Tell this appropriate??? I think not!

  1. Yesterday, I had to re-certify for my BLS/CPR. I took a class at a school that teaches CNA/LPN courses and offers "quick certification". I am not even certain if they are accredited.

    Anyway, the class was to start at 8:30. The teacher (who works for the school, not an outside contractor) first showed up at 8:40. That was annoying to begin with but not a huge deal. There were three of us who did not go to that school. We were only there to be recertified. There was a physical therapist who was going for her doctorate, a fitness trainer and myself, an LPN. The other six people in the class were all attendees of the school, who were to graduate in six more weeks as CNA's.

    Those students all walked in late. Because they were the teachers "regular" students, she help up the class for them. Then, once they arrived, she first began to set up the dummies for CPR practice. By the time the class actually started, it was nearly 9:40am. We were in a room that was literally 10 feet by 8 feet. All ten of us. There was no air conditioning at all. Then, she didn't know how to set up the DVD player and couldn't get it to work. This took another twenty minutes and it was now 10am. What added to the frustration was the fact that the regular students brought in coffee and two dozen donuts for the seven of them (the six classmates and the teacher). They didn't offer us, the remaining three anything. They sat around chatting, drinking their coffee and eating their donuts (or doughnuts) while we were trying to watch the video and take notes. At one point, the student and the teacher were looking through her camera phone at pictures she had taken from when they all went out and "got really drunk" over the weekend. The teacher was included in these photos! I was amazed!

    There were parts of the video that were supposed to be paused so that we could be instructed in technique. While the three of us didn't really need the instruction because we were all certified before, she didn't show the others in the class about ANY life saving techniques! She had the nerve to bark at the three of us that we should be practicing our compressions. They were making sex talk, inappropriate for our class of course and pretty much ignoring what we were there for. At one point, the teacher took a picture of our class, from behind, with all our asses ine air while we were doing rescue breaths. She thought it was really funny because one of the girls was wearing a thong and it was sticking out of her scrubs. I was extremely angry, but this person held my BLS card in her hands, so I kept my mouth shut (a very rare thing for me):chuckle

    The teacher called about 4 fifteen minute "smoke breaks". During a CPR class??? They all puffed away in front of the building while we three stayed in the class, backed up the video and took the notes we weren't able to hear earlier over all the chatter. When they would return from their breaks, all of them literally stunk up the room! We were in a very warm, small room and none of these people were considerate enough to wash their hands or apply a little lotion or something to make the room breathable! She also scheduled a half hour lunch. So, considering that we started an more than an hour late, took an hour worth of breaks and then a half hour lunchbreak, we didn't exactly get the five hour course we paid for!

    When we finally got to practicing compressions, you were supposed to switch back and forth between partners, to prevent fatigue. Instead, she made us do every single set of compressions on our own. We did about 10 sets of 30 compressions individually! We were exhausted, unable to breathe and very upset. There were also no face shields provided and no masks to allow us to give rescue breaths with sanitary conditions. The lab we were in was set up for a phlebotomy class. One of the women laid the boxes of donuts on top of the biohazard box, even while they continued eating them! I was completely mortified!

    Finally, she gave out the test. The three of us passed easily, however, the others got a LOT of answers wrong. She passed them anyway, allowing them to go over their tests...WITH THE ANSWER KEY and change their answers!!! The three of us who DID pass were made to wait around for the six of them to change their answers, instead of allowing us to leave with our certification. When they were finally done, the school administrator came in.

    Do you believe she made us listen to a 45 minute solicitation speech as to why we should all continue our education at their school??? HELLO??? I am already an LPN bridging for my RN. The physical therapist was in the middle of getting her doctorate and the fitness trainer didn't need a CNA or LPN class! We had to sit there and listen to her address the CNA's about their continuing education. Mind you, NONE of these people passed the BLS/CPR class. Not one.

    We are going to encourage these women to be LPN's now? Great.

    We were finally able to leave, get our CPR certification cards and get the hell out of there.

    I feel that I want to lodge a complaint, not only to the American Heart Association but to the Board of Nursing as well. These people are supposed to be representing the AHA during this certification. And, as far as the Board of nursing goes...I think they would be a bit dismayed to hear about how these people just slid through their classes.

    Should I bother to blow the whistle in this case, or shut my mouth and just know NEVER to go back there again for recertification?

    I am VERY angry about the situation. Advice?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I would simply never return to this place or recommend it to anyone who wants CPR certification. My point of view might be construed as quite controversial, but not every battle is worth the fight. There are many places similar to the one you have just described. In addition, I really don't want to sit through an 8 hour class for recertification when I can leave the place in less than 4 hours.

    My post might have ruffled some feathers, but I was merely expressing my politically incorrect opinion on this issue.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I agree with the Commuter on this b/c from experience I know that you have to know when to pick your battles. The instructor, an RN I presume, should be reported to the Board. At whatever point your accusation is taken seriously, she will be afforded the opportunity to find out who accused her and it is almost impossible to get anything substantial from the Board without a criminal conviction for something. I can assure you that you will suffer consequences a lot quicker than this lady. It can reasonably be expected that this beh is par for the course for her at this school and depending on how long she has been there or other circumstances, nothing has been done to make certain she is half way professional? It would be a good idea to find a different provider for your next recert and put out the word among your professional colleagues. JMO.
  5. by   Cherybaby
    I suppose I should keep my mouth shut when it comes to the Board of Nursing. However, I think that a letter to the American Heart Association might be in order. They should not be utilizing a BLS/CPR class as a way of soliciting new business. The thing I find really distressing is the way the NA's (not certified yet) were permitted to pass the class. Sure, while you can say it is great to get out of a class early, we weren't permitted to leave early. It was a six hour class. 8:30 to 2:30. And, we started late, but left for the little solicitation at the end. They held our cards hostage so that we would have to listen to it.

    So, from what you are both saying...letter to the BON is a bad idea. What about to the AHA? I don't think they should be permitted to teach this class. I think they do it for A) solicitation purposed and B) not to hire an outside contractor to do the class like most NORMAL nursing schools do.

    I found the whole thing very disturbing.

    Maybe I should just let it go.

  6. by   JBudd
    I've been an AHA instructor, and this behavior is absolutely against everything we were taught in our "how to be an instructor" class. If you were not given a written evaluation form at the end of the class, another violation. We had to send in those evals.

    AHA would very much want to know what happened here, especially the no face masks. You are required to give time between video segments for practice. Testing has mandatory minimum scores. You are allowed to go over your test with a key to see your mistakes, but you must then take a different version of the test.

    When you contact AHA, give the date of the class, location and instructors' names.:angryfire
  7. by   islandgrl
    sounds like you went to one of the same "circuses" that i had the unfortunate luck of experiencing.....i also have had my certification for over 10 years ( yearly training with uncle sam!) i could of told you verbatum what was wrong with "bob" on those old tapes butt! i was enlitened to the new standards via that circus with the clowns whom were teaching as well as the students going to one of the trade schools in a very simular situation...
    ran thur the tapes....was set up with manakins with no barrier what so ever...which a few of the people i was with attending this class whom had no prior cpr certification ( we were all going to be attending the fall semster of rn program with our college thank god!!! absoulty separate from that school & wanted to make it easy to keep everyone current together) helped show them how to properly headtilt-chin lift because appartenly we were in the middle of the "school's" private chatty-cathy convention attended by the personnel and students!....we then had a long break to return to take the test and proceeeded to "grade it your self" marking in all of those you didnt get correct!
    what! :trout:
    alot of the folks who went though felt very uncompfortable with the certification they basically paid for....
    i agree to pick those battles...our college simply dose not recommed that school any longer! the college hires out an instructor now!
  8. by   canoehead
    I'd report it, I mean what is a bad BLS instructor going to do to you? When will you ever see her again, and what kind of reputation does she have with her coworkers to begin with? There are tons of BLS classes the next time you get your certification. Honestly I would have given up the class as useful about an hour into it, but stayed just to watch the show. How bad could it get...pretty bad apparently. Write to the AHA, and if you have the names of the other two non CNA students why not mention them.
  9. by   muffie
    when did you actually get out of their ?
    i'd prolly be pulling my hair out
  10. by   Danish
    I think I would just spread the word about how terrible the experience was. Im sure they have been reported before if this is how they run their ship. Also, those who were in the CNA course and thinking about going on will most likely fail out if they cant even pass the AHA BLS test...
  11. by   CHATSDALE
    REPORT IT!!!!!

    how would you feel if your life depended on the knowledge exhibited by the students?
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Report it!

  13. by   rn/writer
    Report it to the AHA. The instructor is representing them and they are vouching for the students she cerifies. Include name of instructor, date, location, and a synopsis of the antics that took place on that day. Do sign your letter and let them know how to get in touch with you. That gives your report credibility.

    This is an appalling example of incompetence.
  14. by   GIRN
    I'm an American Heart Association Instructor and I'll tell you that this class was by no means acceptable. You should do your comunity a service and report it in order to make the necessary changes in staff. If classes in your community are of such poor quality, what kind of BLS efforts will be made on you or your family and friends if cardholders from these classes are the first responders on the scene. Pretty scary!

    American Heart is an awesome organization and would welcome your feedback. How can they fix the problem if you don't tell them about it? They have an easily accessible web site...should take just a few minutes to report it. All of your concerns are valid and I cringe to think that students would be subjected to that experience. I think American Heart will too. Thanks for taking the time to let them know.

    I would also contact the school that sponsored the class and let them know what goes on behind this instructor's door. Let them know that you were very unsatisfied and will be making other arrangements in two years when it's time to re-certify. If they don't care enough to look into it then they'll deserve the inevitable loss of students.