What are you doing during the break?

  1. I have nearly a month off of school and after a crazy semester, I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself! So far I've got:

    - work (whenever I can get hours)
    - study 20-30 NCLEX review questions a day
    - make a spreadsheet of local externships
    - make a spreadsheet of recruiters for local hospitals (I have no idea where to find this information!) and any events they may have coming up
    - read one whole non nursing book cover to cover
    - volunteer

    Anyone else have a long break? What do you have planned? I'm spinning my wheels here!
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  3. by   nursewr
    I'm in the same boat! I've been off since December 10th and don't return until January 21st! So I'm dying here!! I'm just going to enjoy my time off with my family and start planning a little bit for the new semester... This new semester I will be taking pediatrics and maternity nursing. Two courses at once. What about u?
  4. by   VAgirl247
    I have been out of school and I feel your pain! I got a job in the psych hospital through a hospital system 20 minutes away. I am a volunteer EMT. I started volunteering at the food pantry. I'm going up to D.C. for NYE . I've read books as well. I got a knitting kit and want to attempt that before school starts. I do crossfit and work out at a second gym. I've been practicing for my drug dosage test as well!!

    I take Psych/Gerontology, Med surg 1, Skills 1, and clinicals.
  5. by   Everline
    I am loving my vacation. I've been relaxing, but also studying for next semester at a leisurely pace. I'm doing NCLEX review questions each day—at least 50, and reading content reviews for topics we'll be covering in the upcoming semester.
  6. by   krisiepoo
    studying for my NCLEX, however my break is from now until I apply to get into a BSN program
  7. by   RubberDuckieLove
    We got homework!! So spending time on that and reading all the books (non nursing) that I can get my hands on. Oh and sleeping.
  8. by   Mewsin
    We only get 2 weeks off. I'm a cca so I'm working and studying for finals.
  9. by   missmollie
    I have read 3 wonderful books, cover to cover, in one sitting per book. I have started my notes on the textbooks for next semester. I re-watched firefly in one sitting, and I cooked a whole chicken with all the trimmings for a random dinner one night. My family was happy.
  10. by   seconddegreebsn
    I haven't gotten my syllabus or book list for next semester yet so I can't start pre-reading on Peds and Adult health >. Hopefully soon. Until then, one to two Saunders chapters a day.

    I was considering taking a phlebotomy course and maybe ACLS and PALS, but I'm going into my senior year and I'm not sure if I'm jumping the gun in taking those now. The latter I will certainly need after graduation, the former I've heard varying things about (from "don't waste your money" to "it can come in helpful"). Need to weigh my options because they're all $$$!

    Does anyone have any NCLEX online resource questions that they like? I'm trying to study at work and not be too obvious about it.
  11. by   CLUVRN
    I am halfway through a two week break, so I've been working my 38 hours over Fri, Sat, and Sun as well as studying for my Ethics and Geriatrics exams which we'll have as soon as we return from break.
  12. by   kp1987
    I've been off for two weeks and have one more to go and I am soooooo bored. I worked a bit, slept a lot and now I'm just ready to get bad to school! Call me crazy I know but there is only so much relaxing I can do.
  13. by   Mandy0728
    I've been off since December 14th and I start my BSN program on January 6th. I was relaxing a lot and sleeping as much as possible, then last night I started reading my fundamentals of nursing textbook. I'm mostly skimming it since I don't know what chapters I'll be learning.
  14. by   RunBabyRN
    Enjoying time with my family
    Job searching (I graduate in May)
    Getting prepped for the NCLEX
    Getting through some organization projects I can't do while in school
    About to start getting through the ATI leadership and community health books, so that they're read before school starts (they're pretty short). I know I'll have other texts, so if I can have those read, I can easily skim them when the time comes for them to be assigned.