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My Dh let the cat slip outta the bag today! His workplace has a RUNNING bet that I will not finish w/ my BSN degree simply because we are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Russia!... Read More

  1. by   Noney
    Bet $5 for me!
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    If my husband were betting against me instead, i'd have another name for the D in Dh.
  3. by   Monica RN,BSN
    I understand that hubby is on your side and that is great, He should be.... I think he should not be allowing his coworkers to have this "bet " even be happening, again... Your business is not his co workers business... It should be between you and him .... Not the people who want to make a joke out of it...
    Seems to me this is why alot of people say " Screw it and quit," not enough confidence to see it through. Many people think, if no one cares why should I... You seem to have that dedication as you have completed two degrees already... Very admirable for you to stick with it... Just think that support is what a person needs not a money making mockery at your expense... NOT funny...
  4. by   gwenith
    You did the right thing - you turned a negative into a positive. I would find out the odds - see if there was anyway you could get them higher and then when they are at say 10:1 walk in and say - I'll take that bet and lay down a couple of hundred. :chuckle

    BET they will never do that again!!!!
  5. by   PJMommy
    I'm 2/3 of the way through an accelerated BSN program. A classmate just recently told me that back on the first day of orientation, after I gave my introduction and said I had 4 young children, she turned to the girl next to her and said, "she won't last a month". This gal is now a friend, I have a 4.0 GPA and, God willing, I'll graduate in December. She was quite embarrassed to admit to me what she'd thought many months ago.

    You can do this. I can't count how many times I've said "I'm going to accomplish this IN SPITE of 'them'."

    Oh, can you count me for $10? - betting on you of course. Hope the odds are good. Just wait until you can watch all of them eat crow. HA!
  6. by   fnimat1
    That is absolutely terrible......your dh better bet the bank because he has a future R.N. on his hands!!! I don't know why people think that being a mother means not being able to juggle anything else...when in reality....we can juggle 20 things and then some.

  7. by   Bevi
    "His workplace has a RUNNING bet that I will not finish w/ my BSN degree simply because we are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Russia! Truely, they have a BOARD w/ my odds on it! "

    How utterly disgusting.
  8. by   Nightcrawler
    Wow, it sounds as if your husband works with a lot of nasty and negative people. First they tell your husband that you will leave him, now they are betting that you won't finish. Feel sorry for them. Obviously they have been disappointed in their own marriages. Be careful that their attitude and fears don't infect your husband, as when you start taking nursing classes they will spend more time with him than you will.

    During the first week of nursing school, our instructors warned us of the pressures that the program could have on relationships. Between classes and clinicals, homework and study groups, it can be hard to find the time to spend with a husband or wife. It is hard for even the most understanding of spouses to essentially give up their mate for 2-4 years so that they can fulfill their goals.

    Make sure that you reassure your husband on a regular basis, spend as much time with him as you anything you can to counteract the poison that his coworkers are feeding him at the office. Good luck:kiss
  9. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Seriously Connie,

    Didn't you say that they had some sort of website dedicated to this pool. Figure out a way to pubicly bet $50.00 on yourself. Make the bet obvious that "you" did it....:roll Borrow the $ if you have to.... There is more than one way to skin these little snakes.

    Good luck on the adoption; keep us posted.
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  10. by   rnnurse2be
    Did I ever tell you guys that YOUR THE BEST?!!

    Once I heard about the little bet and blew my top... Dh sat back and grinned. He knows one thing about me...Ya piss me off...Ya pay for it.

    And as for these "guys", about 5 yrs ago they placed another bet one me....a very stupid one... and LOST IT BABY! You would think they would learn...

    As as for my Dh, he did, and does, believe in me, but Im sure he was thrilled to see my hackles raise up. I told him that my dream of finishing nursing has not dimminished, just as my dream to have a daughter for all these years hasnt. I can and WILL have both. I mean really, whats one more kid, Right Fatima and Stephanie??

    I am gonna ask Dh about putting money on me...
    Wonder when they will drop the betting... I still have several years of school left. Hummmm, to bad its a small time betting ($2.00 ect)...

    YOU GALS ARE GREAT... I knew you would make me feel better!
  11. by   renerian
    I like the idea of betting some money yourself..........

  12. by   kids
    Yep...some men can be twits. Bet on yourself and prove them wrong.
    My husbands co-workers had a dead pool going (which famous person would die first). My husband lost his $5 (Keith Richards) when Strom Thurman passed away. They currently have a pool going on how long their department head will last (is #10 in 3 years). They also run pools for babys due dates, they are pretty decent with those, half the winnings go to the baby.
  13. by   rnnurse2be
    My dh said they have other pools going on right now too...
    When such-n-such is getting divorced ( last marriage lasted 2 months) ect...

    I just hate it when its me and about something I am serious about. I saw Dh up at his work today and asked him what the odds are on me. He said his $$ was on me, he said " When you get mad, you get determined". Your darn tootin I am!

    Thing is... will they finish the pool when I have our daughter home and am back in school? Ir when I actually finish...

    WHEN I FINISH, I would love to walk in there and nonchalantly say.... "Hummm didnt I hear several years ago there was a pool going on about me finishing...." While saying this Im holding my daughters hand!

    My Dh did say (w/ a grin on his face ) as I was leaving....
    "Although... once you get that baby in your arms...."
    He was KIDDING... I looked at him and told him... we'll see wont we...