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  1. nursewr

    first RN paycheck?

    Well I got my first paycheck yesterday.... It was a really good one!! I deposited in my bank (because direct deposit wasn't activated yet as new employee)... I was toooooo tired to spend any!!! 12 hour shifts. Lol. But I plan on making up for that this weekend ;-)
  2. nursewr

    Got my dream job as a new grad !!

    But GPA upon graduating was a B 3.3
  3. nursewr

    Got my dream job as a new grad !!

    Why are you worried? Employers don't care about your grades... At least not hospitals! They want you to pass nclex!
  4. nursewr

    What make-or-break things get you hired

    I don't know why you were advised that community college would be an easier way to go ... Community colleges in NY are just as competitive because of the price. And they are good programs. But it is not impossible for you to achieve your goal. I did it. I left college to work 15 years ago, and had a 2.3 GPA, I came back to school and got all A's in prereqs except for a B in micro... Applied to nursing school, ASN program got in my first choice, graduated this past December, passed nclex with 75 questions in January, and landed a great job in Obstetrics in a hospital! I start April 6th.... So like I said. I can be done!!! It took me three years to reach my goal after returning, from start to finish. (Pre req's and nursing school)
  5. nursewr

    first RN paycheck?

    Cute topic... I will be getting my first paycheck in April...I'm looking forward to spending some money on myself and treating my husband to something special, as he sacrificed greatly for me on my journey.
  6. nursewr

    Montefiore- Interview Process

    Congrats. And there is def union law that they must post position internally for a period of time... Monte is NYSNA (union).. (And 1199).
  7. nursewr

    question about post op mastectomy

    2.. Because that's immediate post OP... Teaching patient this exercises is not priority
  8. nursewr

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    NY (westchester county) $36/hr starting
  9. One application, one interview got job
  10. nursewr

    My job hunt experience so far...

    I happened to luck up.. One interview, one month after nclex, got offer 2 days after interview, in my dream job nursery/postpartum and got the job ! Keep trying you'll get it soon!
  11. I'm a new grad that landed a position in OB so excited, as it's my first love. I will be doing postpartum/nursery. Any advice from some seasoned nurses for a newbee
  12. nursewr

    Got my dream job as a new grad !!

    For me I didn't keep in contact with unit managers etc. I just developed good relationships with my clinical instructors and they spoke to people on my behalf. That's what worked immediately for me. I've learned people will tell you many things and say they will help when u graduate but don't come thru. But good luck to you !
  13. nursewr

    Accepted students NYC schools,advice please!!

    Negatron.. Very true about repeating courses. Quite a few schools I know only take one science repeat out if all sciences. (For grade purposes)
  14. nursewr

    Open Houses 2014

    OP did you ever find a job, curious. I graduated from same school as you in December.
  15. nursewr

    Accepted students NYC schools,advice please!!

    Your micro grade is low, most schools want C+ or higher, at the lowest a C, even associates programs. I graduated from associate program and my program u need C+ or higher, but people getting accepted have much higher than that. Retake your micro to at least be in the running in NY.
  16. nursewr

    Ugh. Rejected from dream job

    I'm a new grad, was hoping to just get anything! My dream was OB, but wanted to get my foot in the door. Sometimes you never know, I was rejected for a med surg position but landed an OB position, go figure...