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Where I attend nursing school I think that the grading scale is unfair. There is a shortage of nurses in this county. Why make it so difficult for nursing students to help fill the void. I do... Read More

    here's my former school's breakdown:
    98-100 = a+(4.0)
    94 - 97 = a (4.0)
    90 - 93 = a-(3.7)
    87 - 89 = b+(3.3)
    83 - 86 = b (3.0)
    80 - 83 = b-(2.7)
    77 - 79 = c+(2.3)
    73 - 77 = c (2.0)
    70 - 76 = c-(1.7)

    <70 is failure for the nursing program but isn't for the general studies...failure is <60 for general studies. also, if one fails any portion of med/surg or its co-req....one has to repeat both! for example...if one fails the class or didactic course but passed the co-req clinicals....one has to take both over again & vice versa. i personally don't think that's fair or right...but the theory is retaking both over will reinforce the material somehow. imo...it just makes for more stress as one has to worry about passing two things instead of the one. it seems cruel & punitive to me....i mean....sciences are good for five years & can transfer to any college/uni. so why is it one has to retake a co-req subject over if one passes it just because one fails the other one? it would be one thing if both courses are combined in their credits & thereby the cost is combined. but if the class portion is 1.5 credits & the clinical is 4-5 credits & say the person passed clinicals but not the class....why should they have to pay for 5.5 to 6.5 credits instead of 1.5 to repeat the course actually failed. one is only allowed two failures in the program before being dismissed. they can, however, reapply to the uni via the dept of nursing...but the chances of readmission are very slim as they feel failing two courses demonstrate a poor chance of success. the other thing that baffles me is that nursing (or most upper class courses for that matter) aren't transferable to other colleges/uni....but all med courses taken are. for example....a med student can complete a year on the west coast & the next year transfer to an east coat uni and all credits are accepted by that school. on the other hand, one can do their junior year of nursing school & try to transfer to another nursing but are told they have to re-take every single nursing credit as most college/uni won't take them. why the heck would they accept pre-req from junior or community colleges but won't except nursing credits taken elsewhere?

    by no means was my uni a pushover due to their grading system. in fact, they're some of the most toughest professors in terms of grading....whatever you got on your exam was what you got...no curving done! i've even seen students have passing gpas in the 80s & still fail their course because of a writing assignment...which i think sucks...but certain 'standards' must be met! then i've seen students not have any written assignment grades applied because their final/combined test average was <70...if said written work was applied....said students could've every easily gotten 80s in the overall grade. grade at my former institution aren't solely based on test/quiz scores....providing one's final /combined test average is >70.

    btw: <90 for any drug calc is failure (but with two re-take/make-up allowed).

  2. by   Nemhain
    Our grading scale is
    93-100 = A
    90-92.9 = A-
    88-89.9 = B+
    85-87.9 = B
    83-84.9 = B-
    80-82.9 = C+
    75-79.9 = C
  3. by   JenRN_2B

    Clinical is pass/fail. Dosage/calculation test must be passed with 100%, 3 tries. Any bonus points or extra credit is null and void unless you have an 80% or higher. Meaning, if you have a 79.999999999999% and one million bonus points, you still fail. Fail any part of the program and you're out of the program.
  4. by   shel_wny
    97+ is an A at my school.
    I forgot all the others. :imbar

  5. by   chelsea32
    You need 65% to pass all the classes. grade point average of 2.0
    seems pretty low, i know. hmmm
  6. by   truern
    78 to pass..


    2nd semester med calc test passing grade is 85..3rd semester 90..thereafter 100 (i believe) with one retake allowed.

    my program has a very high nclex pass rate
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  7. by   PCGrad06
    The grading scale at the college I attend now is
    90 to 100 A
    80 to 89 B
    70 to 79 C
    Below 70 failing.
  8. by   JimmyMallo
    My FasTrack ADN program is
    91-100 A
    84-90 B
    76-83 C
    Below 76 you fail the entire semester and get one more try, fail any 2 classes in the entire program your out for good.

    One drug calc test per semester (4 total) must get over 90% to pass, one retake allowed per test. Under 90% twice you repeat the entire semester.

    Over 95% NCLEX-RN for last 10 years (98% last year)
  9. by   Rhoresmith
    My school failing in the nursing program only is below 78% on test and that means if you have a 77.9% on your test and 100% on all the other assignments you are still out the door they won't use the extra assignments to bump up your test grade if it is under 78% seems tough but nursing is a tough field and I guess since you have peoples lives in your hands they want you to be good. Must pass drug calculations with at least a 80% and have 2 chances or you can't advance on
  10. by   Nurse_Ben
    >78% to pass. Thats all i need to know!
  11. by   manna
    74% is required to pass any course. Points are not rounded up.

    92-100 = A
    83-91 = B
    74-82 = C

    Pretty good NCLEX pass rate at this school too - averages around 98%
  12. by   NurseKratchet
    <83%=not an option this is considered failing and your out
    and it is weighted 85% comes from our test and only 15% from homework:stone
  13. by   Eirehc83
    91-100 A
    83-90 B
    77-82 C
    66-76 D
    Below 65 F

    Math Comp (Drug Calc.), you have to have at least 90% to pass. If you fail it, you have to take a remedial course before you can attempt to retake it the following semster.

    If we receive an "unsatisfactory" for clinical, theory average of "C" or better drops to a "D"; and a theory grade of "D" would drop to an "F"

    Our pass rate for NCLEX has been 100% for the past few semesters.