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  1. Nemhain

    Tucson - new grad

    University Medical Center (UMC) has a good PICU and they're building a new pediatric hospital (Diamond Children's Medical Center) that will be attached to the existing hospital and it will have a it's own ED! I think it will be done in the spring of 2010. I've heard good things about Tucson Medical Center's (TMC) PICU and I think they are also planning on a separate children's hospital as well. I think the new grad pay right now for both hospitals is $24.00
  2. Nemhain

    Would you become a nurse today if you could do it over again?

    :rotfl: I with you!
  3. Nemhain

    Would you become a nurse today if you could do it over again?

    1) No, I wouldn't be a nurse again. 2) Yes, you should use your MPH.
  4. Holy Crap! (pun intended).
  5. Nemhain

    Algebra anyone??

    Definitely hire a tutor. Do what you have to do in order to pass. Let me tell you, if I had to take algebra I'm not sure I'd be a nurse today. I went into a program where taking Statistics was enough (thank goodness).
  6. Nemhain

    Mountain nursing

    I know the positions are few and far between out there. The ones that are open seem to be in ICU or ER (with all of the outdoor activities people get injured a lot).
  7. Nemhain

    Recommendations for nursing school books

    I have Tabers and Davis' Drug Guide too. I would also recommend RN Notes or Med/Surg Notes.
  8. Nemhain

    BSN vs. ADN income disparity

    Won't work for an employer who won't pay you a lot more than another nurse with the same scope of practice who's doing the same job? Then, romie, I don't think you'll have a job when you're done! A job with more autonomy is what BSN and higher degree obtaining RN's can look forward to having; not more pay for the same job. A Nurse Practitioner certificate in your MSN doesn't garner any more pay at the bedside if you are working as a staff nurse. If you want NP pay then you have to do gain employment as a Nurse Practitioner.
  9. The NCSBN has consistently raised the passing standard every 3 years since it has been implemented. The test covers very basic knowledge and basic critical thinking skills. I felt most of the test's content reflected what I needed to know to safely practice as an entry level nurse. This past summer one of my teachers was leading a nurse refresher course and one of the students had been away from nursing for quite sometime and got the shock of her life when she found out that they were going to go over lab values. This nurse spoke up and said, "wait a minute! Lab values? Since when are nurses allowed to look at those???"... holy moly. New nurses today need to know more than new nurses had to know just a few years before, at least that's what the NCSBN seems to find every few years when they conduct a survey of New Graduate RNs and as a result, increase the passing standards.
  10. Nemhain

    501 ways to know you've been on allnurses.com too long!

    #124 You no longer have "real life" friends with "real life" names. Debbie, Marc, Stephanie and Karen have been replaced with the likes of NURSESRGR8T, NIGHTSHIFTNANCY, CRZYRN2B and ILUVNRSNG.
  11. Nemhain

    NAI descent: Roll Call

    What? No other Lakota? Well, I guess I'll be the first! My great grandma was Lakota. Dad's side is French-Canadian and I think the mix is Micmac and Abenaki, but it's a very very small percentage.
  12. Nemhain

    UK: 'Nice' nurses to get free chocolate biscuits

    I do have to admit that a cookie (biscuit as it's called across the pond) and a coffee do make me smile, but only when I'm in my pajamas watching a good movie. Sorry, but a cookie and a coffee won't make the mounds of paperwork, phone calls, tasks, and other random b*ll sh*t any easier to do... NO, not even if it's double chocolate chip. I'll just get crumbs on the keyboard! I can just see this patient scenerio: "Uh, sir sorry about your wound dressing... I've got to do it over 'cause a chocolate chip from my complemetary cookie that's supposed to make me smile at you more just fell into your pressure ulcer. I know that's gross and you're upset, but look on the bright side... I'm smiling!" :roll
  13. Exactly! Patients should be made aware of the treatment they are to be given. Giving the polyheme without consent of the patient is considered battery in my book.
  14. Nemhain

    Questions...please I need your input.

    The Cortiva Institute is a corporation that bought out about 10 well-established Massage Therapy Schools (most notable are The Desert Institute of Healing Arts in Tucson and The Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle). From what I understand, the schools that have been purchased have retained most of their original curriculum, staff and management, so by that account all of the schools are a quite a bit different.
  15. Nemhain

    Do Rns Clean The Urine And Bowels

    It doesn't matter what degree you have ASN, BSN, or MSN. If you're an RN working on the floor you're gonna be dealing with urine and feces... a lot.
  16. Nemhain

    Does this ever happen to you?

    Does this ever happen to me? Yes, but not via email. For some reason, I swear, people think that I have intimate knowledge of genetics and conducted stemcell research with the questions they ask me and whatever I happen to say (which I do preface with "I'm not quite sure about this...") they take it as the gospel. Now, when I tell people that increasing their fiber can help lower cholesterol or that too much salt in the diet will adversly affect bloop pressure, they look at me like I'm from the outer reaches of space. Somedays I just go nuts.