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  1. blueyesue

    The Problem with Nursing

    This may seem simplistic, but other people's opinions shouldn't be the reason for entering or leaving a profession. What matters is your opinion of what you do and how well you do what you do. While respect is nice, I could care less if 99% of the nation thought nursing was a unrespectable profession. I got into it and will stay or leave for my own reasons/desires.
  2. blueyesue

    The problem with multiple preceptors...

    I completely understand how frustrating this is. By my 6th week I have had NINE preceptors. Some of whom have just got off orientation themselves.
  3. I think a lot of people can get hung up on "related to" and the "as evidenced by" (also called "manifested by") "Related to" is the cause (etiology) of the diagnosis. For instance: my acute back pain is related to (caused by) the improper use of body mechanics and muscle weakness. "As evidenced by" or "Manifested by" is the objective and subjective signs and symptoms. For instance: my acute back pain is evidenced by rating my pain as a 6 on the 0-10 pain rating scale, grimacing, and/or comments such as "my back hurts so bad"...etc Hope that helps
  4. blueyesue

    Good iPhone app for meds?

    I really like Medical Wizards. They have a lot of apps including Davis Drug Guide, Pearson Nurse's Drug Guide, IV drug guides, Prentice Hall Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, among others. I use it all the time.
  5. blueyesue

    Heads up to all new nursing students:

    The OP is correct that each person is different, but let me add that there is a reason the majority of current and past nursing students say nursing school is hard. (it is). However, keep in mind that the majority of these students have passed or will pass nursing school. :) Keep plugging away.
  6. blueyesue

    Nursing Character Names

    Here are a few: Tacky Jackie Dan Druff Joe Lee Foley
  7. blueyesue

    How do you draw up meds for IVP?

    That's how I was trained. If fluids are not infusing I flush, push the med, flush. If fluids are infusing I just push. (all things being compatable of course) :)
  8. There is still a chance you passed. Only the good pop up is fully reliable. Keep checking. With the amount of studying you have done and the experience with the exam I would be surprised if you failed at 75.
  9. blueyesue

    Love in a Time of Hospitals

    Beautifully said.
  10. blueyesue

    is Nursing School HARDER than Medical School?

    Just sayin' (music parody begins at 50 seconds into video) :)
  11. blueyesue

    A new grad numbers game... just curious!

    1. How many places have you applied so far? 1 2. How many new grad postings vs. regular postings? 1 regular 3. How many have you heard from one way or the other? 1 4. Any job offers yet? Yes was offered the job I realize I am blessed that this has happened. I hope the best for those struggling to find a job.
  12. blueyesue

    Question about how blood becomes oxygenated.

    You are absolutely correct. It is easy to get things switched around expecially when you read something wrong. :) Thanks
  13. blueyesue

    Question about how blood becomes oxygenated.

    That is true except in the case of the lungs. The pulmonary vein carries oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart.
  14. blueyesue

    Free CNA training video series

    You are welcome. :)
  15. blueyesue

    Nursing abroad, nurses without borders???

    As always be careful to find a reputible place. I learned the hard way by contacting an organization through missionfinder.org and when I went to the location I found out they are crooks using an orphanage as a way to get money. Happens way more than we realize.