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RubberDuckieLove has 1 years experience and specializes in Neuro Intensive Care.

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  1. RubberDuckieLove

    Post-tpa bp

    It's 180 systolic 24 hours post tpa and then 220. Need that perfusion!
  2. RubberDuckieLove

    CE Credits for GA

    Hello all! My license is set for renewal in January, and I am curious if anyone has taken their education credits (I am currently in a RN to BSN program) and transferred them over for CE credit. The Georgia Board of Nursing is very vague on what counts and what doesn't. Calling the Board of Nursing directly has been unhelpful, for they are just as vague as the sheet.
  3. RubberDuckieLove

    New Grad Residency

    My hospitals new grad program is a year long. Included educational meetings, support groups, etc. Floor orientation for me was 12 weeks long.
  4. RubberDuckieLove

    Compression stockings or not

    Yes!!! I never leave home without them!
  5. You need time!! Like the previous poster said, it's been one month. Just one! You should still be under your preceptor. Set a goal for every shift for you to accomplish. I am also a new grad in the ICU and love it. But that wasn't the case when I first started and it takes practice, commitment, and time!!
  6. Chances are your classes have expired since it has been 4 years. I would contact your old school and see what the options are.
  7. RubberDuckieLove

    Just curious

    I think I did about 850 clinical hours, no preceptorship. This was for my ASN.
  8. RubberDuckieLove

    Considerations for first critical care job search?

    I have my associates in nursing and got my first job in the Neuro ICU. I've had a great experience and would recommend anyone who can handle going into critical care right away to go ahead and go for it!! My orientation was longer than most, but I am a functioning part of my unit and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Good luck!
  9. RubberDuckieLove

    Spring 2015 TEAS V

    I heard it was a 65 percent or greater to be considered. You can always call the nursing division and ask.
  10. RubberDuckieLove

    Looking for a nurse to interview

    Absolutely!! I've been a fan for so many years! I even had the opportunity to go to her release party for the last book, meet her, and pick her brain!
  11. RubberDuckieLove

    Is it okay to tape record on my phone my patient's report?

    Absolutely not. If you have questions, just ask
  12. RubberDuckieLove

    New Grad in Neuro ICU

    Hello all! I've landed my first job in the Neuro ICU. I am beyond thrilled but scared at the same time. It's an odd feeling I was hired on in my hospitals new RN program, which is awesome. I'll have 12-14 weeks of orientation with a preceptor Any words of advice?
  13. RubberDuckieLove

    Blood pressure cuff?

    Allheart.com, or amazon.
  14. RubberDuckieLove

    I caused skin tear

    Sounds like you handled it professionally and provided proper first aid. Thats all you can really do.
  15. RubberDuckieLove

    Accused of cheating at pearson vue

    Brain dumping is addressed on the white sheet they give you as soon as you walk in the door. The one you have to read before they process you to go in to take the test.
  16. RubberDuckieLove

    get fired?

    Falls happen! Incident reports happen! It's unfortunate and I hate it, but it's also a chance to learn and correct mistakes that will keep future patients safe! Don't be embarrassed. I have yet to meet the perfect nurse with the perfect record.