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MystyqueOne has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Primary Care.

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  1. MystyqueOne

    Chamberlain MPH

    Hi All, It's been some time since I've been on this site. I'm highly insterested in Public Health (mainly as I would like to take my career into Lactation Consultation). Chamberlian University has a new degree, Masters of Public Health, ans as an alu...
  2. MystyqueOne

    Where can I teach online with 2 years rn exp and BSN?

    If you read in my original post, I stated I was looking for extra money.... In addition to my full time job that I already have. I used to want to be a teacher prior to becoming a nurse. What you described, with constant feedback, grading assignment...
  3. MystyqueOne

    Where can I teach online with 2 years rn exp and BSN?

    My co worker only has her BSN and she is teaching online. I found one school, but they require 3 years RN experience with only BSN.
  4. Hello all, I have been an RN for 2 years and could really use a little extras money plus teaching experience. I have a co worker that is teaching as an adjunct faculty, buy she had over 15 years and has been teaching for a long time. I also am thinki...
  5. MystyqueOne

    Best online Masters in Nur Education?

    Are you going to GCU full time or part time? How many hours of study/coursework would you say you do per week? Thanks.
  6. MystyqueOne

    I Got Accepted into FNU Class 110!!!

    I just received the email stating I've gotten accepted into Frontier Nursing University Class 1101 I'm super excited! Now, just to save up some of my money to pay for the Frontier Bound really quickly.Who else got accepted?
  7. MystyqueOne

    Burnt Out, Tired of Floor Nursing

    Please, if anyone else can give me some advice, that would be great. I'm now starting to think about completely different careers at this point, which would be painful to have these student loans I'm paying on for a career I'm no longer working. I am...
  8. MystyqueOne

    Burnt Out, Tired of Floor Nursing

    Thank you. I will look into those insurance companies. Any other ideas???
  9. MystyqueOne

    Burnt Out, Tired of Floor Nursing

    Hi everyone, It's been nearly one year on the med-surg floor at the VA. I will tell you that I am SO burnt out. I know I needed this year of experience, but with the high patient loads with each shift and the drama between the staff, and the high d...
  10. That was the same email I received when my application was complete back in August. I agree, not much time for travel or even scheduling time off for work. But we do what we need to do for one of the best programs!
  11. No news yet. Still waiting......
  12. Hmmmm. Interesting that the other lady said otherwise. Thank you so much. Load like another upcoming expense....
  13. Hi. Would you mind copying the email here from the IT guy? I spoke to a lady in IT. Can't remember her name and she said that it is outdated as they understand that not everyone can afford an iPad, etc. The unfortunate part is that if it truly is req...
  14. Yay. At least I'm not the only one.... Let me know if you hear anything and I'll do the same.
  15. Yes, I agree.... This wait is somewhat difficult.... I'm always checking my email, their website, here, etc. lol