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B52 has 9 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Psych, Substance Abuse.

RN-BC, psychiatric/mental health. MSN student. 

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  1. B52

    How Soon After Graduation Did You Take NCLEX?

    I agree with FacultyRN. I would not take the NCLEX-PN unless it was mandatory.
  2. B52

    Did I already screw up my nursing career?

    Sounds like your preceptor was out of line, and so were your colleagues who witnessed the behavior and did absolutely nothing. Bullying and incivility should not be tolerated in nursing or any other profession. I quit my first nursing job after about 10 days. I left it off my resume, and I was offered a much better job one month later.
  3. B52

    Failed Nclex after 2 years now what?

    I did the Saunders book and some flashcards. My advice is to think like an RN, i.e., critical thinking. I know a guy who failed multiple times. I worked with him when we were both LPNs. He lacks critical thinking. He will call the Nurse Manager for everything.
  4. B52

    Reasons nurses get fired

    When I was an LPN my first job was to pass meds at an ALF four hours a night, 7 nights a week. I was told I would have to find coverage if I wanted a night off. The job market was brutal, so I accepted the position. I lasted about 10 days before I got fired. When I was passing meds one night, a patient had a seizure. The DON told me to continue with meds and she would handle everything. The next day she asked me to come in early. When I came in, she told me I wasn’t a good fit because I wasn’t a team player. I was shocked. In hindsight, I think the firing might have had something to do with me telling her pet, the medical assistant, that was I was still searching for a job that was more convenient than four hours a day 365 days a year.
  5. Our psych E.D. is a locked unit inside the medical E.D. It holds seven patients, but sometimes the census tops seven and we have patients lining the halls in the medical E.D. On night shift we have one nurse and two techs; day shift has two nurses and one tech. We also have a security guard in the psych E.D. 24/7. Patients are medically cleared on paper only. Really. After they enter the psych E.D. blood and urine samples are collected, and CT scans and X-rays are done. Then, they have to return to the medical E.D. if labs or imaging tests are abnormal. Some of our E.D. physicians frequently downplay the ailments of psych patients. We have to make multiple requests for BP meds, insulin, or Librium, and too often those requests are denied. It can get frustrating. Some patients have limited insight and don't want to be held involuntarily, and they will put up a fight. We also have to do insurance authorizations, which is sedentary and very time-consuming. Another time-consuming task is reviewing charts and accepting patients from other hospitals that don't have a psych E.D.
  6. B52

    Taking pay cut for a promotion

    I'm willing to take a pay cut just to get off night shift. I'm just waiting for a day shift position to open. Meanwhile, I'm applying elsewhere.
  7. B52

    It will take me 7 years just for a bsn.

    It took me 6 years to get my first Bachelor's degree, which was not in nursing. I'm just starting an MSN program and I'm more than twice your age. Do I regret anything? No. I had a most enjoyable journalism career, and now I'm enjoying psych nursing.
  8. B52

    Nursing School Essentials

    Plenty of sleep and exercise.
  9. Classroom lectures and clinicals were more effective than all the study tools I used. I read the Saunders book from start to finish, twice. I also did Mosby flash cards and I downloaded an app that had practice questions. I passed the first time with 75 questions, but I walked out feeling like I failed.
  10. B52

    How safe to you feel working in mental health sector?

    Even police officers are not allowed to carry guns on our unit. But this is Florida, not Texas.
  11. B52

    Imminent danger

    There are too many variables, written rules, and unwritten rules to answer your question.
  12. B52

    How safe to you feel working in mental health sector?

    I work in a locked unit at a hospital and I feel safe. Therapeutic communication is a good de-escalating tactic. That being said, I have been scratched, punched, and chased down the hall by an 80-year-old woman, but all 3 of those incidents occurred at different hospital.
  13. B52

    Anxiety Attacks Before Work

    I had a sense of dread every time I drove to work. I attributed it to the poorly designed, new behavioral health unit and infighting among staff. . I stayed for a year, then left for another hospital. Life has been good since then.
  14. B52

    New Hire

    Don't underestimate geriatric patients; some of them pack quite a punch. Avoid concomitant administration of IM Ativan and Zyprexa. If you have to draw blood, be persistent; pt's might refuse today but allow it tomorrow. Some pt's will behave aggressively if they think you fear them; others will behave aggressively whether or not you fear them. Don't turn your back on anyone. Be a good listener and if you make promises, follow through. (I never make promises.) Good luck!
  15. As others have posted, concomitant IM Ativan and Zyprexa are not safe. Here's info from MedScape Medscape: Medscape Access
  16. It's not that bad because most of the patients sleep at night. We also have one nurse working 11-11. She does admissions when we're doing meds and she helps out if there are no admissions. The charge nurse also lends a hand when needed.

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