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  1. pedi-RN

    Info for Texas School Nurses

    Does anyone know if this was addressed / passed? We are looking for information to keep our school district from filling an open nurse position with an unlicensed "aide"!
  2. pedi-RN

    What is the hardest nursing class?

    I think the hardest nursing class is whichever one you are currently enrolled in. Honestly. You may struggle through this semester, only to get to next semester, which will be even harder, and think Wow, that last class was a breeze compared to this one. The best way to get through it - keep up. Never let yourself get behind. Don't wait until the last minute to start assignments or projects, someone will always get sick or something will come up. Get your work done as soon as you can so you can move on to the next thing. And remember, school is not everything. Make sure you take time for yourself and your family!
  3. pedi-RN

    1st test grade :(

    You will get a better response if you post this on the student forum. This forum is for nurses who have passed boards and are in their first year of working as a nurse.
  4. pedi-RN

    The Favorite Nurse

    I remember when my DD was in the hospital when she was 4. There was one nurse that she really adored, and she still talks about that nurse by name to this day 2 years later. Last week I had a 3 year old patient that is a patient of my DD's Dr., and had just undergone many of the same things we had been through. I spent some extra time with the family answering their questions and calming their concerns. Then I was off for a few nights and evidently the little girl was having a lot of pain and problems. Evidently there was a mismatch between the family and staff one night and the little girl told them "Nurse Holli would do it" - over something as simple as giving her med with pudding instead of jello. Anyway, I worked last night and they were still on the floor. I asked for them back, but they had already been assigned to another nurse. I was not yet aware of all that had gone on, and I popped into the room to say hello. The little girl's face lit up, and she squealed "Nurse Holli!". She got up and showed me all of the pictures she had made to decorate her room. Her mom said she had some questions about the surgery she was to have today so Itold her I would come by later when I got caught up. Anyway, it sure made my week to find out that after four weeks, I am now someone's favorite nurse, and I made their ordeal a little easier!
  5. I have spent the last two weeks completing all of the hospital orientation stuff. Tonight I start on my floor! It is a pediatric post-op for the kids who have to stay in patient, but don't need ICU, so lots of casts, traction, chest tubes, drains, etc. We also have all of the endocrine kids. And after I am comfortable in those, I will also train in the EMU (epilepsy monitoring unit). So, I am working tonight and tomorrow night. Then I have 4(!!) nights next week. It will be exciting to get my first "real' paycheck. One of the other new grads that I went through orientation with said all of her friends are throwing comma parties. When they get their first check with a comma in it, they all get together to celebrate. I thought that was a cute idea! Holli So here's my update... First night went great last night. It was an unusually slow night, so they say, so I was able to look around and meet people. We had a 16y with liver cancer that just had the tumor removed, a 6 month old with a cranial vault reformation with eyes swollen shut and seeming to be in a lot of pain, and a 13y come in with new onset diabetes, lots of teaching, and q1h CBG's all night. Pt swung from 490's to 50's! Then at the end of shift one of the other patients started seizing (4m), so I jumped right in to help with that. He had just had a VP shunt placed, and it didn't seem to be working. My preceptor is great, she's 24 and planning a wedding. Her fiancé plays minor league baseball and he's in California, so she plans these crazy schedules so she can go see him. It's going to be crazy following her schedule for the next 6 weeks. But, everyone there seems nice. I dropped an NG tube on someone else's pt, they called me over so I could get it checked off. Anyway, all in all it was a good start.
  6. pedi-RN

    latex only for blood draws???

    Children's Hospital in Dallas has an awful lot of kids with venipunctures and PICC lines, and they are a latex free facility! I think someone is living in the Dark Ages!! Holli
  7. pedi-RN

    So Upset Need Ideas

    There are a few hospitals around here that still have diploma programs. They have a deal with the CC system. The diploma students take the classes on the hospital campus, and do all of their clinicals at that facility. Find out if any hospitals around you have a similar program. If there is one, take a CNA course and hire on there as a tech, then apply to get into their program. Holli
  8. pedi-RN

    No More Nclex

    I hate to say it, but I totally agree with you. I have been thinking it for days and just couldn't bring myself to post it. There is a Graduate Nurse board and an NCLEX board, those discussions belong over there. This board is supposed to be for us to discuss our experiences in our first year of working as a licensed nurse.
  9. pedi-RN

    YAY! Thank you for listening to my suggestion!

    Hi there! I did my psych rotation at Terrell in January and met some TV students! Are you out near Tyler? I have lots of family in East Texas, and I have lived in DFW my whole life, so I am very familiar with the area, and Canton. I have spent a lot of time at the hospital there in Tyler, years ago, with family members. I will be working at Cook's in Ft Worth. I actually live just south of Denton on I-35W, so it is closer. But I would work at Cook's even if I lived next door to Children's. I did do an externship at Children's, though. My daughter has been treated at both facilities and we all LOVE Cook's! It was the only place I ever wanted to work! I did attend a conference at Scottish Rite, and it seems like an amazing facility! Good to "talk" to you!
  10. pedi-RN

    YAY! Thank you for listening to my suggestion!

    Hi Grinnurse! I am in DFW - I went to school through El Centro on the Brookhaven campus. You are here, too, right? Where did you go and where will you be working? Holli
  11. pedi-RN

    Tips for nurses in their first year of nursing

    that was great! thank you for sharing it - i think i will share it with my graduating class! holli
  12. pedi-RN

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    that sounds like an awesome position! good luck on nclex, the waiting was the worst part! holli
  13. pedi-RN

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    hi everyone! i'm holli. i took boards on june 13th and passed with 75 questions. i am starting work on july 18th at the only hospital i ever wanted to work for. it is a great pediatric facility! i will be on the (post-op) surgical floor, and we also have all of the endocrine kids. also, they just added an epilepsy monitoring unit, for overnight monitoring and for the brain mapping they are doing. i expressed an interest in that, so they will cross-train me in that unit as well. i can't wait to get started! so, tell me about you... holli, rn
  14. look what we got ... a whole new forum for us to lean on each other. a great place for all us newbies to meet and discuss all the ups and downs we are about to face in our first year of nursing! come join me - https://allnurses.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=224 holli, rn
  15. Us new RN's have a "home" now! :balloons: :balloons: Holli, RN
  16. pedi-RN

    Anyone use Ultrascope stethoscope?

    I tried one out at the scrub shop based on the recommendations from everyone here. I liked it enough to order one. I just ordered it last week - so it hasn't come in yet, but i can't wait to get it. I am hoping it will be in before i start my first job as an RN next month. I got the green nurse with hot pink tubing, with my name and RN on the head in pink. Holli