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dosamigos76 has 7 years experience as a RN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. dosamigos76

    Home hospice CM questions

    Ask about on call and admissions nurse?
  2. dosamigos76


    I've used them with several different hospices, and I really like them. I agree about your contract and also have a good contact person you can reach 24/7 cause things do happen.
  3. dosamigos76

    Inpatient center patient load

    Always have two nurses minimum-one is RN. 9-12 patients 3 nurses except at night.
  4. dosamigos76

    Non Funded Patients

    I work for a not for profit hospice and we take regardless of payment method. That said-we have to pick and choose, cause there are way too many patients that need you and we couldn't keep the doors open. We do inpatient at our facility for charity p...
  5. dosamigos76

    How Not to Die - new article featured in The Atlantic

    I have worked for nonprofit and for profit. I currently work for a company that while we are aware of costs, we do not compromise care for the patient or family. I manage an IPU and we take charity patients there-that is one of the things I am very p...
  6. dosamigos76

    Which states do not cover hospice under medicaid?

    Just the other day, Lousiana decided to drop the hospice benefit for Medicaid.
  7. dosamigos76

    Bowel regimen

    I agree, Senna-S is our staple. I am also a fan of Miralax or in a pinch with new onset constipation 30mL MOM in 6 oz warm prune juice. Works like a champ!
  8. dosamigos76

    What is your personal philosophy of nursing?

    I am in hospice so my philosophy is more directed toward that... My philosophy: Educate and support the patient and family of their choices and options. Return control to the patient-can't do that without knowing their choices and options. Do my best...
  9. dosamigos76

    Seeking hospice experiences from nurses/aides

    Feel free to pm or e-mail me.
  10. dosamigos76

    Heartland Hospice or Seasons hospice

    Ask around at some facilities... Heartland (if we're talking about the same company) is a for-profit company-nothing wrong with that. Here in the DFW area in Texas-I can give you info if you want to e-mail me. Good luck!
  11. 1. What drew you to this profession? Having the opportunity to be able to make a difference. 2. How much education did you complete and where? I have an Associate's Degree from Clovis Community College from Clovis, New Mexico. Graduated December2005 ...
  12. dosamigos76

    Continuous Care for unMANAGED symptoms?

    i would do CC for education. Have SW or SCC been brought into the equation to assist the family? Also, you might talk with the HHA and see what insight they have into the family dynamics. Often their perspective is extremely valuable, and they often ...
  13. dosamigos76

    What is the best temporal thermometer

    I like the temporal one you can get at WalMart. Works great!
  14. dosamigos76

    To Odyssey or not to Odyssey, that is the question.

    Vista Care used to start out at 6 weeks PTO...nothing to sneeze at.
  15. dosamigos76

    Who will care for the patients?

    Thank you and well said. Here in MN the nurses are probably gonna be striking in July. I follow the MNA on Facebook and some of the terms describing the replacement nurses are harsh. I WOULD consider working as a scab--I support what the nurses are s...