask the question, not that you have no clue, but that you absolutely do know, what more than likely needs to be addressed is the staffing levels...you just don't want to pay for it. And by the way, pizza really is a great accompaniment to writing a resignation letter. That would be my bet... For the money it's probably gonna cost in retraining, falls, med errors, call-outs, backbiting, bullying, survey dings and fines, sentinal events and other assorted negatives, hire a few and keep the levels a bit more realistic. Clean up the pigsty with more adequate staffing. It's really the only way morale is likely to improve, You can't hide from it or gloss it over...
  9. Thank you Davey Do.. I guess I didn't elaborate....is the tone I've used in the past that has worked and caused the offending pigs to take pause and stop their juvenile behavior. Not weepy whiny "why are you picking on meee?", but kind of a cross between an sarcastic although almost incredulously stated "why ya saying **** like this?, what's your reason?, you feeling okay? ya got somethin goin on?" Hold the stare... Knock the pig back verbally, those kind have always caved when I've had to teach them how to treat me or someone else they may have decided to target.
  10. Ask them why they do it
  11. ponymom

    Are you a "Sister?"

    I've never heard the terms 'sister' or 'brother' used at all in the healthcare field. However in the unionized manufacturing plants, it is used all the time..
  12. ponymom

    'My Patient died' Facebook post

    Another Fakebook dumbas...
  13. ponymom

    I just need to vent

    The little pig needs the smackdown laid on to her. She will get worse. Knock her attitude down before that happens. Everyone one in that facility needs to act, and be held accountable in a professional manner. No room for grade school behavior.
  14. ponymom

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Jax taste better than Cheetos....just sayin's all
  15. ponymom

    Texas Children's investigates RN for social media HIPAA violation

    Another Fakebook Dumbass
  16. ponymom

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Haha I'm laughing here... That's some mighty thin skin right there..

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