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  1. Mergirlc

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Thank you both @Freckledkorican and @MentalKlarity. I appreciate the insight. Next semester, I'm about to start my FNP clinicals. It will be for the entire 2023 year and will get close to 700 hours in, possibly more. I know, still not enough. I li...
  2. Mergirlc

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    For those of you who chose to do this residency instead of just going straight into a non-residency job: Did you decide on this route because you felt your school did not give you the best training? Or you felt "okay" but wanted to go into your fir...
  3. Mergirlc

    Any Limitations To Bullying?

    If somebody indeed threatened me to the point I felt my life was in danger, I would not have had the time to post on the All Nurses website, I would've stopped what I was doing and called the police. As of my writing, it has almost been one week...
  4. Mergirlc

    Failed NCLEX 3 Times

    See.....ask and you shall receive! 😀 All Nurses always delivers! Good luck to you and I wish you much success in the future. And just as a reminder, keep in mind NCLEX will be launching a new test version in 2023 sometime. Hopefully you can ...
  5. Mergirlc

    Failed NCLEX 3 Times

    This is the guy: I can't vouch for his services, but he will sometimes hold facebook meetings and has his own tutoring service. He also has his own website which is in his profile at the a...
  6. Mergirlc

    Failed NCLEX 3 Times

    NCLEX is a very difficult, indescribable test. After your third attempt at it, there seems to be some deficit going on. Perhaps your school program didn't focus on helping your cohort understand NCLEX-style questions? Only you would know the answer ...
  7. Mergirlc

    Moving family to Rapid City, SD

    I know it's been roughly 3 years since you posted here on AN, but if you're still around.....would love to know how the transition went for you from CA to SD regarding dealing with the Winter weather. I'm also in CA and probably moving to a wi...
  8. Mergirlc

    My living situation while in Nursing school

    In many cultures, this is normal; in particular when it's an unmarried child. Doesn't matter if the child is in their 20's or 60's, he/she will still live with the parent(s). Don't stress about it. Your parents know you're trying to better yo...
  9. Mergirlc

    Pass NCLEX since 7/29 but license hasn’t posted

    No, it's not. A lot of it depends on the school you are attending and how fast they are in submitting all the information about their graduates to the CA BON. Some nursing schools take their sweet time. Others are on top of it. To give you an ...
  10. Mergirlc

    Driver in fatal crash has had her license suspended

    The CA BON felt the heat. Every news story led with, "A nurse......"
  11. I cannot tell you if they will accept Portage or not. What I can tell you from my experience back when I was applying for nursing schools in California is many nursing schools did not accept Portage or Straighterline courses for prerequisites. Now I...
  12. Mergirlc

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    The stipend probably varies depending on location. As you mentioned, they seem to be different sometimes. For example, the San Francisco Bay Area offers a little more than what you mentioned, but they have to. Rents are $3k and up, so they have to...
  13. Mergirlc

    Wilkes University - BEWARE!

    ^^ This is true. Especially since COVID, it has given programs even more reason to do everything online than before. Most schools figure, "Hey, it worked during COVID, let's keep going!" I know there have been various AN members pointing out h...
  14. Mergirlc

    AANP - passed! And some advice

    Thanks for your tips! Much appreciated!
  15. Mergirlc

    Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    Thank you for the clarification. At what point of the process did you know your home site? I'm thinking it would be nice to know, in advance, to find housing either in the middle of the general area of where you are assigned or at least clos...