What are you taking for summer session? - page 3

man, i'm dreading my summer classes but at least they will be done and over with: 1. research for nursing (3 semester credits) 10wks 2. management & leadership for nursing (3) 10wks 3. colloquium... Read More

  1. by   Achoo!
    I have to get my CNA. It's 8am-4pm for 3 weeks. Now to find babysitters LOL
  2. by   Nurse Jeni
    May 24-June 11
    Gerontology (1 Unit)

    May 24-July 16
    Anatomy (4 Units)

    June 26-Aug 8
    Statistics (3 Units)

    I think I can, I think I can....
  3. by   suzy253
    During summer session I'm taking Micro and Sociology. Sociology will be 6 weeks; Micro 8 weeks. Then in my junior year all I have to concentrate on is nursing & clinical.
  4. by   Loribabble
    I'm starting my RN to BSN this summer the classes are:

    BNURS 340 Clinical Nursing Phenomenan 3cr
    BNURS 350 Critical Thinking in Nursing 3cr
  5. by   Nemhain
    Quote from topcat1234
    business policy & strategy
    organizational communication
    management information systems
    human anatomy
    human physiology

    the first three are to complete my bs in finance.
    the second three are pre-reqs for nursing.

    i'll be taking these classes at 4 different colleges.

    no wonder my tagline says "wish me luck!"

    topcat1234, you must be nuts! :chuckle seriously, i think you're crazy...but good luck to you anyway!!! :d
  6. by   LauraF, RN
    I am taking english comp I -again, can't find where I took it before,duh
    and health assessment, as well as LPN articulation. I also have to take atleast 6 credits for financial aid. It is sad they put requirements like that on it. Oh well! You do what you have to do! Good luck everyone! My enrollment is tomorrow morning too. I am getting online early in the morning.
  7. by   CaterpillarGirl
    I'm not taking anything this summer, as we're moving to sunny Las Vegas in July. However, once I start at UNLV, I'll be going 3 years straight. I'm going to take FULL advantage of my summer off
  8. by   AnnaN5
    I am taking Immunology, Fundamental Genetics, and Applications of Clinical Lab Practice to finish my BS in Human Bioloy. I am waiting on my letter to find out if I will be starting nursing school in the Fall!
  9. by   WickedRedRN
    Developmental Psychology and Medical Law and Ethics, both are internet classes, wanted to have an easy summer load before clinicals start.
  10. by   Ruylupez
    This summer I am taking an eight week Microbiology class. It is my LAST non nursing class! After that just 2 more semesters and I'm out of school
  11. by   CarVsTree
    Clepping out (I hope ) of Developmental Psychology
    Speech Communications (online) Have to go to campus to give speeches.
    Ethics & Moral Problems - Writing Intensive

    After that I have no fluffy courses left. Just straight nursing. Whoot!
  12. by   wonderbee
    Insides of my eyeballs 101
    Beach sand geology
    Road management (on my bicycle)
    Fluids and electrolytes (will be drinking lots of water on my bicycle and on the beach)
  13. by   hopefully
    I am taking nutrition. Wow it is going to be fast.