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  1. nptobee

    Pruritis at the movies?

    Does this happen to anyone else? Everytime I go to the movies I start to itch. I always forget that this happens to me. But once I've been in the seat for a minute or two my hair and face get really itchy. It doesn't matter which theater I go to, or where it is in the country, it always happens. The theater I went to today was a new one, and I think this was the worst reaction ever, actually had a break out of tiny little bumps all over my face. I googled it and saw one other person asked about it on yahoo? Anyone know why this happens?
  2. nptobee

    Would you recommend nursing to your daughter?

    I would never encourage it. If she wanted to be a nurse, I would support her. But thank God she is a very talented writer, and hates the sight of blood.
  3. nptobee

    C'mere and share your on-the-job laughs!

    I had a patient last night, 95y/o female. A/O x 3, in with pneumonia and a UTI. She had long acrylic nails with designs. I thought that was too funny.
  4. nptobee

    How much do you enjoy your nursing job?

    When I graduated from nursing school I went to a med/surg floor =1. I hated that job, would cry on the way to work sometime. It was just overwhelming. responsibility that a nurse has was just too much for me. Went to Endoscopy = Other than the nasty docs, and how far it was from my home, I'd give it a 7. Now I'm a Diabetes Educator (working on certification) and I'd give it a 9. I still go back to that med/surg floor two fridays per month, but it's much easier to take now. Still don't like to go, but love the extra moolah.
  5. nptobee

    Nurses children and vaccinations, how do you feel?

    I have an 11 y/o daughter. I am against this new vaccine for some strains of Human Papilloma Virus. I think I heard that Texas is requiring it now for girls aged 9-13(?). That's makes me angry. My daughter will not be getting that vaccine. If cervical cancer comes from HPV, then it is quite preventable. I don't like the idea of assuming that everyone will be having unprotected, early sex.
  6. nptobee

    Experienced Nurses Only

    OP - Lighten up!
  7. nptobee

    Personality Type and Nursing

    I'm an INFJ too
  8. nptobee

    Hospital Jobs for future Nurses

    I worked as a Unit Secretary while I was in school. Also after you do 1-2 clinical rotations many hospitals will allow you to work as a tech.
  9. nptobee

    hypoglycemia and seizures?

    Also look into getting a prescription for a glucagon kit.
  10. nptobee

    Lantus insulin question

    Of course you treat the hypoglycemia first. You are correct that you have to look at the factors that contributed to the episode. The doctor may want to modify the dose if there is a trend. But again I say you never withold basal insulin for a type 1. Basal insulin is required to control hepatic glucose output even when fasting.
  11. nptobee

    Lantus insulin question

    It also depends on the type of diabetic that they are. In the type 1 diabetic, who has an absolute insulin deficiency you never want to hold basal insulin as they can go into DKA.
  12. nptobee

    Any Ocala, Florida nurses here??

    Thank you funnygirl, that's very helpful info. If I make the move, I'll be living in Eustis. Palmo, Gainesville is a good hike from Eustis no?
  13. nptobee

    Any Ocala, Florida nurses here??

    I may be moving to the Ocala area in about 10 months. Where do you all work? What do you like about where you work, what do you dislike? I won't actually live in Ocala, probably Leesburg, or Tavares.
  14. nptobee

    New Job before 1year of experience??

    I graduated in Dec. 04, started working on a med/surg floor in Feb. and lasted until late July. I hated it, used to cry on the way to work, hated the shift rotation, the lack of support, etc. I learned alot there, and loved the patients, but it was too much. I applied for a position in the Endoscopy suite at another hospital. Didn't really think I would get it, but figured it was worth a try. What a blessing. I got it, and now I work 4 10 hour shifts, no weekends, on call for four hours on Saturday qsix weeks, and I'm still learning. I also go back to that floor on occassion because I know that I can benefit from the experience. But now it's when I want to, and only for 8 hour shifts. Explore your options!
  15. Great post!! Thank you. Young nurses must be delicious.
  16. I've done it a couple of times. Just lying in bed and then something hits you. I think it's normal.