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Hi guys, I don't know if you remember that some weeks ago I posted a message here regarding my health assessment male instructor touching the female students during lab classes. Anyway, 98% of the... Read More

  1. by   RNinRubySlippers
    Battery is by definition ANY form of touching (bad or acceptable) that has taken place without permission from the person BEFORE doing so. Battery does NOT have to have internt to harm, but it is touching of any kind without permission.
  2. by   SoulShine75
    OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe this pervert still has a job. And they're sticking up for him? All I can say is shame on all of them! I cannot believe you still have to see this man everyday. Like someone else said, the fact that he called you AT HOME to apologize proves he knows what he did was WRONG. I don't care if you sometimes do have to be forceful with patients, hasn't he ever heard of patients rights???? Anyone can refuse anything at anytime, unless ofcourse they can't think for themselves....obviously. If he was forceful with me I would have, well it wouldn't be pretty to say the least. I'd hate to see how he treated the sick or elderly. :uhoh21: What a SICKO!

    I'm truly sorry you had to go through that humiliating and violating experience. I wouldn't stop trying to get something done. You did the right thing. :flowersfo
  3. by   Balder_LPN
    He is far far out of line, that is certainly sexual harrasment, it may be sexual battery do, he was trying to undress you against your will.

    and the comment "that eventually we have to be forceful with patients" is completely asinine. you dont "force" pt's to do anything. a nurse would certainly be explaining what needed done, and making sure the pt was comfortable and consenting of the exam/Tx. I dont think anyone would be trying to rip a pt's pants off. the school cant really be teaching this. it is just this wacko's way of trying to get others to condone his behavior.

    Like the others said, dont drop it. Get a free consult with an atty, most will give 1/2 to 1 hr free; Report him to the BON, and wherever else you can; keep reporting to the school administration, up the chain, all the way to the Head Dean or college president; report it to the schools legal department too.

    and like I have been learning here, document document document. even a journal starting with this incident and all calls / responses you have made / received. It's called "a contemporaneos record" and is a legal document.
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  4. by   grannynurse FNP student
    I suggest you put your concerns and his actions, in writing, to your department head and the college president. Also inform them if an investigation is not undertaken, within seven business days you will file a complaint with your local police department. In fact, file one anyway. He is being totally inappropriate and has committed battery, as a law enforcement officer will tell you. You need to protect yourself. Try any get anyone else who has been inappropriately touched to join you.

    Good luck

  5. by   SFCardiacRN
    Total pervert!!! My class always seperated men and women for these kinds of demonstrations and this included instructors. There is already a lot of advice to chew over so all I'll say is good luck in school. Don't let this jerk affect your goals!
  6. by   hdorsey
    That is a damn outrage!
  7. by   Imafloat
    I just remembered something. Check at your school, because at my school there is an independent attorney for the students. We have to pay a small fee every semester, I am sure it is less than $10, but we have access to the lawyer. Hopefully your school has a similar program.
  8. by   mmh_bc
    I am just wondering if there is anyone else here from British Columbia or Canada?? You guys in the US seem so brave, just like I am.. but it is really frustrating not to have enough support here. This small town sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   mmh_bc
    I doubt the college has a lawyer for the students, but I will find out next week for sure. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. by   gauge14iv
    Frankly - I wouldnt touch any attorney who anything to do with the school in this case...

    However, Local law enforcement would be the place I would go!
  11. by   RNinRubySlippers
    Quote from mmh_bc
    I am just wondering if there is anyone else here from British Columbia or Canada?? You guys in the US seem so brave, just like I am.. but it is really frustrating not to have enough support here. This small town sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am from BC and go to a school in the lower mainland. I PMed you , maybe you didnt notice. What school do you attend??
  12. by   Simba&NalasMom

    Glad to hear you are continuing to pursue this. Keep us posted.
  13. by   mmh_bc
    Hi Folks... thanks again for all the replies. You won't believe this, but this morning I phoned CRNBC again - College of Registered Nurses in British Columbia (the board of nurses), and her response was "ok, did you talk with the Dean?" So when I explained what the Dean and Nursing program coordinator said to me after I told them what happened, the RNABC woman said: "Yes, that's frustrating, but let's see if he will change!"... So apparently CRNBC won't do anything either. No one is taking me seriously, unfortunately.

    And I couldn't memorize all your names when I read your replies, but I will just answer here ok?

    1. Yes, my husband was and still is very upset with this. He wanted to go to the guy's house and rip his "balls" or punch him, or go to the college and talk with our regional director, but I thought that it would be better if I contacted people instead. Unfortunately, I am not finding support as everyone seems to think that he deserves a chance to change.

    2. Hey fellow student from BC!!! Finally someone from Canada. Would you mind telling you how this course is taught in your school? I am in Northern BC (near Prince George). I live in Canada for 7 years and find people too layback (spelling??). In my country we are quite vocal and speak up!

    3. Yes, I felt humiliated... and I just can't stand looking at that instructor in class because each time I see him, I see a pervert. So I seat in my desk in class and I try not to look at him, but when I do, he doesn't look at me. He seems more careful when saying things in class, he seems more careful in the lab.. but I don't know if this is going to last just until this term is over. He "teaches" us 2 courses this term.. and teaches also "law and ethics" for the third year students!!! Our nursing program is kind of new, so the same instructors "teach" several courses, however, I learn more from reading my books.

    4. Like one of you said... I have considered the thought that maybe he did that unintentionally... but no.. he is usually like this, and over-uses his power constantly. I have also re-read the abdomen chapter in the lab manual and book we use for this class and there is no such a thing as asking the students to drop their panties a little more (he requested that to another female student) or grab my panties to "massage" my pubic bone. I took a course with him last term and one day out of the blue he said: "I have the power in class! I decide what your mark is going to be! Some of you barely have money to pay for public transportation, but I could right now spend a thousand dollars at the ski shop!" C'mon!!!!!!!! Give me a break!!!!!! Most of us live very well, myself included!

    5. And when we do wrong things in the health assessment lab, like putting the termometer in our classmate's mouth for instance, a bit forceful, he mentions to everyone in the lecture class the following week, saying what the student did wrong.. and then he says: "see, this is over-use of power!!".. but so far, he hasn't said a word about his actions towards me that day in the lab.

    6. I agree that he will probably continue doing this next year when other students take this course again. The woman from the nursing board told me today that if it happens next year to different students, than I can't phone because I won't be in his class.

    7. This term is almost over, and for the final health assessment lab exam, we will have a model lying in bed and this male instructor will be the voice of the model, so I am trying to picture myself being warm and fuzzy to the model, when in fact I will be talking to that *******!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry)

    It's just too bad some of have to go through this.. but I am strong, even though this has affected me a lot!

    Thanks guys... I better get ready, because I will have class with him in a few minutes.