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do you plan on taking the boards and if you pass it do you plan on going in the work world immediately or contiinuing your education and earning your b.s.n. I've been trying to map out my plans. I... Read More

  1. by   pokey sn
    Hello all! I think that it's always best to get more education. You definitely never regret it. I hold a BS in Human Development and I am currently in my second semester in a ADN program. I plan to work while also pursuing my BSN degree and within a year of finishing that I will be pursuing my CRNA. I am 25, married with no children. I have been an aide for 8 long years, and let me tell you---having education gives you an edge in the workplace! Good luck with what you decide.:angel2:
  2. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I went through nursing school when I was married, and started the actual program with a five month old.... there was no way I was going to continue with school then! I graduated when my son was 2, and have had no serious problems in finding a job... staff nursing that is. I had always planned on going back to get my BSN, and probably MSN for NP or CNMW, but wanted to get financially stable first. Then three years later I got divorced. So now I am a single mom with a 7 year old son, and I know there is no way I could do it now! Honestly, I'd have to take out some major loans, because I CAN'T work while I am in school.... I tried, and especially with a kiddo, it was too much on an already overloaded plate! (KUDO's to those who are able to juggle it all! )

    Anyway, I have thought that IF I am ever able to get a little more financially secure, including having my current Student loans paid off and owning my home, and once my son is either a teenager or out of the house (wahh!!! I don't even wanna THINK about that!!!) THat I probably WILL go for higher ed, because I don't want to be a floor nurse forever. Either that, or go into travel nursing and get some whoppin money saved and retire early

    ANyway, no, I am not a student, but I thought I'd let you know that plans can change, so if you are really wanting to pursue additional schooling, I would recommend doing it now, and try to get by on what your hubby is making now, or else try a part time or PRN position so you can pick your hours.

    Good luck! (for ALL the students even) because I remember how hard school was, and honestly I don't know how I did it, and I can't imagine doing it now!

    I do know several coworkers with ADN that are doing telecourses, or sattelite courses (I think it takes one complete year straight through) once or twice a week, and working. Luckily they have very supportive hubbys, and evidently more stamina than I do!
  3. by   nptobee
    I'm an ADN student but I'm thinking of working for a bit and then doing an RN to MSN program. Anybody else thinking of that? Has anybody here done that? I have a BS in Public and Community Health, and recently found out that Georgetown University has a direct entry to the MSN program if you have a BS in another field with the required amount of sciences. I had never heard of that before.
  4. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Like many here, I'm in my 40s. I already have a BA, and am hoping to be accepted in an ADN program (should hear any day). I have already been accepted in a BSN program, but it is my second choice--partially because I feel the ADN is a better program and better fit for me, and partially because the BSN program is triple the price of the ADN program. ADN vs BSN does not alter one's marketability as a floor nurse in my area, and the pay is the same.

    When I finish the ADN, I will have two children in college, so I plan to work as a floor nurse for several years until all their school expenses are paid off. My youngest will be in middle school by that time. I am hoping (desperately!) to hatch some deal with the state or a hospital to pay off the student loans I will accrue. At some point while I'm working (probably not the first year or two) I want to start taking courses toward an advanced nursing degree part time, with my employer reimbursing the tuition, of course! I am investigating an RN-MSN option that's within an hour's commute of my home . . . it'll all depend on how many hours I'm working and how the one still at home is doing as to how aggressively/quickly I can pursue that.

    I'm not so much worried about physical robustness vs the demands of floor nursing as I age; I think a physically challenging job helps one to stay healthy (though I do protect my back now more than I did when I was younger ). My dad worked at heavy labor in a foundry (makes nursing's physicality a walk in the park) until the age of 63, and when did his health start to slide downhill? When he retired!

    I teach in my current life, and think that perhaps I'd enjoy teaching nursing eventually, after many years on the floor, and perhaps while still doing a shift or two prn/week. I visited a local tech high school with my teenage daughter; it has a CNA/Health Careers concentration embedded in the high school curriculum, and I thought that was just the neatest school! I could see myself teaching those kids one day!
  5. by   maire
    I am in an ADN program, and my plan as of now is to graduate and go right to work. I have every intention of getting my BSN, but not right away.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  6. by   MelRN13
    I am also in an ADN program. I plan on taking a year or two off from school and then going back for my BSN, but only because I would like to be a clinical instructor.
  7. by   javamom
    I'm also in the ADN program and will get my license, get some experience and let my employer pay for me to get my BSN. I'm not footing the bill on another degree if I don't have to!
    Like NewCCURN said, you can get pretty much any RN position with an Associates degree. I think the experience of working and tuition reimbursement are priceless to me!
  8. by   nessa1982
    i'm currently a first semester ADN student who is 20 yo (21 on 4/12!!) so I shoud be done with my ADN by the time I'm 22 (and some change). I think I would like to take 1 semester off before I go for my BSN because I've been in school full time since HS. Or maybe Ill work full time and go to school part time (which will aslo seem backwards becuase usually I do school full time & work part time). It all kinda depends on my family and how long I can take thier craziness for (living with parents & 2 siblings in a house that is Waaay to small).
  9. by   AmyLiz
    Originally posted by nptobee
    I'm an ADN student but I'm thinking of working for a bit and then doing an RN to MSN program. Anybody else thinking of that? Has anybody here done that? I have a BS in Public and Community Health, and recently found out that Georgetown University has a direct entry to the MSN program if you have a BS in another field with the required amount of sciences. I had never heard of that before.
    I'm thinkinf of doing this as well, nptobee. I've got a BA in Psychology (don't know what I was thinking when I majored in psych). Anyway, from what I've found out, I should be able to go the RN to MSN route. I may have to take a prereq or two, but heck, if I can get tuition reimbursement or something along those lines...I won't mind!
  10. by   jdomep
    I am also a mother of 4 in a ADN program. I just want to make it through this semester - then decide LOL

    Actually after I finish - I was planning on taking the NCLEX and working very part rime if possible (for experience ) I would like to eventually get my MSN - I already have a BS and found a similar program as mentioned above- but we'll see....

    Email me any time.
  11. by   NurseAngie
    Originally posted by USA987
    I plan on working first...maybe I can get in somewhere where they offer tution reimbursment for going on...

    All I know is DH says I need to make a little bit of $$$$$ first!! He's beginning to think that I'm a career student!!!
    My DH says the SAME thing!:chuckle

  12. by   MelH
    I am in the associate degree program and plan on doing just that! Working part time (having more kids too, i have 1 now) then pursuing my bsn. It may take me a while but it will happen!
    Good luck to all!
  13. by   fnimat1
    Originally posted by New CCU RN
    What are your long term goals? Do you want to go for an advanced practice role or management or do you anticipate working as an RN for a while.

    If you want to work as an RN in virually any setting ... an AS qualifies you for this.

    If you plan on going to school to be an NP, CRNA, or CNM or any type of management position you are gonna need the BS.

    Don't know what your plans are, but keep in mind that the AS degree will qualify you to get any RN position. Some places things such as case management may ask for the BSN.

    If you do decide that the BSN is what you want, you may want to at least start out working full time. It is hard to orient as a new graduate and not be full time. Many places will request that you work full time during the orientation process. Also, it takes less time for you to catch on if you are spending 36-40 hrs there vs 20.

    There are many options to getting your BSN also. You can do it part time, full time, online. Good luck to ya.

    I do want to become a Nurse Practitioner....maybe a Pediatric N.P. or something in Maternal/Fetal Health....I still haven't decided yet. I do know that I have to have my M.S.N. Sometimes though I wonder if I can really do this. Being married and a mother to 4 this impossible??? Of course I know it's not...but it's always in the back of miy mind.