Summer classes

  1. Just need to vent... Summer classes really stink I'm in the last weeks of a Physiology and a Statistics class and within the next two weeks in the Physiology we'll cover 3 major systems, have one exam, one comprehensive final, one lab presentation, one lecture project, and two lab write-ups to submit For Statistics there's one exam, a comprehensive final and one project all due by the end of the month! I'm working on a practice test for the Statitics and evidently I've forgotten an entire chapter of material. My brain is numb!:spin: Why is it that although I'm getting a B+ in Physiology and an A in Statistics I think that I still stand a good chance of failing both! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Sorry, mostly I really need a gin 'n tonic and to go off into the woods for about a week.
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  3. by   maire
    Originally posted by Gampopa
    Sorry, mostly I really need a gin 'n tonic and to go off into the woods for about a week.


    Hang in there and don't let your brain explode! It will be over soon, and your grades are fabulous!
  4. by   Carolanne
    Your grades are terrific!! Sounds like you're getting stressed from it all though, those are heavy duty subjects. And summer courses are very fast paced. You'll be done soon and what a relief it will be ... treat yourself to something nice when it's over, you deserve it! You'll probably laugh at this in comparison, but I just finished a summer course too - gym - requirement at our school. I just wanted it out of the way so when nursing starts again in Sept. I won't have it hanging over my head, I'd rather have the extra time to study and focus on the nursing. Anyway, I got an "A" - in my case, A for Amazed, I'm 43 and I never got an A in gym in my life. Gym was always just a course I had to take, nothing I really enjoyed. Anyway, to celebrate, on the last day we left the class it was already 87 degrees at 11:30 a.m. and I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home and got an ice cold coffee coolata -- yum!! Cheers, and hang in there!!
  5. by   twarlik
    I feel your pain. I will be finishing up microbiology this Thursday and I couldn't be happier. The summer session was definitely rushed. We had an exam every two weeks. I feel like I barely even got a chance to read the material before I was tested on it. At any rate, this is my last pre-req before I start the nursing program next month.

    Keep up the great work and good luck!
  6. by   JB CC-RN
    I took nursing research
  7. by   marilynmom
    OMG tell me about it! I am so SICK of school. I am making a B in Chem and an A in Nutrition but I feel I have hardly learned a thing cause all I do is cram pack this stuff in. Next week I have 4 tests and a project due (that I have not started on

    But alas, I will soon have 4 weeks off before Fall semester starts and I plan on sitting around doing nothing, reading good mystery books and swimming with my kids a lot

    Hang in there, your not alone, and its almost over!

  8. by   AmyLiz
    I feel your pain. I'm taking A&P I and Healthcare Informatics. Our last day of classes is August 5th...which means in the 2.5 weeks left in A&P, I have 2 more exams and a final as well as a practical final in Lab where we'll have to identify 13 different tissues from microscopes and all the bones and articulations. Yikes. The Healthcare Info class is online, so it's not *as* bad. I've got a final, 2 quizes and an assignment left to do for that. So far I've got an A in both classes, but I'm starting to sweat over A&P. Time is not on my side. I think this fall I won't know what to do with the 3 extra weeks of class!
  9. by   dosamigos76
    Gosh, aren't we all something else! I'm taking Microbiology and a PE course. I feel like I've learned almost nothing because of the pace. I can't help but wonder if I'm shortchanging myself in the long run or if it's just cause I'm sick and tired of school right now. Summer school is great and it's the pitts!
    Come on July 23rd-the LAST day of school this summer!
  10. by   Gampopa
    Good luck to everybody who's finishing up. It will all be over soon and then we can relax:roll :roll :roll and enjoy the three weeks of summer we'll have. I know everyone is struggling in the Physiology class I'm taking because it's the instructor's first time teaching and he spends half the class time correcting what he got wrong the last class. Anyway big to all and good luck.
  11. by   pedi-RN
    I know how you feel! We have 3 weeks left in my A&P II class, and in that time we will have 6 more test, 3 more practicals, and daily quizes. AAAHHH! I barely have time find the chapter in the book before we are off on something else. I don't remember ever studying this hard or being this stressed out over a class. It's over on the 11th, the fall semester starts on the 25th!
  12. by   Jennerizer
    Just to reassure you that you aren't wasting time taking those classes.....I just got my books for 2nd semester nursing & everything from microbiology & anatomy is resurfacing in each & every chapter. I was hoping some of that stuff would go away for good! Soooooooo glad I didn't sell my anatomy book, but wishing now I had kept my microbiology book. Oh well!

    Good job for all of you who survived summer school classes!!!
  13. by   maire
    Whee tonight is first test of summer class Nutrition. 4 weeks and 4 more tests to go!
  14. by   camkib
    I understand how you feel. Once you're done, it won't seem so bad afterall. School has been over for me for 4 whole days now....and when I look back, I realize that it was a little stressful, but (obviously) do-able.

    Hang in there!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!