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  1. Ambersmom

    Fired for Pyxis discrepancy

    At my place, we have an actual waste container, basically a glorified sharps container and wastes go in there.
  2. Ambersmom

    Fired for Pyxis discrepancy

    Suggest you have a private drug test done if its only been a few days, that can only help you. What happened to the 5mg's you wasted? Did it go in the waste container?
  3. Ambersmom

    How do you deal with personal attacks at work?

    Sorry to hear you are dealing with this issue. I worked LTC years ago and had a similar experience, mine I believe was partially caused by the employer putting my bsn on name badge. It was pretty awful, and abusive. I went to nursing supervisor, and after one pretty nasty bashing all because I got there on time and the second nurse wanted my assignment and screamed and threatened until she got it, another nurse reported it, it was so bad, I reported it... nothing happened. In hindsight I wish I had told her she could have both sides and walked out and/or reported her to the board for unprofessional behavior. Hard core, but the abuse I endured was hard core as well. Someone told me later she was diverting and thats why she wanted the other side, it had blind corners. Today video is a powerful thing, I also wish I had used a phone video. But if you've talked to superiors and it hasn't helped, Leave. You don't deserve that, you don't have to tolerate it. You'rd worth more than that. Best of luck!
  4. Ambersmom

    Travel nursing relocation reimbursement

    I've never paid travel expenses for a travel assignment.
  5. "well they don't have to use it, at orientation they all get leg bags and gtubes. HR discovered it was more cost effective. I hear next week this is becoming the Resident's new game room."
  6. Ambersmom

    Do you look up the push rate for IVP meds?

    I ALWAYS look up the rate (in our system its pretty easy), after awhile you tend to memorize the common ones but if I haven't given in awhile, or a new med I always do.
  7. Ambersmom

    new nurse advice. screwed up?

    The low BP and low HR both should have raised an alarm, especially if in the ER she was higher and from the looks of it her HR was considerably higher in the ER, for signs this low I always notify MD, chances are she probably just needs some fluids but a kidney issue, edema in the arms and even having general anesthesia would have my ears pricked and saying "someone needs to know about this" because ANYTHING could be going on. So yes, this absolutely warranted a call to the team.
  8. Ambersmom

    Asked to resign after 6 months

    You're welcome. when asked about an internal transfer I would just say new grads weren't allowed to transfer and/or you decided to try to find a hospital that was a better match. In all honesty, you really don't even have to explain. Good Luck
  9. Ambersmom

    Asked to resign after 6 months

    Sorry to hear about your situation. My suggestion would be this, as you apply for new positions when the application asks why you left say something like will explain at interview, when you get an interview explain about the unstructured orientation and steps you tried to make it work. In my opinion saying it wasn't a good fit will not fly and quickly come across as insincere. Don't bash your former employer but make the point you were in a difficult situation. Don't feel bad if the educator wont reference you., many cut ties as soon as you're no longer an employee. I would also suggest if you had a clinical instructor or professor you liked to get in touch with them and discuss the situation you found yourself in, so they can hopefully rebuild your confidence and trust again. They can also hopefully guide you in ways to prevent a similar situation from getting so out of control. And just fyi, sadly often health care employers have a nasty habit of making the employee the bad person when there internal systems fall short (I just settled with an employer who did that very thing to me), So hold your head high, in the down time while looking for a new job work on coming up with strategies to make your next orientation successful. Good luck.
  10. Ambersmom

    How do you handle rude comments?

    Yeah, people who I would've sworn would have my back avoided me like the plague or made the weirdest comments that made little sense, I was in nursing school at the time and I remember sitting in class one day and another student who I was that close to came up to me and said "I heard about your mother, I'm sorry" ; it was only seven words but my mind heard it as "I know you are hurting" and my heart interpreted it as a "you're not alone", seven words was all it took for me to feel that someone cared. Classmates I had been really close too, tutored, studied with avoided it. Just seven words... OP, If you need to talk or vent feel free to PM me, I knowhow difficult it can be.
  11. Ambersmom

    How do you handle rude comments?

    I'm sorry for the insensitive comments you've heard, when my mom had cancer there were a few people I confided in who gave me the same weird responses, people I thought who would be there for me weren't at least not emotionally. The way I came to handle it was to realize that some people are not so much insensitive but just don't want to say the wrong thing, and there are those who could not empathize to save their souls, and those who just cannot handle bad news. So, when I encountered one of those comments I usually just gave a one word reply or didn't say anything and I never opened up to them again,ever. But if someone attempted to make a joke out of it, I would respond that I found absolutely nothing funny about my mother having cancer. You will find that often the people you would have thought would have been there for you weren't, and the ones you never expected to be are.
  12. partly because nursing school gives you the perfect world of black and white interventions, and you do not have to time manage, give meds, ambulate, do dressing changes and treatments. The real world is a very pretty shade of gray, but all gray nonetheless.
  13. Ambersmom

    This person outranks me?!

    OK so I waited with baited breath all day for the answer to the question about the sample. In lieu of that, I downloaded a dang book on testing sputum samples, nothing I read, in the tech guide or other resources, says anything about vomitus spoiling a sputum sample. So, I think we can send that sample now, although it might be worthwhile to call down to lab just to confirm.
  14. Ambersmom

    First combative pt

    Any chance he could be having some type of seizure or a reaction (maybe paradoxical) to a med?
  15. Ambersmom

    Are We Still Holding Back Baby's Head?

    Thanks, its been awhile, I couldnt remember prolapsed cord and placenta previa jumped in there, thanks for the correction.
  16. Ambersmom

    bad interview

    Sorry for your experience. Better to be rid of this place if that is how the culture is. It maybe worthwhile in your cover letter or on resume' to just add a line that you were caring for sick relative. I know people who did this and the places they interviewed at knew the details, made it easier. Good luck.