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Bubbly26 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Charge nurse with patients?

    I work in a small 8 bed ICU and we usually take charge with a patient assignment. I was charge the other day with two intubated patients and titrating drips. It all depends on the unit you work on.
  2. Which job would you take?

    I would say job 2
  3. In the ICU, do you get a tech?

    I wish!
  4. What do you hate about nursing and why?

    Having no staff is one of the main reasons why I hate nursing
  5. I'm a black RN and proudly rock my fro. The best advice I can give is be yourself. If someone declines you a job based on the way you wear your natural hair then you probably wouldn't want to work at that place anyway. Best of luck finding a job
  6. Starting new position in ICU

    Hi all, I am currently an oncology nurse who has just accepted a new position in an 8-bed unit ICU near home. I have been a nurse for 18 months and I wonder is it considered normal to feel nervous about starting in the ICU. I have toured the unit mul...
  7. Cleveland Clinic VS University Hospital

    UH has one-year commitment before you can transfer internally. I've worked at the clinic and UH. I found UH treated their nurses better.
  8. Doctors Say the Darnedest Things

    New ENT resident put in order "Please do not ever suction patient." I had to call several times to clarify the order since the patient was a day 0 trach patient. The attending acually called back and said to please ignore the new moron on my service...
  9. Nursing School Gave Me Cancer

    In total agreement with this post.... Signed, Oncology nurse
  10. What is your nurse to patient ratio?

    1:3- sometimes it can go up to 4 patients on days. If it's a fresh trach or flap patient it's 1:2 no exceptions
  11. New grad, Oncology or Orthopedics?

    I'm biased but I would say oncology.
  12. Did you have a bachelors first? Did you have to retake any classes? I may be interested in this route also. I have a bachelors in something else and will have my BSN in September.
  13. I'm doing that right now. I'm doing an RN to BSN while still working as an RN. I work swing shifts.
  14. I work on an oncology ENT floor and I suction patients almost daily. It gets better with practice. Ask an experienced nurse if you could watch them suction a patient. It also depends on the type of trach the patient have. If they have a lary tube, th...
  15. How is everyone's first year going?

    Bumping this thread!!!! How is everyone doing? I'm 2 weeks away from hitting the one year mark at this job(March 1st). It's strange how I was just reading my older post about being terrified from getting out of orientation. I've been on my own for pr...