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  1. ponymom

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    I like Christmas. Decorations at home in the house, the barn , etc. Holiday baking and other foods. Outside trees and buildings decorated with the old-fashioned big lights that you can't buy anymore. Red and green saddle blankets when riding. Even house cats climbing in the tree. Lots of snow...feeding the birds (homemade suet cakes) and other wildlife. I watch allll the old shows I grew up with every year without fail...Family get together...big meals. Yep, love it...
  2. ponymom

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    This is a bit above my nursing experience, but I am just heartsick and astounded over this whole tragedy.
  3. ponymom

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Jax taste better than Cheetos....just sayin's all
  4. ponymom

    Texas Children's investigates RN for social media HIPAA violation

    Another Fakebook Dumbass
  5. ponymom

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Haha I'm laughing here... That's some mighty thin skin right there..
  6. ponymom

    Called off too many times?

    I'm thinking he was informed of the upcoming weekend party on Thursday, Just surmisin's all....
  7. ponymom

    What do you hate about nursing and why?

    The only thing I truly hated about nursing is the accepted and ingrained practice of understaffing. It truly is where all the other problems in the field stem from...
  8. ponymom

    Exclusion List

    [quote=Kitty300;990637 Not to be ran further down into the ground because I don't tell my story. I ain't seein' it... This is something that happened 5 years ago that I paid alot of money to get resolved.. I don't know, but anytime I've had to lay out some hard cash, I always made sure I knew what it was actually for.. Plus kept any pertainant records.. Just sayin's all....
  9. ponymom

    Shouldn't Have Gone Down that Rabbit Hole ...

    Yaa...Fakebook disciples again...but No worries, they'll be coming over this way to cry and whine soon enough...Put out the cheese we'll be meeting them soon...
  10. Forget the 'passion' and 'calling' silliness...just emphasize that you are reliable attendance-wise.
  11. ponymom

    Staying Healthy as a New Nurse

    Keep a cooler with food in your car to eat on the way home also.
  12. ponymom

    Assisted living turned nightmare

    What the hell is the matter with you....of course you start notifying families, notating that you had no lunch, calling ems for the falls, staying on the clock is to chart.. Back those pigs of a DON and administrator off to the wall and call their bluff. Oh and tell each of them to stick those insurance authorizations right up each other's as... Give the family members the pig's office phone numbers, and their personal numbers if you have them. Do not give notice that you are quitting. Just do it. And whats Kenya got to do with anything?
  13. ponymom

    RN's and LPN's working as Nursing Assistants?

    As a nurse, used to sign up for OT knowing I was going to be working it as a cna. I would many times work days as a CNA and then afternoons as the nurse. I made thousands of dollars in OT by doing this. I also signed up for sitter work, same results, lots of money, even easier work. When I knew I would be leaving the facility, I poured on the OT even more. Another even bigger plus was that by working OT, it would help keep one off the mandation list. One time I went six months without being mandated. Some of our nurses were being hit three times a week. The benefits: The cna's were very appreciative, as they were getting beat-up with mandation. I got to know the residents, their families and other staff even better. I made a lot more overall money. I wanted a good cushion for when I eventually left. The nurses benefitted from having another nurse as a cna.
  14. ponymom

    Geriatric Nursing!

    Why all the exclamation points!!!!?
  15. ponymom

    We are not saints! (just because we work hard)

    And how dare the poor souls have to work weekends, holidays and any other shift than days, how dare their religion not be accommodated (even though they accepted those conditions upon hire). Why, Their 'passion' and 'want-to-help- people'ness should negate all of that cruel nonsense. Surely the mean and discrimminatory schools, class instructors, clinical instructors, facility staff, patients , families and the janitor are all out to get them and just make their lives miserable. Mean, bad people.... Doesn't their constant crying before shift, on the way to work, at work, on the way home from work, in their sleep, on their days off, while eating, while breathing account for anything? Where is the humanity? Nclex failure 7-8 times, 200+questions each time, *everyone* has anxiety, scared of families, sacred of staff, scared of eye-rolling, scared of administration, scared of their own shadow. 'I'm introverted and hate people, so I became a nurse. So I need dayshift only with no direct patient contact, my own office, oh and I cannot work weekends or past 5pm.
  16. ponymom

    What would you do?

    Another example of Fakebook...