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Just venting. I filed a report of self-neglect with DCF. Elderly man with severe mental illness lives with his father, who has dementia. The son is very thin, although his BMI is 19. The house is very filthy with rodent droppings and layers of dust all over the living room. Smells like there might be a mold problem . It's very hot. Today, I brought  a hygrometer. It was 90.5 degrees with 61% humidity inside. The son says the ac works and he uses it, but I doubt it. Anyway, DCF rejected the report. Very frustrating. My next step is to try to track down any family members who can help. Any other ideas?

You're definitely doing the right thing by trying to track down family members.  Thank you for being proactive.  What is wrong w/ DCF!?!?!?

Are there any direct senior-related agencies in your area who might be able to step in?  Maybe calling the police for some type of welfare check?  I know usually DCF works w/ the police.....but if DCF gets called in directly from the law enforcement, it may force their hand to reconsider.

I hope this family of two gets help. 😔

Specializes in Psych, Substance Abuse.

Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with his sister. Changes are in progress, but I'm still disappointed with DCF.

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