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  1. Mergirlc

    Phone interview for graduate nurse position

    You're very brave. I would've put that call to voicemail without thinking twice.
  2. Mergirlc

    Frazzled New Nurse Stuck on Rotating Shifts

    As others have already said, I would go to straight nights and try to work until you have a firm offer for another job once you reach your one year mark and then go. Just keep in mind, there also may not be are too many choices out there come January so you may end up having to start working nights again at the new job.
  3. Mergirlc

    NP: Age limit?

    @FullGlass I'm just curious, which states did you apply in where you received numerous offers? I'll be in the same situation in a few years & am targeting the MidWest to try to start. I like Ohio. I am a California native and know it's best to get the hell out of here because prices keep going up. No kids, no spouse, so I can move anywhere.
  4. Mergirlc

    Has anyone taken HIT-204 at SBCC?

    FYI for anybody reading this. I PMed djld. I just wanted to re-emphasize that this class is tough! Do not treat it as if it were sociology or some communication class where you can just somewhat sit back and make educated guesses on tests. Take this class and/or pharmacology at SBCC during a regular semester. This way you won't fry your brain.
  5. Mergirlc

    Student Loans and managing expenses

    $70K to get an ADN is nuts. $70K - I've seen this pricetag on a lot of direct entry programs and that sounds about right, but for an ADN? And yes, I know it's not the actual degree and it's mostly living expenses, but still. I agree w/ the above post, could you put this off for a few years until your child starts elementary school? At least this way, you'll have a good chunk of the day covered while your child is in school and may only need to pay for a few hours of childcare M-F. There are even after school programs your child might be able to engage in which may even leave you not having to pay any child care. Do you just not have any family in the area or are they just unable to help out due to them also having to work? Another thing to take into consideration is where is your child going to go for childcare if you have to do a clinical at night? Just because the nursing program is during the day does not mean you may not have to attend clinicals at night and/or weekends during your schooling. Clinicals can also be far away from where you live as well. Especially in these COVID-19 times, where many schools are scrambling anywhere to get their students into clinicals. This is something you also need to keep in mind. In the end, it's up to you. I think it's a high price, but I also realize sometimes you have to take the hit to get ahead. My main worry/concern is you have a young child and you're a single mother who will have a mountain of debt after graduation. Make your child the priority and assure his/her wellbeing regardless. School isn't going anywhere and will always be there. Good luck!
  6. Mergirlc

    BSN vs. MSN-Weighing my options.

    ** Correction: which may or may not ...**
  7. Mergirlc

    BSN vs. MSN-Weighing my options.

    One other thing, which may not may not factor in, is how is your $$$ situation? If you didn't max out your student loan limit while pursuing your first bachelors degree then you can use whatever is left toward the ABSN. If you did max out your student loans for your bachelor's, the MSN would allow you to take out graduate loans. Hopefully you don't have to worry at all about financing your education, but if you do this might be another consideration. The fact is, even if you get a MSN, you don't have experience. You'll still start as a nurse w/ a BSN does. It factors in later on after some experience gained, where perhaps more opportunities will open up because you already have a MSN. Good luck to you!
  8. Mergirlc

    FNP Preceptor Needed

    You may want to look through previous topics about this. Most people on this site will recommend you just walk into clinics, offices, etc (or at least call) and speak to the FNP & see if anybody is willing. I just saw a topic on this from another person who used a recruiting agency. I don't know how legit it is, but maybe go add a comment to the topic and he/she could tell you.
  9. Mergirlc

    ABSN Programs - Portage

    No schools in California will
  10. Mergirlc

    Online Anatomy a class in a hurry?

    Just make sure to check w/ your intended school first if they will accept classes from Straighterline and Portage. There are many schools out there that will not.
  11. California here and I'll tell you straight up you won't even be given a second glance w/ C's in your science pre-reqs. Not in CA. I usually tell people to check out of state, but with C's in the main pre-reqs, I don't think it's even worth your time to do that. You're doing the right thing. Aim for LVN and then bridge. You may also want to just check around (even out of state) if there are places that don't count retakes against you, regardless of how many times you do them. You might be able to take the top 3 again, but keep in mind it's still going to look bad if you don't get an "A" in all three taking it for a third time. Anybody can get an "OK" grade in a class every so often. The problem with a "C" in the main pre-reqs is it's showing the college that either the material is going to be too difficult for you to be successful in the program and/or you just don't have a commitment to study and learn material. Maybe neither is true, but they base decisions on grades and unfortunately yours just aren't up there. As I already mentioned, do the LVN. Focus there and then work uyour way in. Good luck to you!
  12. Mergirlc

    Guidance Requested

    If you are working full-time and can switch and live w/ working part-time, I'd recommend that. At least for a few months so you can dedicate extra time to studying. It's always best when you can get extra study hours to really focus, rather than studying when you come back from work when you're tired.
  13. Mergirlc

    Thinking of moving to Atlanta

    I actually responded to one of your posts about six months ago, but never saw the other one (until now) about the bit of "trouble" you've had. I think you're really going to have a difficult time getting into any program. Not saying it's impossible, but your past somewhat shows a pattern there. I hope you've done whatever you could to correct it. Just as in California, you have to remember people are getting into programs all over the U.S. due to stellar grades and the majority do not have criminal records at all. You will be up against some tough competition for sure. It's fine you want to apply everywhere and you definitely should. Don't limit yourself. First you should find out if a record will disqualify you for both going to whatever school you're applying to and for licensing in the state of where you wish to practice. I'd hate to see you waste your time if something in your past won't even get you past the gate. Just something to keep in mind. Good luck to you!
  14. Mergirlc

    Going back to school at 34

    Is your Criminal Justice degree an Associates or Bachelor's?
  15. Mergirlc

    Help! No one taking New Grads what to do for 6 months?

    While I was perusing AllNurses about 2 weeks ago, I saw on one of the threads where recent graduates were taking their NCLEX. Some had appointments in July, but they would check daily for open spots in case people cancelled. There were certain states which had testing centers open. From what they were saying, if you are willing to travel away from your area, you might find an open testing center where you can take the NCLEX earlier.
  16. Mergirlc

    What should I ask my advisor?

    This may or may not be an advisor question because you might find the answer to this on your school's/program's website......but you may want to find out if you need a new or specific computer, software, etc..

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