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  1. Anyone know of an affordable online short statistics course? I want to apply for my MSN but it's a requirement to have stats and that wasn't in my BSN program. I saw a 5 week class online at University of Phoenix. The one class will be over $1000. Should I just pay it and don't look back or should I look around? I'd love to start my program this summer but the deadline to apply and have all the requirements is Feb 1st.
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  3. by   mmc51264
    is there a community college nearby? I took a couple of classes i needed there. It's a whole lot cheaper than even a state university
  4. by   HouTx
    There's a growing amount of evidence indicating that some courses are really not suited for online delivery ... one of those is Intro-level Statistics, unless the student has a strong math background. This is an area in which the quality & immediacy of student-teacher interaction makes all the difference.

    Disclosure - been there, done the Stats: BSN (3 hrs), MSN (6 hrs), Doc (9 hrs) - the first one was the hardest by far
  5. by   rogersim
    Hey, I'm not sure where you live. But I go to Georgia Perimeter College. It's a community college and you don't have to live in Ga to take this class because it's an online class. It's only about $525-530 dollars for a 3 credit course such as statistics. I just took the class this semester

    Here is the school's tuition, scroll all the way down to online students only:

    Schedule of Tuition and Fees
  6. by   Guest12/13/16
    Straighterline. Online Introduction To Statistics Course for Credit | StraighterLine

    Ask your prospective grad school if they accept this course as credit before enrolling.
  7. by   LPNtoRNin2016OH
    I cannot imagine taking stats online and I got an A. It isn't hard - it's just involved and having a professor to walk you through it (it builds each chapter, you miss one thing, you miss it all) was/is essential.
  8. by   VampyrSlayer
    I did it online at metropolitan community college in Omaha
  9. by   BBboy
    I took it online and got an easy 4.0 (there's a reason why this teacher had a perfect rating from every student on his ratemyprofessor). I will look up the class schedule for winter and see if his course is available online again.
  10. by   SopranoKris
    I had a wonderful experience with Stats and my class was online. Of course, my professor should teach a class to other instructors on how to run an online course. It was the best online class I've ever taken. It really depends on the instructor.

    Stats is one of those courses that builds upon itself, so you really have to grasp the material in the chapter before you move on to the next unit. The math itself isn't too difficult. It's understanding how you should set up your problem (they're all word problems). You really need to know which formula fits your scenario.
  11. by   mmc51264
    I love it when you get a great online professor/instructor! It makes all the difference in the world. I am getting ready to start an online MSN program (Informatics) and I am hoping they have it together!
  12. by   vintagemother
    I want to chime in for any nursing students looking for a STATISTICS / Stats class, that there is a class called stats for psych majors, or applied stats that is much better suited to us nurses/nursing students.

    In my school, it's listed under "psychology" my daughter attends college across the country and her school has a similar class.

    Basically, this class is easier than a traditional stats class because it's focused on basic concepts to aide you in your work as a non - math major.

    I'd never even known this option existed before a few months ago.

    I checked and the class does transfer to the BSN state university and does meet their Stats / statistics math requirement.

    My class is partially online and partially in person. I attend 1 day per week for 1.20 hrs.

    Much of our grade is based on in class work and discussion boards.

    This type of class is awesome for us non-math head nursing students!
  13. by   angeljuli5
    What college, and who was your professor?