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fleur-de-lis is a BSN, RN and specializes in RN, Cardiac Step Down/Tele Unit.

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  1. fleur-de-lis

    Question regarding Accelrated Nurse Programs

    I graduated in august from an accelerated BSN program for 2nd degree students. Passed NCLEX earlier this month first try, and start my 1st RN job Monday (woot!) I don't think it is a matter of learning more or less in an accelerated program versus traditional, it is a matter of pace. The board requires that all nursing students take the same number of clinical hours, and the same coursework must be covered in lectures so students will have a chance of passing the NCLEX. The difference between my 15 month program and the traditional program was that we take 2-3 clinical courses per semester rather than one, and we have classes and clinicals during summer semesters. We also take more hours per semester (15-18). If you can handle a VERY fast pace and keep up, if you're willing to virtually give up having an outside life for the duration of the program, and if you are willing to work your tail off to get it done, go for it. I would not recommend these programs for someone who has to go over and over material before you get it - there is just not time for that. You have to get it on the first try or if you don't you have to seek out assistance and FAST or you'll be lost. One thing I did to see if I could handle the pace was take a&p and micro together in the summer semester when I was doing my prereqs. If you can't handle that fairly easily then stick to the traditional track.
  2. fleur-de-lis

    Orientation attire?

    well, monday is the general orientation for my first job as an rn (woo-hoo!) i have read all the paperwork and asked hr and cannot figure out what i am supposed to wear. the exact response from hr, "you can dress comfortable. you will sit all day." what would you interpret this to mean. i am thinking not scrubs, but no too dressy business attire either. i cannot imagine that jeans would be ok, so i was thinking comfortable khakis and a casual button-up top. whatcha think?
  3. fleur-de-lis

    Just wondering if anyone else has career related tattoo's

    Here is a pic of the butterfly/Caduceus tattoo that I found on the internet and have thought about having something similar done. nurse butterfly tat.doc
  4. fleur-de-lis

    Help! Where should I do my preceptorship?

    I'd say go with your specialty if that is what you want (OB). That is what a residency is for - to get you experience and let you figure out what you really want. If you get into OB and find that you don't like it, you can start out in Med/Surg as a new grad. If you find that you LOVE OB, you will get needed experience and maybe even get hired onto the unit you work (which is what happened to me, althouth not in OB, I got hired onto the cardiac step-down unit where I did my residency!) Many of my classmates got hired onto the hospitals where they did their residency as well. Good luck!
  5. fleur-de-lis

    Honor Societies

    I got that same letter from Sigma Theta Tau and ignored it. When I graduated a few weeks ago, the pinning ceremony program had my name with an asterik beside it that said "Sigma Theta Tau Member". So, I guess even without my money my grades spoke for themselves!
  6. fleur-de-lis

    Seniors Head to Mexico For Treatment

    I have family who lives in close to Brownsville Texas, just minutes from the border and literally everyone who lives down there goes into Mexico for their dental work and prescription meds (yep, you can get almost anything OTC without a script). These people live on a golf course - they can easily afford their meds and regular dental work! Makes me nervous though, I would not buy aspirin there much less something stronger that you have no idea what is really in it!
  7. fleur-de-lis

    2nd degree BSN students?

    The only thing you miss out on with an accelerated program is a life! The educational experience is the same (you are required to have the same # of clinical hours as everyone else), it is just more intense. I just graduated from a 15 month accelerated program (woo-hoo) and it was definitely intense, but well worth it! There were times that I wondered what the heck I got myself into, and even considered quitting, but in the long run it has been a wonderful experience, I have made lasting friendships, and I have a BSN that just over a year ago I did not!!!
  8. fleur-de-lis

    Night shift

    Oh believe me, I've read them all - just looking for new tricks.
  9. fleur-de-lis

    Night shift

    Do you swap back to a day schedule after your 3 shifts, and if so how? Thanks - loving the tips as I will be starting nights in October!
  10. fleur-de-lis

    Scratch paper?

    Thanks! I am taking it in Texas, I hope it is the same way. I might call Monday to check. Starting to get nervous and excited all at once!!!
  11. fleur-de-lis

    Scratch paper?

    I am taking the NCLEX-RN on Sept. 10 and was wondering if you are allowed to have scratch paper for the calculations. I heard they have calculators, but I use the dimensional analysis method to set up which is pretty impossible to do in my head unless it is a really simple setup. Thanks and good luck to everyone studying!!!:balloons:
  12. fleur-de-lis

    Bad first day of clinicals

    I agree with everyone that the CNA sounds awful, but the shaving cream is a trick I learned in clinicals in the ICU. Believe it or not, it really softens the skin and smells great! It rinses easily also, whereas soap is hard to get off in a bed bath situation. In my opinion, you did learn something in this sad situation. At the very least, you learned that you can learn something from everyone. Even if they seem to be useless, they may have some little nugget of information that you will use later as a nurse. Or, if they are completely useless, at least you are learning how you do not want to practice nursing. I'm glad that you are questioning practices that seem off the wall - don't lose that! Good luck!
  13. fleur-de-lis

    What sight at the hospital has stayed forever in your mind?

    I've seen really cool, gross wounds, blisters the size of my fist, all kinds of things that should turn someone's stomach - all of which I could handle fine. The one thing that made me gag was a total care lady with a RAGING yeast infection. Looked like someone stuffed cottage cheese in her vagina. :barf02:Seriously gross. Not to mention the smell What was sad was that she was in a nursing home before she came to our unit, and even after that she was on our unit for several days before my preceptor and I got her and got the doc to order Diflucan. Cleared it right up. Such an easy fix that no one took the time to do for her
  14. fleur-de-lis

    Just wondering if anyone else has career related tattoo's

    I have toyed with the idea but not found one that I like enough. I did see one really cool picture on the net of a caduceus used as the body of a butterfly. Kinda subtle but still medical. I have thought about getting a small heart on my wrist, where my watch can cover it when I need to.
  15. fleur-de-lis

    BSN program not requiring Chemistry as Pre-req

    TCU in Fort Worth does not require chemistry. It is private, so it does not have the same requirements as the state schools. You might check into some of the private schools near you. More $$, but less chemistry!
  16. fleur-de-lis

    Guess the mispronounced medical term

    I had a patient tell me his last hospitalization was for "sore hoses" - that one took me a while... he meant cirrhosis!