What do you want for Christmas?

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  2. How is school going? Are your grades up to par? Are you doing as good as you thought you would? What's the one thing that can help you improve? Tell Santa what you want for Christmas...

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  4. by   EaglesWings21
    I want a Wii U Zelda Windwaker Edition!!!
  5. by   EaglesWings21
    But then i'd never have time to play it!!!
  6. by   Bortaz, RN
    2014 Cadillac CTS...
  7. by   Esme12
    I want my daughter to get accepted to nursing school at her choice school. She is a great kid...so smart, so kind, so conscientious, good grades....she deserves it.
  8. by   gloryfied
  9. by   WannaBNursey
    I want a recorder for my final semester of nursing school!
  10. by   Bubbly26
    Money...to pay for nursing school
  11. by   Justanothernewgrad
    A job!! Lol
  12. by   MECO28
    An easy assignment (I work).
  13. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    Money to pay for nursing school so I won't have to use loans.
  14. by   SE_BSN_RN
    School for me is over, I graduated with a 3.78 GPA while working full time with 4 kids and a hubby and home to care for... What do I want for Christmas? The money to pay off my student loans and my dream job.....I happen to have an interview for that on Monday the 23rd.....
  15. by   VivaLasViejas
    I've noticed that my list gets shorter every year, because most of what I want can't be bought.