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yooperPN has 1 years experience and specializes in LTC.

LPN working LTC overnights. I love my job!

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  1. Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    Your test results are back showing you're positive with MRSA in your sputum
  2. Them finger painting with their BM.
  3. When someone else gets terminated

    I was in a similar situation, a co-worker who worked midnights with me was sent home and later terminated for similar reasons. She has blood sugar issues and it was unsure if her sugar was acting haywire that night or if she was intoxicated. Of cou...
  4. keys for narcotics

    I don't know why your supervisor or DON would even ask for the keys. I guess if mine asked me for them, I'd give them since they are above me in the chain of command. But, if they were asking for the keys to administer a med, I would make sure they...
  5. Just wondering if this is the norm..

    The only dressings at my LTC facility that isn't "PRN" would be the ones wound care specialists come in and do, and that's rare. I'm willing to bet the CNA gave you the wrong information, and maybe in the future you should direct your questions dir...
  6. nursing diagnosis

    Disturbed Body Image, Impaired Mobility.... possible activity intolerance. All r/t Amputation.
  7. 1st time death for CNA

    Had my first death last night. I'm a midnight nurse in LTC and after a year and half, I finally experienced it. My resident died with his wife at bedside (she had been a nurse for 30+ years and actually worked at my facility for 18 yrs), she held h...
  8. No code changed to Full code

    So, the Resident passed the evening of the last shift I worked, which was not surprising as he was mottling. I guess a nurse just happened to be in his room when he took his last breathe, got the same charge nurse that I spoke with that morning. Sh...
  9. No code changed to Full code

    Dixie, If you were in my shoes, would you consider paging the code blue and then picking up the phone to call the MD to have him pronounced as initiating the code? Or, would you attempt initiate CPR (fighting with the family in this situation), have...
  10. No code changed to Full code

    I attempted to look up this law to find out what it is with no luck. I'm going to have to get clarification from someone at my facility to find out what exactly was his situation, instead of hearing the different things from different nurses. But, ...
  11. No code changed to Full code

    Zen123, his declining status is a whole other issue.. I picked up on something going on with him a few months back. He's diagnosed with hematuria and neurogenic bladder. He's had a permanent catheter since he's been with us, changing it out once a...
  12. No code changed to Full code

    Is that actually the case? Or, is it that you need court documents deeming him unable to make his own decisions? His wife passed away years ago, but he has living children that were all at his bedside the night I thought he was going to go. Each a...
  13. No code changed to Full code

    Haven't read that article, going to look it up! Thanks! The resident has no POA, DPOA, or however you want to word it. He has a guardian and a person in charge of finances. Apparently, from what I understand, there was a law passed recently (not ...
  14. How to deal with mean old men

    What I would've done was just calmly responded to his requests. He's probably lonely and just wants someone to care about him too! Not saying that no one there cares about him, but he clearly felt like he wasn't being cared for. Then, after that, ...
  15. No code changed to Full code

    Hi! The last couple days at work have been extremely stressful. I work midnights for LTC and we've had an actively dying 80+ yr old who's code status changed a couple months ago from no code to full code. I've heard there was a recent law that pas...