When do nursing programs do drug tests? - page 3

Is it when you get accepted or a bit before the semester starts? I'm applying for Fall which is 9 months away, when do you think they would make you submit a drug test?... Read More

  1. by   hello77kitty
    My school requires a 10 panel screen before we start the semester.
  2. by   forevergreatful
    i submitted my drug test with my acceptance packet, they actually had a paper that came in the packet that told us what place we could go to and we had to have it submitted before we could start.
  3. by   MiladyMalarkey
    This shouldn't be a concern if you aren't using drugs. So stopping now would be good. Also medical marijuana cards aren't usually accepted in nursing school, even if you have the card, they'll still kick you out if you test positive.
  4. by   Horseshoe
    I wasn't drug tested in nursing school, but while working as a nurse, I hurt my back. I could barely walk to the nurse's station. My boss sent me home, but she was required by policy to send me to employee health, where I was promptly asked to submit a specimen.

    Any time there is an incident of nurse injury, patient injury, suspicion of impairment or diversion, narc counts off, etc., you can be required to be tested on the spot.

    Just so you know.
  5. by   alsmurf4
    It shouldn't matter. If you have to worry about a dirty drug screen, perhaps you should consider another line of work.
  6. by   3ringnursing
    I graduated in Dec 1993: not once were we ever drug tested in my BSN program.

    I had a UDS once for preemployment screening for a job while in nursing school (3rd semester) and got a job offer from the same place after graduating and continued on.

    Laughably, the first time I was hired at this hospital was in high school (1984) no UDS.

    My 2nd ever nursing job had no UDS at all - just a physical. I mentioned to the person who hired me I hadn't had a UDS: she told me "we don't do that" (1996).

    My, the times they are a changin' ...
  7. by   Silver_Rik
    Between acceptance and starting the program.

    I need to look at my program handbook to confirm; but I don't think we get tested again except for cause.
  8. by   NurseBlaq
    You can be tested at any time during your nursing program or employment as a nurse. The real question is what's the motive here? I'm curious to know why you're asking. Are you concerned about a medical condition being revealed or testing positive for narcotics? For example, if you have a prescription for couch syrup with codeine all you have to do is have the medication with you if/when tested. Or tell them ahead of time you take prescription narcs.
  9. by   FolksBtrippin
    We got drug tested in the first month of school. I've been drug tested for every healthcare job I've had, even before I was a nurse.

    You're taking a big risk using drugs as a nurse. If you make a mistake at work (and you probably will in your first year because you are new) you may need a clean drug screen to prove that you didn't divert and were not impaired.

    Let's say you are in your first year. You just came off orientation. Its night shift. You are short staffed. You have 8 patients. You are literally shaking from your first code. A family member is yelling at you. You are about to waste ativan and someone is asking you a question. You answer, toss the ativan in sharps and forget to ask another nurse to witness you do that. Now you are in a pickle. No one knows you yet. No one is willing to just give you the benefit of the doubt and be a witness. Rightly so. They didn't see you do it. Pharmacy flags you to your manager. Your manager says it will all be okay, just go downstairs to the ED and get a drug screen.

    Even if you only come up positive for marijuana, you are now in deep poop.

    You need everything on your side, especially your first year.

    Stop the drugs now.