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  1. Unfortunately, I do not know of anybody who has taken these pre-reqs outside of a regular community college setting.
  2. https://www.samuelmerritt.edu/ugpr ^^^This one costs an arm and a leg for the class! If you truly cannot find anything else, it may have to do. If this isn’t the school you’ll be going to, double-check if this will transfer to other schools you plan on applying to!! Also check the regular UC campuses for Physiology classes. I believe they are called "community classes." These are classes where you don't have to be a matriculated student and can take physiology through the school. Yes.....the class costs an arm and a leg! UC Berkeley used to offered a Physiology course to the public, in the past, but not sure if it still does. What do I mean about it costing an arm and a leg? The class at either of the above can be $1000+ to take. Books and supplies excluded from that price. 😳 The good news is, both schools are legit schools in California and the likelihood of the class transferring is probably pretty good as compared to Straighterline. I know somebody on this message board is going to pipe in and tell you about Straighterline or one of those online credit schools which offer classes, but don't have "campuses." Be very careful of those because I have seen many people lament the fact, the credit DOES NOT TRANSFER to many colleges in California. If you do plan to go that route, you need to contact every individual college you plan on applying to and asking them if they will accept the class from Straighterline. Many schools already have that caveat online when you're looking at transferable courses that are needed for the school. Whatever you plan on doing, start moving quick because you have approximately a month before many fall semester classes start up. It takes time to request and send transcripts, if needed. Good luck!
  3. Mergirlc

    Advice for those struggling to get an acceptance?

    Tip: If that's your real name (user ID), you may want to change it. Usually not a good idea to use your real name on message boards. Your stats actually look pretty good. Many SMU students go in with around those same type of numbers. In California, it really is a numbers game. I know somebody who ended up attending the SMU ABSN program. She applied 3 times and finally got in on the third try. SMU does take notice if you keep applying. Bear that in mind. Also, apply to all three campuses. If you are only applying to one of their campuses, your odds go down. The person I know who got in on the third try, set up an appointment with the admissions director/counselor of the ABSN program and went in person there. She told her, "give me your harshest criticism about my application and what I need to to do to improve my chances." The counselor actually gave her some sound advice and, in particular, critiqued her essay. From what I have heard from other applicants who have been rejected, they change their essay and that's what got them in the second or third time. I do realize with Covid, the chances of going in person to see a counselor is probably nil. You may just want to email one of them and see if they can have a zoom meeting or WebEx with you and give you some advice and critique your essay. Just make sure when you set up the meeting, you let them know that you want them to look over your application - especially the essay. They can also let you know if maybe you need more volunteer experience. Sometimes they want to see a more consistent volunteer experience where you're going somewhere for a year or more straight. Again, that's just what people have stated, but the best bet is to contact the school itself! Good luck and don't give up. When time is right, you'll get in
  4. Congratulations! The sharing of your story is so important to see and hear on this site. I always see many students over the age of 40 asking if it's possible or too late for them. Your story shows it is possible and can be done! Also, students of all ages enter nursing schools and feel demoralized when hearing others brag about their scores (complaining they only got 96/100 right) when there are others struggling to reach the minimum passing grade. "Give yourself grace," hits the spot. And you are exactly right.......don't worry about others, just worry about yourself. After all, as long as you eventually pass the class, you will all be walking across the stage just the same........ Good luck in your future career!
  5. Mergirlc

    Nurse Licensure Compact

    It seems one of the main points for the passage of this bill is to attract more nurses to the state of Ohio. This is a bit off-topic, but why do you think Ohio has trouble attracting healthcare workers to work there? I, for one, am hoping to move to the Ohio or Pennsylvania area in the next three years (give or take), so this would be fantastic to only have to apply to one state, but be able to work in many.
  6. Mergirlc

    Cleveland clinic pass physical capability after failing?!

    So this is for all positions? Or certain ones? If it's for all of them.....this will be a sigh of relief for many applicants!! Congratulations to you, as well. AND Thanks for updating this thread for everybody!
  7. Mergirlc

    College algebra or elementary statistics?

    Either of the two classes could end up being a requirement for nursing school. I would suggest looking at all the prospective schools you are planning to apply to and figure out which one you need. Another point: many colleges require College Algebra in order to take Statistics. If you are planning on attending a nursing school which requires Stats, then you end up taking both anyways. Just something to think about.....
  8. Not sure if you'll get a response in this forum, but if you don't, you may want to ask an Admin to move your post to USA > Ohio for a more exact response
  9. Mergirlc

    Please Help: Student Loan Debt

    So at the age of 23/24, you'll be $167,000.00 in debt for two bachelor degrees? That's a lot, if this is true. Why all the way to New York? If your true goal is getting a BSN, why not go to another state which might have a lower cost of living? You're young and don't have to be in such a rush to get into such a huge amount of debt. That's a lot of interest and you'll be paying at least $700+ month if you plan to pay that off within 20 years. Your friends are correct. Don't do it. Try to go to a cheaper state or school if you can. Your wallet will thank you later in life!
  10. Mergirlc

    Suggestions for financial aid?

    Not from personal experience, but I knew a lot of people who took out Discover Loans for Healthcare Professionals. Same company as the credit card. Not sure why they chose that particular one, but I think they throw in some perks for good grades and no fees or something of that nature. If you have great credit, you probably won't get too awful of a loan. Also, just apply like crazy to scholarships! Sure it takes time to write essays and such, but every little bit counts. Check with your school's financial aid department as they usually have great tips and insight into these types of things. Good luck!
  11. Mergirlc

    Hate clinicals?

    Yes. We all go in with the hopes we'll be doing everything, but a lot depends on the types of patients and the nurses you are paired up with. What I also might suggest is when you ask about assisting in a skill, give the nurse a choice, so to speak. Ask them if they would be willing in letting you either do the skill or, at the very least, let you watch them do the skill. Even watching how do they do things will be more beneficial than hanging out doing lunches. Never underestimate the benefit of observation. If you see it enough, it often sticks!
  12. Mergirlc

    Hate clinicals?

    So sorry to hear this. Sometimes, it really is just the instructor you get. They may (or may not) have a bias against students who are an older age. What I might suggest is when you can, ask the charge nurse if you can help assist in doing a skill, if it's available. Or if you see the other nurses on the floor, ask if they have an upcoming IV, Blood piggyback, Foley insertion, etc.. they will be doing. Then ask if you might be able to assist them because you're looking for practice. Never hurts to ask. Some of the staff is in a hurry because of the acuity of the patient, but there are many nurses who remember what it was like in clinicals and how you are always looking to practice skills, even if it's the umpteenth time doing it. Practicing never gets old.
  13. Mergirlc

    How many chances do you give a job before you quit?

    I had a few jobs where I would pray the ceiling tiles would somehow drop on my head when I walked into the building and knock me out so it would be a legit excuse to not work. Never happened, unfortunately (fortunately?)
  14. Thank you for confirming it's a great resource. I'll definitely let her know to take the plunge with YBG!
  15. ^^^^ This! I minored in Communications/Journalism and actually did an internship at a news station. News folks want these type of stories because the broadcast always needs things to fill in between the headliners. Public Interest stories. I hope you do not get dismissed and everything turns out fine for you, but if you are terminated, you may want to consider contacting your local area news station and letting them know what happened. Major corporations, especially hospitals, hate looking bad. The public already has some mistrust issues when it comes to healthcare. Another story against a hospital is every public information officers/spokesperson's pain in the butt thing to handle. Especially if it's about (saying this in my best news anchor voice) .... " A hard-working Covid ICU nurse, who put her life on the line to only be handed a termination notice to end her life's work....." 😉
  16. Mergirlc

    Finally have an amazing clinical instructor

    This is quite common during nursing school; especially when it comes to being paired up with another nurse/preceptor when you are in clinical. Sometimes you are paired up with nice, capable people and there's nothing bad about them, but there are some who are just better at explaining and showing you steps than others and engage you more. I was very lucky to be paired up with many lovely people who were very helpful, but there were always my "go-to" people who I knew I would learn from. Glad to hear you have an amazing instructor and get the most out the experience you can!