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I thought it would be fun to start a thread dedicated to the things we hate that happen to us as students! Let's try not to focus on the annoying classmates we have but rather things like: I HATE... Read More

  1. by   yooperPN
    I hate it when your classmates are divided up into different clinical groups, only to find that some clinical groups receive 'special privilages' (ie. leaving early, having longer lunches, clinical classes cancelled with a make up case study instead of a make up clinical day). And, it's even more frustrating that when you worked your butt off to impress your last clinical instructor, members from different groups are now in your clinical group and expect their new experience to be an easy one also!

    Thanks for the rant time!!!! That was bothering me soooooooo much!
  2. by   shescoolie
    From today's clinical:

    I hate it when:

    Your nurse is having a really "quiet" day and you are left breathing over her shoulder waiting for something to happen

    Your nurse circles the unit with you in hot pursuit thinking you're about to help her gather supplies, meds, etc for the patient ONLY to find out she was looking for a chair so SHE could sit down

    (Don't get me wrong my nurse was REALLY good, but she was really milking this quiet day!)

    You politely ask for a patient's chart but everyone else screams "DOES ANYBODY HAVE 49B's CHART" finds it and snatches it from you.

    Doctors nearly knock you over because you're just that invisible to them.

    PA STUDENTS act all snooty with you. If you're so high and mighty please explain to me why your instructor thought it appropriate to have you shadow and ARNP today?

    This happened to my nurse today: Your patient gets your shift cell phone number from the wipe board and call it directly to ask if he can go to the bathroom. lolol I thought that was funny. He called her like 4 times for random stuff!
  3. by   DolceVita
    Quote from shescoolie
    From today's clinical:

    This happened to my nurse today: Your patient gets your shift cell phone number from the wipe board and call it directly to ask if he can go to the bathroom. lolol I thought that was funny. He called her like 4 times for random stuff!
    Oh no he d'nt! That is a scream (of course as long as it isn't my phone number).
  4. by   DolceVita
    I hate it when there is unnecessary drama in class and clinicals.
  5. by   9livesRN
    Quote from peytonsmom
    Let's see:

    - when we ask if something we went over will be on the test and the instructor says "NO" because it was not something we went over and then it turns up on the test

    - You have a 7 hour clinical shift on a floor w/ 10 patients, a clinical group of 8 plus a PCT working and all your allowed to do is baths and vitals and the CI tells you that she doesn't want to see you standing around doing nothing. Um...well after we got vitals and baths on all 10 of the patients what exactly were we supposed to do for the other 6 hours on an ortho floor? There were only three nurses on the floor and they understandably weren't thrilled about 2-3 students trailing their every move.

    - Being constantly told "we're all adults here" well then try treating us like adults instead of a group of 1st graders.

    - you walk out of the room of a pt on contact precautions and realize you left something sitting on their table and have to totally regown/glove/mask to go in and get it

    - you walk up to your nurse and wait quietly for them to finish what they're doing so you can talk to them and when they finish what they're doing they look at you and then walk away.
    Exactly what you feel about nothing left to do.

    even to this day when i get my 3 patients, on the PCU, i still can find some free time, i guess it is because i was once told that i had to be on time, on par, get things done, and i was so afraid that if i did not do those things they would have failed me on clinicals!

    - get in the unit get report, go to my room assess and document pt 1, 2 and 3, (it only take about 10 minutes for the assessment and documentation of each patient,)

    - then i go review everyone's labs, rads and results

    - then i get all my meds, recalculated, make sure i know what all of them are

    - then i pull my 7:30 insulin/meds, and my 9o clocks! (one at the time, bag them and seal them and out a name on the clear bag)

    - then i go tell my instructor my game plan,

    - go on with my tasks, orders, review all my meds, before administering, recheck I&O's, then i take the time after breakfast to talk to all my patients for a little bit than i take those who can walk to a little walk, so when they move around, they usually go to the bathroom then! so when i come back i offer am care and make their beds.

    - and then i continue, doing my tasks for the day, re assess after lunch, give my meds, follow orders and tasks and get ready for report in the afternoon!

    most of the time it works, the only pain is when pharmacy send the wrong meds, or when orders are not signed, procedures delayed... but it is manageable because you got the routine care done!

    i am trying hard to get a good impression on all floors i work on clinicals, so i can knock on their door, and they will remember my face in may when it is time for me to get started on my career
  6. by   9livesRN
    i hate it when:

    - when a friend asks you to help her shave her patient's beard, (who stinks so bad because he has not showered for days and the room is so hot) and than takes off sayng that she will be right back, and takes off to lunch, and then you get yelled for being late, and then you hear "i told him!"

    - when your gloves get cought between a huge patient but and the comode, mind you all that CDIFF sniff, was making my eyes water and i have to be honest, i gagged and almost puked on my patients back

    - when people get away with so much and are proud of it

    -when your nurse gives you 4pt tasks and takesa 3 hour lunch

    -when your patient who pokes him self on the but, attempts ALL THE TIME, to touch your face!

    -when your clinical instructor insist on things that doesn't exist and then tell you that, regardless, it is istill a possibility and she is not wrong!

    - when your fellas want to come in and watch you insert iv's, foley, and things like that, but they run away from poop like there is no tomorrow,.

    -when the nurse tells you to get out of the computer (row of 5) because it is for the doctors (mind you there was no one there,!) so then she sits there babbling and eating, talking to her friend on the phone

    - when you have to put your bags on the floor, and chart on the equipment room seating in a wheel chair!

    - when the pharmacy sends the wrong meds more then once!

    - and the list goes on...

    but i still love nursing!
  7. by   mariemac89LPN
    this isn't something that i hated but it was pretty funny. during our clinicals i had a patient who was on fluid restrictions and she knew this and we made sure she knew that. well a little while later i had walked in her room to check on her and i found her standing in the middle of her room with a briefcase full of water bottles and chugging water. so i had to explain to her again why she was on fluid restriction....but we left about two in the afternoon so i'm not sure how that situation worked itself out.
  8. by   Ack_RN
    i hate it when all you want to do is vent to a friend and some other nursing student feels the need to come up to you and tell you everything you did wrong and how much better they can do (insert task.)
  9. by   beach_bride514
    when it's one semester later, and i am 5 pounds heavier...
  10. by   Coriander
    Quote from HyperSaurus, SN
    Similar to the OP,

    I hate it when I've spent an entire day with a pt at a LTC, and find out a week later that she's had an ongoing case of scabies. There wasn't a sign or anything.
    I worked at a LTC for over a month before anyone ever bothered telling me that one of my residents had scabies, and that was after I'd questioned it several times. We ALL ended up with it.
  11. by   FowLaf24/7
    I hate it when I have prepared all the patient's 10 medications, only to be met with the patient's comment that if he takes all those pills he is going to "throw-up." "and it will come out the other end too, so get ready for it!"
  12. by   w120hmb
    Quote from Isitpossible
    i hate it when nurses ignore us during our clinicals
    yes I get quite annoyed when some RN's dont even acknowledge that you are there. I learn so much better and have such a better clinical experience when My RN is there to help me and guide me thru things and explain WHY. If a certain RN doesnt want to be there to answer questions or be patient with students, then I really dont think they should say yes or offer to help a student because it doesnt help the student learn at all. As students we look to RN's for help and offer information that they have obtained from being in the field. I just know from my experiences that I have learned so much more, and felt so much more comfortable when the RN is welcoming and shows that she is interested and most importantly NICE!
  13. by   Hope2017
    I hate when client's prefer his relative to stay in the room while you do your assessment.