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hello everyone! was just wondering where you would like to work after you get your degree? hospital, ltc....dr office.....and why???? i know i definetly do not want to work in a hospital. i... Read More

  1. by   fleur-de-lis
    I started out thinking ER, OR or ICU. But now, halfway through, I have my heart set on hospice! I know it sounds weird, but I love end of life care. I will probably have to work in a hospital on a med/surg floor before I have enough experience to go into hospice, but I can put in my time!
  2. by   txspadequeenRN
    I would like to ease my way into surgery. I have had enough of med-surg and Im done with the politics of LTC. Other than that Corporate nursing....
  3. by   CityKat
    At first I wanted to work in the ICU, but after experiencing hospice care, I think so far that is the place I want to be. It was such an amazing experience for me. I have my internship at a surgical hospital starting in January, so who knows, maybe the OR. I mean, it really all depends where I feel the most comfortable. I like med surg too and working on the vent unit. It has been one of the most difficult nursing experiences for me, but I have seen soooo much on the vent floor, so I think the experience there would be unmatched for me as a new grad. Who knows though...my nursing experience isn't over yet
  4. by   WickedRedRN
    I will probably continue on my geri-psych unit while I work toward the RN via the bridge program.

    I would not mind working med-surg for a while to get my feet under me. My long term goal is ER/Trauma when I complete my RN.
  5. by   smk1
    I came into this without a clear picture, but thought maybe OR, ER or ICU however I kind of like the med surg floor. I also am inching away from OR because I am worried that it may be hard to transfer to another unit after being in such a specialty enviornment (also some other concerns though it still is on the list of possibilities), but I have to say more and more I find myself interested in PACU. The idea of constant assessment, all sorts of surgical recovery, different anesthetics, NO FAMILIES (or so I have heard), fast paced enviornment, I think it combines a lot of the things I am interested in. Hopefully we will get a chance to rotate through this area even if just for one day.
  6. by   blueyesue
    I am currently still taking my pre-reqs. I could see myself in many areas. I would love to get into Pediatrics. I guess time will tell.
  7. by   Nurse_Diane
    Quote from fleur-de-lis
    I have my heart set on hospice! I know it sounds weird, but I love end of life care.
    I'm seriously considering Hospice and Oncology nursing myself. It's not weird at all. What an impact you can make on your patients and their families....

    Good Luck!