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rosemadder has 9 years experience.

I'm currently attending ECU to obtain my MSN as Nurse Educator.

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  1. rosemadder

    Can I challenge taking the CNA I class in North Carolina?

    NC will have some changes in their candidate handbook affective July 1, 2012. They are increasing the number of critical steps and made an addition to one skill. Check it out!
  2. rosemadder

    Tips on taking the CNA Exam.

    Did you take your exam? Here are a couple of tips! Good luck if you haven't tested yet!
  3. rosemadder

    CNA>LPN>RN or straight to ADN?

    I didn't get my CNA before RN school...In my area it is now required. I had no problems with my program without having my CNA though I was a little slow on patient care in the beginning. If it's not required to be a CNA for school and you don't plan on working part-time as one I would skip it.
  4. rosemadder

    How to train for the clinical CNA exam?

    There are some great videos you can watch. How about taking a refresher skills course?
  5. rosemadder

    Can I challenge taking the CNA I class in North Carolina?

    You can challenge the test. You can also find a private training program that offers skills refreshers as well that are quite affordable. I've seen some for 65.-70. online.
  6. I believe you really learn just the basic skills needed to pass the test and then become proficient at them when you began doing the hands on work.
  7. Fast Track CNA companies are legit and can be utilized to pass your test if you are a self motivated go getter! Whether or not this program is a good one, I don't know. There are reputable fast track companies who have as good a pass rate as schools with longer classes. Ask him if you get a free refresher if you fail the test the first time.
  8. East Carolina University, North Carolina
  9. rosemadder

    Just part-time?

    Virtual Vocations posts online nurse educator positions at times that require a MSN. I've seen some on there for BSN.
  10. rosemadder

    Advice For The New Nurse Entering Med-Surg

    It's been five years since I was started nursing but I well remember how I felt starting in that Med-Surg unit. Good luck!
  11. rosemadder

    Tips for nurses in their first year of nursing

    I well remember five years ago when I began my first year as a nurse on a Med-Surg unit with the patient ratio of 1:8. It was a frightening realization that I would be responsible for the care of these patients.
  12. rosemadder

    no experience=no job & no job= no experience

    When the job posted says "experience required"...ignore it. Apply and obtain an interview. Although most people prefer to hire experienced nurses...that is not always the reality of what happens. They may get numerous experienced applicants who they feel don't meet other criteria. When I called for an interview on my current L&D job, the supervisor said she was not interested in training anyone but she would talk to me...I interviewed and was hired with 12 weeks orientation. Never hurts to apply and interview.
  13. rosemadder

    To OB or not to OB

    I just started in L&D but have two years med surg and two years in Hospice on an acute unit. Although I hated Med-Surg the experience was invaluable to me in gaining skills and assessment techniques that will last a lifetime. A lady was recently hired to my L&D unit who was a New Grad...she lasted about a month...it was too overwhelming and she went to Med-Surg. In this critical area, I think having some clinical experience under your belt would make you more comfortable if nothing else. One question you can ask yourself is would the benefit of working Med-Surg hinder or help your position as a L&D nurse. I can only think that learning to start IVs, put down NG tubes, become competent in basic skills, as well as manage diabetic patients among other diseases, care for post op patients, etc would only aid in giving you the skills and confidence needed to jump into L&D. That being said...if you jump into L&D and feel overwhelmed you can always go to Med-Surg...might be worth a shot!
  14. rosemadder

    Hospice certification exam

    I thought a lot of it was easy and then they would throw a whammy at you. I realized later that I had chosen the wrong answer on a few of them and I didn't know the medicare stuff at all. Who knows???? Hard to say how it will come out.
  15. rosemadder

    Hospice certification exam

    What med conversion charts are ya'll using? I've seen so many different ones...the ones our pharmacy uses is not what our medical director uses. Can someone send me theirs? I know they are all close but is there one specifically for the test?
  16. Hello, Our hospice nurses are currently trying to get scrubs added to our dress code and am needing some comparisons from other Hospices. Please send me a PM with your Hospice name, location and dress code regarding scrubs so I can present a sample to our executive director. Thank you!!!

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