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  1. Mergirlc

    Seeking advice/information

    I just came across this post since it was on the front page of the website, I'm not at all familiar w/ the whole recovery/diversion process, but if your friend is, indeed, not guilty of diverting....couldn't she go and pay a lab on her own dime to draw up a drug test for her to clear her name? Just a thought... so she could at least have proof that she's not on any non-prescribed meds. Then again, if she does happen to be on anything that wasn't prescribed, she would probably say no to the drug test and you'll have your answer.
  2. Mergirlc

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    I would tread very lightly here and not assume anything. From personal experience, I have known quite a few Filipinas who were graduates of medical and/or nursing programs and, as somebody else mentioned above, had deficiencies and had to do extra classes/things in order to become nurses. This seems to happen quite a bit w/ people from foreign countries who have graduated in a medical/nursing field elsewhere, but have to take extra classes here in order to become licensed. That or they just have to retake all of nursing school again. Maybe just have a conversation w/ her and just ask her curiously about her schooling. See what she says.
  3. Mergirlc

    Cleveland Clinic VS University Hospital

    Hi Just came across this topic. Hoping somebody might be able to answer, or clarify, something that was mentioned in this post. I noticed the majority of people in this thread mentioned the benefits are better at CC than UH. Can anybody expand on this? No need to go through each single benefit, but I'm just wondering if the differences are, for example: - Do you just pay less overall for health coverage at CC than UH? Or does it boil down to what each health benefit actually covers? - Does one offer 401K while the other doesn't? I guess I'm just trying to figure out what the biggest difference is since it seems the majority on this topic have stated CC has the better benefits.
  4. Mergirlc

    Did I already screw up my nursing career?

    @ Nursing2019BSN, BSN, RN I have a question to ask you and I'm going to PM you
  5. Mergirlc

    ABSN programs low gpa

    I have yet to see any ABSNs that do not have the minimum 3.0 requirement. The best you can to do is contact each individual ABSN program and see if the 2.97 will fly. If you are still at the college where you got your bachelors, you may want to take a few classes just to get to that 3.0. The other option is try for an Associates degree at a community college. Sometimes they won't even look at your bachelors and go by other criteria.
  6. Mergirlc

    Nursing Student balance Preventing NCLEX-RN attempt

    Hi. Sorry for your predicament, but inquiring minds want to know... Did you not know you owed this balance the whole time you were there? I'm going to assume, if it's like most schools, you sign into your account and see there is a balance so I'm curious how you were even allowed to register for classes owing this much? Typically balances have to be paid in full in some way before you can continue to the next semester/quarter. Or was this a set amount due every semester/quarter and this just so happens to be the final installment? As other people have mentioned, there is no way out of this and you have to find a way to pay somehow. Perhaps just going out and finding a regular non-nursing job just to gather money?
  7. Mergirlc

    Reapplying to same school personal statement

    I wouldn't mention it. They get so many applications anyways, they can't remember everybody. Besides, you want to use your personal statement to sell yourself and you need all that space to do that in your statement. I have seen where they sometimes will actually ask the question, "Have you applied to our school before?" Of course if this is asked, you should answer "yes."
  8. I"m just going to address the cutoff GPA part of your post. This is one that you cannot really put a solid number, or GPA, on I believe. This is probably why a school will not be upfront or put a do or die number on it w/ the exception of the bare minimum which is usually the 3.0. While you may have a historical GPA of 3.8 perhaps given, as used in your example, you don't really know the criteria they are using for that and there can be a lot of variances. 1) Is this an average or an actual confirmed GPA? From what I've seen on many published nursing school websites they either typically have a range or put down an average GPA or number. Again, using your example, 3.8 could be an average and you have 3.2's and 3.6's, 3.9, etc.. in the mix. 2)Did only everybody in the initial acceptance average into that GPA & that's how they came about that number? Or are the GPAs of those taken off the waitlist factored in there as well and that's the average GPA accepted? Also, it all can vary year to year, as we all know since one year you can have everybody going in w/ a 3.8 - 4.0 and the next year it may be less. GPAs can be funny when it comes to schools. Many of the entry-level/2nd career tracks also take into consideration life experiences, where the GPA is definitely considered, but they like to see the diversity in backgrounds of the applicants and take other things into consideration and the GPA is just another thing in a long list of criteria they take into consideration. I don't think it would be wise for a school to put out a cutoff GPA acceptance. Of course, they need to set the bar somewhere and 3.0 is where it's at. Besides, there is money to be made here and if they put out don't apply unless you're a 3.99, they wouldn't get extra $$ from all the application fees. Why would any school turn down extra income? It is a business after all.
  9. Mergirlc

    Online Prerequisite Suggestions?

    Just be sure that whatever schools you are applying to will accept these online core classes. I've seen quite a few that will not accept them. Sure the majority will accept psychology, sociology, and those type of classes as online. There are quite a few nursing schools, when I was applying, who specified they will not take the core classes (Anat, Phys, Micro, Chem) if they are online. Just be aware of this and double-check w/ the schools.
  10. Mergirlc

    Rejected from schools - Please HELP!

    These entry-level programs are tough. There are people w/ 3.8 GPAs and healthcare experience who get rejected all the time. Don't feel bad. It's just there are sometimes too many qualified people and not enough spaces. Other times, you just don't know what they are looking for exactly as many of these programs take a "holistic" approach to accepting students. Who knows what strikes their fancy when they're reviewing applications. Another factor, which you have no control over is, who else is applying when you are? Perhaps during one cycle everybody has a 4.0 GPA where if you apply for the next year everybody has a 3.3 GPA. Some things you may want to look at may be your statements (personal, goal statements, etc.) you have to write for these programs. Have somebody knowledgable, such as an English professor, look at them and correct them for you. You seem to have healthcare experience with your job and volunteering so that is not the issue. The main other factors are either grades or written statements. Good luck!
  11. Mergirlc

    easier direct entry BSN programs?

    This question gets asked quite a bit. Try going to states where there is a lower population. Others on this site have mentioned states such as Michigan, Indiana, North/South Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconsin where they have smaller towns/cities and not millions of people like SFO, LAX, NYC, MIA, etc.. I would say if you got accepted into a school in Wisconsin already, pack your bags because it looks as if Wisconsin will be your home for the next few years. Not only that, you may want to stay there to gain your experience and then try to move back to California if that's your plan. You really just have to look outside of California if your grades aren't so hot. 3.40 is actually not bad, especially if you have A's in all of your prerequisites.
  12. Yeah, you can as there's no such thing as a nursing program forcing you to attend. Plenty of people on the waitlist waiting for people to not accept or drop out before classes even begin. That's the way nursing programs are. Here's the thing though: Normally when you accept you have to put down a deposit. You will not get that deposit back if you decide not to go. Lost money. If you're willing to lose that cash, then it's not a bad thing. Look at it this way: you might lose a couple hundred dollars if you get into your preferred program, but if you don't get into your preferred program, at least you have the one that accepted you that you can still attend.
  13. Mergirlc

    Future Nurse

    $200 seems an awful lot for a basic printer. There are some at various stores (Target, Office Depot, Walmart) that sell for $40-55 that do basic printing if that's all your after. Even better, Costco seems to always have printers, which have more functions, and they do not cost too much more - usually around the $70-80 range. Sure the printers can get into the $200's if you're looking for fancier options. My only gripe about Costco is they usually carry HP and I can't stand the brand, but that's just my personal experience w/ HP laptops. It's been my experience that teachers in general, not just nursing studies, now have you turn in papers online either through a plagiarizing website or some type of online system where they just open it and grade it. Not to say you may run into some whom still prefer paper copies. You may just want to have a printer in mind and wait until school starts and see who requires what. I still think it's a great idea to get a printer for yourself regardless though, because there will come a day where you will have to print something out or make copies of some sort.
  14. Mergirlc

    Final Pre-Nursing Schedule

    I'm assuming Intro to Literature is an English/Composition class? If it is, that alone will eat up a lot of time when having to do research and write papers. Don't always assume Nutrition is an easy A. I had a teacher who turned it into an Organic Chemistry/Nutrition course and only one person in the whole class (online) got an "A" and that was because she took it before w/ her, so knew her modus operandi. I managed to get a "B", but I retook it w/ a more reasonable instructor at another community college and it was an actual nutrition course where I did get an "A." I wouldn't do your schedule. I would break it up into 2 different semesters/quarters.
  15. Mergirlc

    Help with Microbiology?!?

    Is there a lab w/ this course? Most nursing programs require a lab component so you should make sure this course will count toward the program, or programs, you are planning on applying to. I would strongly suggest taking Micro in person. There's a reason for this and it's usually because the teacher is there to guide you through the 120 slides so you can ask questions and focus on what you need to focus on. Just an opinion
  16. Mergirlc

    Feeling discouraged

    Is there a reason why you can't register @ another CC and take it there??? Does your program of choice require this? If not, register at another CC and take it there. Sure you might have to do more legwork to get your transferred classes approved so you can register, but the legwork will be worth it if you can find a good instructor. Look up professors on rate my professors and see which ones people recommend. I've taken prereqs at seven different CCs, so I know it can be done. Why so many you might ask? Because I had to get them done, I wanted to get them done, and I wasn't going to let the fact that I couldn't get into classes at my regular CC because they were full, hold me back. You've spent a lot of time thinking and speaking about how bad the instructors are. Now it's time to do something about it. No more excuses!