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:uhoh21: I started my pre-req's for nursing in 2004 - 2005. I took chem, A&P1, Bio, and Psych. (I had previously earned an Associates) I stopped to have another baby #3 (my last baby) and we... Read More

  1. by   cenote
    I finished my ADN just over two years ago...I'll be 57 this January. With a previous non medically related Bachelor's degree, and a year towards my MBA, I chose the ADN route.

    In Louisiana, as in most States, there are a prescribed number of clinical hours which are the same for any RN, regardless of ADN or BSN preparation. There also are prescribed hours for study in the various medical areas of Nursing to include: General Care, Community Nursing, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, OB-GYN, and Adult Care. etc. This, my age and the reputation of the ADN program of Charity School of Nursing in New Orleans, solidified my decision to study for my ADN.

    The difference, for me at least, was that a BSN would have added a year to my studies and would have included the questionably needed courses of Art Appreciation, a basic computer course (I am computer literate), two more Psychology courses (I already had 4 Psych courses for my Bachelor's but these were not "in the correct areas" and would not be considered), a writing research course (I had 6 hours of research in Masters courses, but these also, weren't good enough). They would not accept my 2 A and P courses because they were just that "Anatomy and Physiology". This school wanted these divided into two courses . . . Anatomy...then Physiology. (Odd, since the combined study makes more sense in my opinion).

    So, in the end, I chose the ADN route. I earn the same as my BSN peers and have had no problem commanding the respect of other medical professionals, especially the MDs.

    I will add that, in the absence of another degree, a BSN is a definite asset. So, if you are considering returning to school for nursing, please do not think that age is any barrier and consider the BSN as the Gold Standard. (Of course, you could work on this after getting the ADN and this is a better route for some).

    I work nights in Telemetry and often do 4 in a row (5, on rare occasions) and have no problems with this.

    Nursing is NOT a career I would suggest for most and I probably will be converting my experience to a business environment but if you want it...don't let age be the deciding factor. Do some homework and find out what it is that nurses "really" do. Do not go into this arena blind...you could end up miserable. But AGE should never be and isn't a barrier.

    Hope this helps.
  2. by   CityKat
    Quote from littledarlings
    I'm forty-nine years old. When I graduate, I will be 52 years old. No matter what age you decide to do something, you will be the same age if you do not. People are always saying when I'm finish or when I do this I will be this age. My answer is always "you will be that age anyway God's willing. So go for it and good luck

    So true, so true. Carry on girlfriend
  3. by   nursejane236
    I finished nursing school at 35. At first I too thought wow is this a young person's career. But after going through it and realizing that more than half my class was 30 or older with at least 4 women who were in their 50's, I soon recognized that nursing is a career where your age can work for you. Life experiences can certainly help you with critical thinking. Good luck to you.
  4. by   mrscurtwkids4
    I'm currently 35 years old and just graduated this past May with my bachelor's degree. I just passed my NCLEX exam last week. And I did it with 4 kids to raise, hubby, and house to tend to, ect.. It can be done!! You are never too old to go to school. My mother-in-law was still attending college classes in her late 50's. I started out at the community college and found there were lots of others who were "non-traditional" students. When I got to the university level, there were less odler students, but there were still a good handful. I found that many of the younger students liked having some older students around to talk with and help. There is something to be said for life experiences helping with your schooling. Then again, there were probably those that didn't give a hoot one way or the other. If you are there for the learning, the interaction with the others isn't as important. As long as you can get along with them enough to get group projects done, I wouldn't let age be an issue about attending college.

  5. by   maps4care
    Only 35? You have 2 choices: become an RN and work for at least 25 years or be a mom and give up your dream. One day your kids will grow up and leave and you will be really too old to go to nursing school.
    Go for it! I am doing it! I am 42 and not among the oldest in my class (I have a lot of classmates in their 50s).
  6. by   jessica_clark
    I am 21 and just graduated from RN school. The majority of the people in my class were over 40. I was the youngest in my class at 19. You are definetely not to old! Go for it and reach your dreams!
  7. by   mssensitivity
    Hi there, my name is Beth and I have just finished up my pre-req's for the RN Program where I live. I went back to school 2 years ago, at the age of 41! I am anxiously waiting for a response from the college right now to see if I have been accepted. The deadline for the application was Sept. 15, and I will not hear until Nov. 15! Long await.

    I have raised my kids, and started this nursing venture many years ago. But going through a divorce, raising 2 kids on your own, remarrying put a curve into my nursing dreams. But I guess the fact of the matter is, your never too old, and only as old as you act. I am blessed that I am in a position to be able to go back to school with a supporting husband. He is helping to make this dream a reality (if I get accepted into the program!)
    anyway, this could turn into a book, Go for your goal, your certainly not older than I am!

  8. by   cmb73
    Hey,Im 34 and 2/3 way my Nursing course,I also have 4 sons.Most of the students in my classes are my age and older.
    You are so not too old,if I can handle it anyone can!!
  9. by   JennyRN09
    Quote from nrsbetsy

    I started my pre-req's for nursing in 2004 - 2005. I took chem, A&P1, Bio, and Psych. (I had previously earned an Associates) I stopped to have another baby #3 (my last baby) and we also moved into a new home. I would love to go back to school now if I could, but realistically it won't happen for another year. I will be 35 this November and I feel like this clock is ticking. Becoming a nurse has been something I have wanted for a long time and I'm not ready to give that dream up!

    Are there any future nurses who have been in similiar shoes? How did you feel going back to school and not being the 19 year old in your class? I need advice and encouragement! Thanks!
    OH HECK NO!!!! You're never too old to go back to school. I'm 37 with 4 kids and I'm a senior nursing student. I'm in an ADN program and that's the average age. We even have a man in his 60's in our class. Go for it! Chase that dream! You'll never regret it!
  10. by   bigsurgirl
    YOU ARE NOT too old. I am 44 in my first semester nursing school. My life experience and confidence in myself has been a tremendous gift. The younger students look to me to answer questions and I have no more experience than they do. You can do it.
  11. by   mssensitivity
    You appreciate school when your older! I started college many years ago, after starting my family, got divorced, remarried, raised my kids and now am in my second year of nursing school. I am attending a nursing school in Maryland, AACC, a very reputable associate RN program. I'm half way there, and very proud of myself.

    You'll be a great nurse, even moreso, because your love and desire will get you there. I'm in my 40's and at times feel ackward because I am older than most of the students, but I am not the oldest! Age is just a number and so when I start to feel this ackward way, I just shrug it off!
  12. by   jspar007
    I have a couple of classmates in early 40s. There is nothing wrong with age in nursing school. Good Luck!
  13. by   shadownurse9
    I turned 40 the month after I started nursing school. I have nine children, four of them 7 and under, and passed the first semester of my ADN program with flying colors. You are NOT to old. Go for it!!!! I will turn 42 a few months after I graduate and plan on going on for my BSN and MSN!