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  1. beach_bride514

    Getting married between semesters!

    Thanks for the responses! @krazykchan -That's exciting! Congrats! @blonde mommy2 -Wow! We'll have a week for our honeymoon then a week back at home before I have to go back. @NurseLoveJoy88 -Thanks for sharing your story! :) At first we were going to delay until after my graduation, but after going over every option we decided that this would be best for us. Congrats on your new marriage! Best wishes :)
  2. beach_bride514

    What does your username mean?

    Interesting thread! Well... I'm getting married (bride) on the beach May 14th (5/14)!
  3. beach_bride514

    CCC Microbiolgy Course Materials Lab and Text Books

    Hi! To hopefully answer your question, you might want to post this under the "Region" tab under your state so that you can get specific answers to your school. I hope this helps! Good luck :)
  4. beach_bride514

    Getting married between semesters!

    yikes! That's not good. All the planning is basically finished! We're having a semi-destination wedding on the beach. There's really not that much left to do, that can't be done on spring break! Just the waiting part is getting to me already. I'm hoping the 3rd semester will make me stay busy! ....as I'm sure it will.
  5. beach_bride514

    Getting married between semesters!

    I was wondering if anyone here has gotten married while they were still in nursing school? I'm getting married on May 14th. My last final of this coming up semester will be May 11th. I start back to school again on May 31st! I know I'll be super busy, but I can't wait to get this semester started next Wednesday! Anyone else?!
  6. I'm sorry you feel this way! I'm starting to freak out again myself... Just try to hang in there! What semester will you be starting??
  7. beach_bride514

    Do you guys see a lot of people saying they are nursing students....

    I've heard it before! It really doesn't bother me too much, though. I think it's neat that people are excited about nursing school. Sometimes I forget that I used to be very excited. It's easy to forget why I became passionate about nursing in the first place. There was one time though that someone said they were going to apply to the nursing program at my school. (I had just finished my 2nd semester, so I had a pretty good idea of what was needed to succeed.) We had a psychology class together last semester, and she was telling everyone that she was going to get into the nursing program. She sat in front of me...during a test I looked up and saw that her notes were in her binder right beside her and she was using them to cheat! That really did rub me the wrong way! I wish some people understood what it takes to keep your head above the water in nursing school. I don't have high hopes for this girl, but I do hope she changes her ways & I wish her the best... But people saying they're already in nursing school when they are taking pre-reqs usually doesn't bother me! Other times when it does -I never say anything. I just quietly think to myself "...oh you have NO idea..."
  8. beach_bride514

    Thinking of skipping a semester

    Only YOU can decide what is best for YOU! I would consider talking to one of your instructors or advisers before you make a definite decision though. Here's my story.... I was in my 3rd semester (rn program) & I was taking psychology and microbiology plus my nursing courses all in a 10 week semester. I got burned out in a major way. I didn't have the passion for nursing anymore. I started off great in the nursing classes, but then when micro and psychology hit hard, I just couldn't handle it. I had to withdraw. I chose to take the fall 2010 semester to finish all my basics/pre-reqs. I had to take a readmission test and do skill validations to get back in. I will be starting the 3rd semester again next Tuesday. I feel so much more rested now, and I LOVE knowing that I'll only have nursing courses from here on...I'm finally starting to feel the love for nursing again! :) Best wishes & good luck on whatever you decide!
  9. beach_bride514

    Question about Medical Assistants & IVs!

    @citylights89 : I thought that this was strange, too. But like the previous poster said, I guess it depends on their training & state.
  10. beach_bride514

    Question about Medical Assistants & IVs!

    I never knew that! Thanks for the response! I'm in AL by the way.
  11. beach_bride514

    Question about Medical Assistants & IVs!

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted anything on here in SO long, but now I'm back! I've missed this place :) I have a quick question about Medical Assistants. Can they start IVs? I don't know what their job description really is, but my cousin is in a medical assistant program and she said that she will be able to start IVs soon. I guess I've always thought that only a nurse or "higher up" could start them.
  12. beach_bride514

    Calhoun CC TEAS Test Location

    I don't know if you have already found an answer or not, but as far as I know you take it at Calhoun. The next one is Jan 10, 2011 in the Health Sciences building on the Decatur campus. Hope this helps! :)
  13. beach_bride514

    Tips on surviving nursing school... help!

    Get organized! Don't forget to sleep. :) STUDY. Make time for yourself/family/friends. Please don't procrastinate, it will come back to kick you in the butt. ..I know that was more than one, sorry!
  14. beach_bride514

    I don't know what to do with myself.

    @CamaroNurse.... I just googled Atul Gawande. I might add that to my to-do list!
  15. beach_bride514

    I don't know what to do with myself.

    Girl, I am right there with you!!! I have a 3 week break, starting yesterday, and I am already bored. I don't know what semester you just finished. I just finished my 2nd semester...it about kicked my butt!! (med/surg & maternity/peds) I was so emotionally and physically drained yesterday! I seriously slept all afternoon yesterday and until 2pm this afternoon. I'm feeling A LOT better after that! Ha, I'm sitting on facebook doing the same thing!! ..and allnurses...and weddingbee...nothing new in a while...I'm thinking it's time for a corny lifetime movie! :) enjoy your time off!