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I begin RN program Fall 2004! With any luck I will graduate May of 2006!

PCGrad06's Latest Activity

  1. PCGrad06

    Final Exam Tonight!

    I hope you did well on the exam:)
  2. PCGrad06


    this is my worry too. i hope i can remember when and how to apply the knowledge!
  3. it all comes down to $$$$$ and how to make more of it. but you should be given a reason for the change.
  4. PCGrad06

    What field or specialty of nursing?

    :)labor & delivery:)
  5. PCGrad06

    Hep B vaccinations not covered by insurance

    in ky the health department will only if you bring the vac and they will charge $3. that is if you are over i think 21 up to that age they will give it to you.
  6. PCGrad06

    Hep B vaccinations not covered by insurance

    i know what you mean. i two have to get the shots. my deadline is aug 2nd so i have a little more time to come up with the money.
  7. PCGrad06

    I'm Starting to get EXCITED!!!

    me too, i just got my first set of scrubs on the 4th. i can't wait to see myself in action:chuckle
  8. 1st semester this fall in an adn program at pikeville college in kentucky
  9. PCGrad06

    I PASSED! I got an A!

    :balloons: Congrats:balloons:
  10. PCGrad06

    Atkins diet....

    great ideas thanks a bunch:)
  11. PCGrad06

    Atkins diet....

    I would love some ideas for breakfast though because after a while eggs and bacon get a little tiresome Someone told me they eat chicken I think I will try it this week.:)
  12. PCGrad06

    Atkins diet....

    I have not been able to get my lazy butt up to exercise yet. That is my next step
  13. PCGrad06

    Atkins diet....

    I must add I drink my 64oz of water and no pop at all. But I have not quit drinking my morning coffee with caf in it or I would have a headache from H*** I am still loosing weight that is all that matters to me. That is the goal right?:)
  14. PCGrad06

    Atkins diet....

    Well who loves hamburgers or cheese burgers? You can have it too. I get my plate and place lettuce tomato pickles and a slice of onion with my hamburger meat in a circle with mayo in the center of the plate and I "go to town" You can have more than one piece of meat and eat until you are full. No bun needed here!:chuckle
  15. PCGrad06

    Atkins diet....

    Hot dogs are a lunch fav of mine! Yes sir Hotdogs.:rotfl: I will boil wienners and cut them up in a bowl and add homemade chile and cole slaw with mustard and eat with a spoon instead of a bun:chuckle It is great and chips well bring on the pork rinds. or It could be a chile cheese dogs too just trade slaw for a sprinkle of chedder cheese.
  16. PCGrad06

    Atkins diet....

    I'm back. Well as for the 3 cups of veggies a day :chuckle I have soooo much more than that and I am still loosing weight. My start weight on the 27th was 258and in 4 days I think it was I lost 2lbs. Well I am happy to say I am at 254lbs and AF on the way so water retention But still in a week and 1 day I lost 4lbs. That is eating as much as I want on the accepted list!:)

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