Nursing School Essentials

  1. I start my ADN program in a little over 2 weeks. I think I am mostly prepared, but I would love to know what you couldn't live with out or wish you had in nursing school.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   Glucagon
    I found I didn't need a bunch of physical items past the obvious ones (talking like a stethoscope), mostly because I used my laptop for recording lectures and taking notes. The main items I used most were my backpack, a lunch box, air-tight food containers with an ice pack, a hard container for my stethoscope, and an insulated cup for coffee. I also like to keep a small travel bottle of ibuprofen and a portable power bank just in case.

    Otherwise, I used the recording software that came on my laptop to record lectures, Microsoft OneNote for all my notes, and Google Calendar for any reminders I needed. That cut down on the number folders, binders, and extra stuff I needed.

    I bought a planner at the beginning but didn't end up using it once.
  4. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    A good water bottle was my biggest helper. And Advil.
  5. by   rnhopeful82
    For clinical I also love my foldable clipboard. I have one like this WhiteCoat Metric Nursing Label. it fits in my scrub shirt pocket with no issues and was easier for me than trying to hold and write on loose paper.
  6. by   tonyl1234
    If you're allowed to have it, your cell phone. The timer and alarm are priceless. The calculator is a huge help too. But, unfortunately, too many of us are in schools that we're not allowed to be trusted like grown adults.
  7. by   AjayNurseBae
    Firstly congratulations!!! Good luck to you as your embark this new journey. Essentials for me were as follows:

    A rolling backpack (super thick and heavy books)
    A watch with a second hand (for pulses)
    A small calculator ( for calculations, some people use their phones)
    Stethoscope and blood pressure cuff (just in case the vital machines are taken during clinicals)
    Lots of highlighters and markers
    Phone for recording the lectures.
    Textbooks for sure and if it comes with a study guide EVEN BETTER! (Helped me with practice and understanding)
    Non permeable shoes (Bodily fluids on your feet suck.) You need shoes you can easily wipe off.
    Computer if you like notes on a device or lots of mini note books.

    Things you can't buy:
    A study group (priceless)
    Intrinsic drive to succeed
    An Open Mind & a solid support system.
  8. by   mindofmidwifery
    Laptop, notebook, highlighters, white out, good pens (colored and black), watch, good shoes, I bought a scrub jacket from my school because it gets chilly at clinical sites, planner, water bottle, ibuprofen, caffeine pills (easier than carrying/bringing/buying coffee), snacks (I bring protein bars), gum
  9. by   forevernursem
    Highlighters and gel pens are my favorite things!!
    I also use A LOT of flashcards. Colorful small tabs or small sticky notes to mark important pages in the textbook are super helpful
  10. by   gere7404
    Quote from rnhopeful82
    For clinical I also love my foldable clipboard. I have one like this WhiteCoat Metric Nursing Label. it fits in my scrub shirt pocket with no issues and was easier for me than trying to hold and write on loose paper.
    Came here to suggest a folding clip board with the nursing reference stickers on it. Has reference info on a lot of stuff like labs and provides a good surface to write on as well as folds to keep PHI private. Fits perfectly in a scrub cargo pocket, but some of the more stylish scrubs some students wear have smaller pockets that it wouldn't fit in.

    Whatever laptop you go with, make sure it has good battery life. A lot of the places we went didn't have access to outlets, so it was essential to have a long lasting laptop and keep it charged every night.
  11. by   Neo Soldier
    A laptop is really helpful. For me it meant that I didn't have to print anything out unless I had to turn something in.
    Foldable clipboard. I bought this in my last semester; I couldn't believe how helpful it was. I had been using pocket sized flip books from walmart; they weren't bad but the foldable clipboard served as a hard surface to write on.
    Lippincott Q and A for practice test questions. In nursing school, it's essential that you test yourself after you're done studying. Exam questions require that you know how to apply the questions and not simply regurgitate.
    Care plan book. I used Lippincott manual of nursing practice as a guide. You can get any other one though.
  12. by   RNdh
    Plenty of sleep and exercise.
  13. by   Kallie3006
    I recorded my lectures on my phone and played them driving in the car, I typed my notes and printed on bright colored card stock to study from, dry erase board, snacks and a trusty water bottle. Congratulations!
  14. by   hppygr8ful