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  1. Diabetes/Renal Failure

    You did not say if he was Type 1 or 2. I am guessing he is either a poorly controled Type 1 and has been for most of his life. Or a poorly controled Type 2 who sees no hope in his future. I am an insulin dependent Type 2. My sugars are well cont...
  2. Question regarding Florida RN hourly rates

    Hi Beth. I live in Port Charlotte. All three of our hospitals are for profits. Fawcett is an HCA. Peace River (old St Joe's) and Charlotte Regional are owned by a group of physicians down in Naples. I have been a patient in the first two since t...
  3. What's the most amazing thing you've seen in the OR?

    The worse thing I ever saw was a ten year old boy who had to have his burn dressings changed under anesthesia. He had suffered over 80% first, second and third degree burns over his body. What was even more amazing was he survived and grow into a y...
  4. Family members as patients on your unit

    Generally I do not think it is a good idea to have a family member on the floor I worked. It puts too much real or imagine strain on the rest of the staff. And if a family member wants to be put on a specialty unit and does not have a thing to do w...
  5. Neurosurgical Floor or Epilepsy?

    Regardless of the type of floor, there will always be problem with patients. It depend on what type of path you are looking for. I worked ICUs, ER, psych, transplant, as well as med-surg. I usually worked a period of two or three years in each. I...
  6. Natural Disasters in Florida

    With the exception of Orlando and Gainseville, all of Florida's major cities are located in disaster prone areas. And quite a few people forget at our fire danger which generally starts in Maarch and continues thru May. We have a large fire burning...
  7. blood culture?

    The infectious disease guy said the whole thing started with a spider bite. Why a spider would biye me on yje back of my calf---well I can think of several more interesting spots to bite, if I were a spider;) My daughter let me take a look when she ...
  8. blood culture?

    I sometimes wonder if blood cultures are not being over done. In the past three weeks I have had four blood cultures drawn. Granted I am a diabetic, have an open wound but I have received three heavy duty antiodics for the same period of time. And...
  9. Has anyone ever had to go to court?

    I have been named twice. And I have always carried my own insurance. In the first case, I was soon dropped. In the second one, the judge dismissed the suit with prejudice. I have testified in numerous cases both civil and criminal. I always revi...
  10. diabetic skin conditions

    I am guessing based on a recent experience of my own but the black spot could be a spoy of necrotic tisse, I had a small area, on my calf, that grew in size. My PCP treated me with some heavy duty antibiotis, which helped the surrounding cellulitis...
  11. Nurse Refresher Courses in the Florida Panhandle?

    Have you checked the county's Vo-tech programs? Grannynurse:balloons:
  12. Welcome to the Diabetes/Endocrine Disorders Forum!

    I will be happy to go to the wound clinic. I believe my wound is complicated by damage done when I was badly injuried in a car accident, in 1989. My circulation was compremised by my car accident. I will be interested to find out what caused the w...
  13. NYU, LIU and other Private Nursing colleges

    I am a graduate of LUI's RN to BSN program. LIU has gone thru many changes since I was first a studen in 1964. Then it was a good program for basic students. It went downhill a bit, then it went back up hill, then back down. It is presently on an...
  14. Welcome to the Diabetes/Endocrine Disorders Forum!

    Well kiss my grits. Boy am I happy to see this forum both as a diabetic and as an RN. I am not seeking medical advise, I get that from my PCP. I am sharing a current experience. I developed a dime size black and blue spot. Within dour days it wa...
  15. Is there a doctor or nurse on board this flight?

    I took my flight to S.F. And had a wonderful time. Two years after this happened the air line went out of business. It was Eastern. The paramedic and I satayed in touch. He used his to fly to Seattle.. Grannynurse:balloons: