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Bubbly26 has 3 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Oncology,ICU.

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  1. Bubbly26

    Charge nurse with patients?

    I work in a small 8 bed ICU and we usually take charge with a patient assignment. I was charge the other day with two intubated patients and titrating drips. It all depends on the unit you work on.
  2. Bubbly26

    Which job would you take?

    I would say job 2
  3. Bubbly26

    What do you hate about nursing and why?

    Having no staff is one of the main reasons why I hate nursing
  4. I'm a black RN and proudly rock my fro. The best advice I can give is be yourself. If someone declines you a job based on the way you wear your natural hair then you probably wouldn't want to work at that place anyway. Best of luck finding a job
  5. Bubbly26

    What is the hardest shift you ever had?

    Toughest shift? First day off orientation 9 months ago: My patient threw a PE in the middle of me giving off going report to the next nurse and my other patient BP dropped into the low 70/30s with free air in the abdomen. I had to send them both to the ICU. I went home crying because it was supposed to have been a simple assignment. It quickly went left.
  6. Bubbly26

    How is everyone's first year going?

    I'm almost 7 months in now and I think I have finally hit the recovery stage. I still dread going into work but it's not an overwhelming fear like it was before. I have gotten much quicker on my med passes and assessments. I was even given my very own nursing student at month 6. At this point, I feel like I'm an old new grad. There's newer nurses on the floor who now come to me with questions and I actually have an answer to their questions. Ummm...yay?
  7. Bubbly26

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    Some candy and a oncology nurse pin.
  8. Bubbly26

    New Grad Oncology Nurse

    I'm currently a new grad and I also work on an oncology floor. I agree with the above post. You will learn so much. I've been on my job for almost a month and I have learned so much from the patients as well from my different preceptors. I wish you all the best.
  9. Bubbly26

    Did nursing school prepare you for the NCLEX ?

    My school did. Most of the people in my class were all 75Q and out (myself included).
  10. Bubbly26

    Average new grad pay?

    It depends on where you are located. I'm a new grad and I start at 26 an hour.
  11. Bubbly26

    Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin

    Just wanted to update. PVT still works. Just got my BON number today. Got the good popup all yesterday after my test.
  12. Bubbly26

    Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin

    I took mine this morning and finished in 75 questions. I've been getting the good popup since I got home so I'm hoping the trick is still accurate.
  13. Bubbly26

    What was the REAL reason you called off

    I'm calling off next week so I can take my NCLEX. I asked if someone could switch and was turned down by management. Usually, I call in only if I'm sick.
  14. Bubbly26

    Passed the NCLEX

    Congrats! How long did you study Uworld each day? I moved up my test date and I'm testing in two weeks. Super nervous!
  15. Bubbly26

    NCLEX March 2017

    I graduated December 16 and I am finally taking the exam on March 6th. That gives me roughly 2.5 weeks to get prepared. I've been using the nclex mastery app and I took a hesi live review in January. I'm so nervous!
  16. It's only been 5 minutes and I can still hear the call lights!!!