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Getting married between semesters!

beach_bride514 beach_bride514 (Member)

I was wondering if anyone here has gotten married while they were still in nursing school?

I'm getting married on May 14th. My last final of this coming up semester will be May 11th. I start back to school again on May 31st!

I know I'll be super busy, but I can't wait to get this semester started next Wednesday!

Anyone else?!

Trilldayz,RN BSN

Specializes in Critical Care (ICU/CVICU).

As long as your planning doesn't interfere (too much, haha) in your studies, I think you will be fine! This one girl that I know was TOO focused on hers and unfortunately she didn't come back the following semester. Congrats on your future marriage!

yikes! :( That's not good. All the planning is basically finished! We're having a semi-destination wedding on the beach. There's really not that much left to do, that can't be done on spring break! Just the waiting part is getting to me already. I'm hoping the 3rd semester will make me stay busy! ....as I'm sure it will.

I plan on getting married in June in between semesters. I don't have any plans really set yet. However, we are going somewhere to elope and honeymoon at the same time so there isn't much planning involved.

blonde mommy2

Has 4 years experience.

There were a few people in my class that got married last semester. That got married over the weekend and was back @ school on Monday. Good Luck!

NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

Has 6 years experience. Specializes in LTC.

I posted a similiar question as you in 2009. Long story short I didn't do it. I got married a week after my pinning ceremony and it was great. I was able to enjoy my honey moon and my new hubby.

2 of my classmates got married during my program. One got married inbetween summer and fall semester and another got married between fall and spring semester! Who knows, maybe even more will get married. :p Seems to be an epidemic. ;) They're doing just fine.

Thanks for the responses!

@krazykchan -That's exciting! Congrats!

@blonde mommy2 -Wow! We'll have a week for our honeymoon then a week back at home before I have to go back.

@NurseLoveJoy88 -Thanks for sharing your story! :) At first we were going to delay until after my graduation, but after going over every option we decided that this would be best for us. Congrats on your new marriage! Best wishes :)


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