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  1. mago8388

    46 year old new nurse - Should I get a BSN?

    I think you've be fine as it is and if you have a MS in psychology you'd be a great asset in a psych hospital, clinic or practice. You could probably be the manager of the psych floor and make lots of money. I wouldn't get a BSN and this point, tiu have plenty of education and a BSN doesn't really make a huge difference. It hasn't for me other than have hiring managers say that its good I have a BSN but haven't seen a difference in pay because of it.
  2. mago8388

    Feeling lost.

    Time to look for another job hun. Try looking for a day job. Try applying for med surg RN1 positions at a hospital, or try a medical practice or even Home Care. Looks like you need a change of pace. SNF can be very stressful and everyone I know that have worked in one have told me they absolutely hated it.
  3. mago8388

    How Soon Can I Start Working?

    Was it hard to work while in NP school? Were you full time? I have a kid and Im a single mom so I need to work full time and also go to school. Dont mind doing school part time but I need to keep food on the table and day care and pay bills so I'm really nervous about not being able to manage. I don't want to end up broke just because I'm going to school.
  4. Ive been thinking about enrolling in an NP program here in Houston. However I'm scared of piling up students loans. Right now I only owe about 3k from my RN-BSN and I heard you can go up to 50k or more just for the NP program. I've been thinking about ACNP or FNP. I currently work in adult psych, have previous pediatric and adult Med-Surg Tele experience. Which program will be worth my investment? I don't have a lot of debt now and don't want to end up in so much debt that I'll have to live on ramen noodles for the next 10 years.
  5. Did you find anyone?
  6. mago8388

    Doc calls nurse coworkers monkeys...

    Like the pp said, its also most likely poor self esteem. I know this Doctor in my hospital that won't make eye contact when talking to you. He walks right in and he's like: can I see my patients charts? In a demanding way. But its most likely insecurity on his part. He can't probably handle having a conversation with some fine ass nurses like the ones on my floor and when he talks to his patients we can tell how uncomfortable and fake he sounds. He sort of talks to his patients the way you talk to a 4 year old when they get a boo boo. I guess a Social skills class is not included in the Medical school curriculum.
  7. mago8388

    Doc calls nurse coworkers monkeys...

    I wouldn't address it with them. I'd go to their supervisor and bring other people that have heard it too. And I'd let the DON know that this is going on. Any respectable facility that values their nurses will call them out on in and address the situation.
  8. mago8388

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    I think he's paranoid and needs a psychiatrist.
  9. mago8388

    I Work For A Broken Hospital

    Are you by any chance in downtown Houston? Because that is happening in the hospital I work for. I love my job and the people I work with and my patients but there were a few bad patient related events throughout the hospital that they were on the verge of losing CMS funds and closing down.
  10. $29/year sounds great? Where can I sign up for this insurance?
  11. mago8388

    how would a nurse assess acute exacerbation of asthma?

    Listen to breath sounds. Do they have wheezing? What triggers their asthma? Certain fragrances, pollen, certain chemicals, dust? Are they in any inhalers? For how long? How often do they use their rescue (albuterol) inhaler? If it's every few hours you know it's out of control.
  12. mago8388

    Psych NP School

    Don't they require a year of clinical experience to accept you in their NP program? Most school I know of do.
  13. mago8388

    Messed up my interview

    Don't you cardiovert when it's Vtack that's symptomatic?
  14. To always check the patient before checking the machine that's beeping.
  15. RNS can insert and give IV meds. You don't need an extra certificate for that. Of course make sure you have an MD order for that.