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  1. seconddegreebsn

    Leaving NYP

    It's funny because I work at the ER of a not terribly well regarded hospital in NYC, and lots of the nurses I work with have come from these big name fancy hospitals to my dinky little one and they tell me it's pretty much same %&, different day. At least get paid well if you're gonna be in it.
  2. seconddegreebsn

    Leaving NYP

    " How can we put patients first if we aren't practicing safe nursing care?" I don't think that's a problem endemic only to NYP. Ratios and patient safety are a major problem at every hospital in NYC right now.
  3. seconddegreebsn

    Ny methodist hospital

    I second all this, and was shocked how badly we were treated by leadership, especially in situations where violent situations arose it was impossible to get leadership and security to the floor. I worked under protest of assignment for months before eventually leaving.
  4. seconddegreebsn

    Patient Ratio

    There is no max. I have a minimum of 10, that's on the acute side. Subacute it's closer to 15-20. The only thing you can do is protest your assignment with the union.
  5. seconddegreebsn

    Spice Spice Baby

    NYC finally banned it....in 2016! Don't know what the hold up is. We were seeing a lot this summer. Down to one a week now, mostly older men 50-70, homeless (won't show up in pee test for shelters). My mom works on a vent/total care unit and she's got quite a few there, most of them are paras.
  6. seconddegreebsn

    NYP Acquiring NY Methodist? Any insight?

    This has been a rumor for a while, at least a year plus. I wouldn't hold your breath, it isn't likely happening any time soon.... As for more nurses, they're always churning and burning through batches of new grads!
  7. seconddegreebsn

    What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?

    Refill on viagra rx
  8. seconddegreebsn


    Someone who was in for intoxication complaining about "all the sick people keeping (me) from getting some rest!" Sorry that old lady's vent is bothering your precious sleep, mister.
  9. Is this really true though? I've worked at three hospitals in Brooklyn and all three are packed to the gills, admitting a huge chunk of people coming into the ER and very long wait times for beds. The ERs are certainly beyond capacity, putting people in the hallways on folding chairs. I'm an ED nurse and half of my patients on any given day are holds that are waiting for a bed, and have been waiting for 24 hours or longer...
  10. seconddegreebsn

    I Love Night Shift

    I wish I could have gotten my sleep scheduled sorted out - it KILLED me. I mean, I could not sleep more than an hour or two during the day time and that going on for weeks drove me to the brink. But everything else you mentioned made it pretty great.
  11. seconddegreebsn

    Ambulatory to hospital PACU?

    Plastic and derm - your garden variety of plastic and reconstructive procedures (face lifts, breasts, lipo, tummy tucks) and some derm (mohs). I think I will join AORN, thanks for the suggestion.
  12. seconddegreebsn

    Ambulatory to hospital PACU?

    I'm starting a new job working in ambulatory surgery (after 9 months of med surg on a terribly dysfunctional floor) working as a circulating and PACU nurse for a small in-office surgical center. I'll be doing set up, circulating during cases (local, MAC and general) and will be in charge of transitioning the patient to PACU and sending them home. Ideally, I'd like to do this job for a few years and then transition back into the hospital setting, either OR or PACU since floor nursing was really not for me. Will hospitals take my ambulatory experience or will I be stuck working ambulatory if I want to do surgical nursing?
  13. seconddegreebsn

    Certification exam tomorrow!!!

    Good luck!
  14. seconddegreebsn

    What's the meanest thing a patient has said to you?

    "Can you get all the nurses to line up so I can pick one of the pretty ones. I don't want to have some fatty touching me." Unattractive, middle aged man. Sir, I think you've mistaken us with a brothel.
  15. seconddegreebsn

    What's the meanest thing a patient has said to you?

    "I hope your husband regrets marrying such a stupid whore!" after seeing my wedding ring. Well, he bought it so he's stuck with it, stupid or not.
  16. seconddegreebsn

    9 months in, quitting to work private practice

    Thank you so much everyone for your input - I accepted a new position today that offers a lot of autonomy and I will need to quickly bring myself up to speed, but it seems like a good challenge. I'm scared but ready for it!