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  1. grannynurse FNP student

    Diabetes/Renal Failure

    You did not say if he was Type 1 or 2. I am guessing he is either a poorly controled Type 1 and has been for most of his life. Or a poorly controled Type 2 who sees no hope in his future. I am an insulin dependent Type 2. My sugars are well controlled. I have to take each day as it comes and work at managing my disease. Your brother can live for several more months or years, depending on his attitude and compliance. Grannynurse:balloons:
  2. grannynurse FNP student

    Question regarding Florida RN hourly rates

    Hi Beth. I live in Port Charlotte. All three of our hospitals are for profits. Fawcett is an HCA. Peace River (old St Joe's) and Charlotte Regional are owned by a group of physicians down in Naples. I have been a patient in the first two since the change in ownership. And worked for both a long time ago. Hourly pay runs from $22-$28 per hour. Peace River ER is new-less then 3 years-has a newest equipment but not computer charting on the floors yet. Fawcett's ER is more then 25 years old. The rest of the facility has been renovated. And they do have bedside computer nursing notes. Peace River uses Nxylesis(?) for dis pending its medications. Peace River has at the most, 8 to 10 patients. And they work 12 hour shifts. Fawcett has 7-10 patients and also works twelve hour shifts. Both pay slightly more for specialty areas. Fawcett has a stroke center. Peace River and expanded same day surgery. All three got hit, in August 03, by Charlie. Peace River and Fawcett lost their roofs and suffered water damage. Charlotte Regional evacuated its entire facility and suffer some roof and water damage. The cost of a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage begins at about $132,000 depending on where you wish to but. The housing market has slowed down and cost are dropping. In the North End of town, along SR 776 there is a big development of shops, condos and homes going to be developed. We have the Town Center Mall, with Penney's, Macy's, Dillard's. We have a number of small local restaurants plus Red Lobsters, Olive Garden, Chili's, Applebees, TGIFridays. And of course our own Super Wal-Mart. And we have Fisherman's Village which managed to survive Charlie. If you have children the best grade school is Liberty Elementary, Murdock Middle and Port Charlotte H.S. We have three catholic parish's, several Baptist, several other protestant church and the nearest Jewish temple is in Sarasota. And we have a Muslim congeration, If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me. Grannynurse:balloons:
  3. grannynurse FNP student

    What's the most amazing thing you've seen in the OR?

    The worse thing I ever saw was a ten year old boy who had to have his burn dressings changed under anesthesia. He had suffered over 80% first, second and third degree burns over his body. What was even more amazing was he survived and grow into a young man. The most enjoyable experience I ever had was as circulating nurse. Our arrogant Chief Resident hit his had on the op light. He initial continued to put his gloves on. I told him he would have to go out and do a scrub again. He hemmed and hawed. Then said he would go out and do a two minute scrub. I told him if he did that, there wouldn't be anyone in the room when he came back. And the aneslogist(?) backed me up. Grannynurse:balloons:
  4. grannynurse FNP student

    Family members as patients on your unit

    Generally I do not think it is a good idea to have a family member on the floor I worked. It puts too much real or imagine strain on the rest of the staff. And if a family member wants to be put on a specialty unit and does not have a thing to do with the patients illness, NO! And if your family member request to be put on your unit, out of diagnoses, you tell them their illness requires specialized care. It lets you off the hook and they get the right care. Grannynurse:balloons:
  5. grannynurse FNP student

    Neurosurgical Floor or Epilepsy?

    Regardless of the type of floor, there will always be problem with patients. It depend on what type of path you are looking for. I worked ICUs, ER, psych, transplant, as well as med-surg. I usually worked a period of two or three years in each. I got to learn new things and had to deal with all types of patients. Neurosurg is a good area to explore. So is a general surgical unit. I enjoyed my ER and ICU experiences the most. The work and patients were challenging. Good luck on whatever area you chose. Grannynurse:balloons:
  6. grannynurse FNP student

    Natural Disasters in Florida

    With the exception of Orlando and Gainseville, all of Florida's major cities are located in disaster prone areas. And quite a few people forget at our fire danger which generally starts in Maarch and continues thru May. We have a large fire burning here in Charlotte Cout. Last weekend it was Lee County and during the week, the East Coast. Grannynurse:balloons:
  7. grannynurse FNP student

    blood culture?

    The infectious disease guy said the whole thing started with a spider bite. Why a spider would biye me on yje back of my calf---well I can think of several more interesting spots to bite, if I were a spider;) My daughter let me take a look when she changed the dressing last night. I understand that my diabetes effects my healing but my blood sugars have been excellent for the last couple of months hC(?)was 5.7%. But it is hard to tell what condition the calf is in. It is black around the edges but it is red with good granulation. And no one has offer to check under my hood lately. And I don't think my SO would appreciate it:angryfire Grannynurse:balloons:
  8. grannynurse FNP student

    blood culture?

    I sometimes wonder if blood cultures are not being over done. In the past three weeks I have had four blood cultures drawn. Granted I am a diabetic, have an open wound but I have received three heavy duty antiodics for the same period of time. And before someone ask, serousanginous fluid is draining from the wound and my WBC has remained under 16,000. If I didn't know better, I would think someone if feeding a colony of bats:chuckle Grannynurse
  9. grannynurse FNP student

    Has anyone ever had to go to court?

    I have been named twice. And I have always carried my own insurance. In the first case, I was soon dropped. In the second one, the judge dismissed the suit with prejudice. I have testified in numerous cases both civil and criminal. I always reviewed my notes prior to testifing. Grannynurse:balloons:
  10. grannynurse FNP student

    diabetic skin conditions

    I am guessing based on a recent experience of my own but the black spot could be a spoy of necrotic tisse, I had a small area, on my calf, that grew in size. My PCP treated me with some heavy duty antibiotis, which helped the surrounding cellulitis but did nothing for the black area. Yesterday I was seen by an infectious disease guy, he diagnosed it as necrotic tissue and debrided the entire area. I have to change my dressings, wet to wet, twice a day. My PCP is no dumbie but even he missed diagnosed it for three weeks. And my pain level was high for the source of the injury. I would suggest an infectious disease consult. Grannynurse:balloons:
  11. grannynurse FNP student

    Nurse Refresher Courses in the Florida Panhandle?

    Have you checked the county's Vo-tech programs? Grannynurse:balloons:
  12. grannynurse FNP student

    Welcome to the Diabetes/Endocrine Disorders Forum!

    I will be happy to go to the wound clinic. I believe my wound is complicated by damage done when I was badly injuried in a car accident, in 1989. My circulation was compremised by my car accident. I will be interested to find out what caused the wound. I am not really horrified but am curious as to what is going on and how it happen. The wound center now appears to be .50cm below my skin level, like my skin has sunken. I have taken care of many patients with PVD and diabetes but have never seen a wound like mine. And I don't like being that special. My blood sugar has been in a normal range, usuall FBS of 80 and 122 2 hours pp. I was on predisone and came off it a day before the first b & B area appeared. My doctor did not seem to concerned but steroids do impact on healing rates. Will let you all know what they have to say tomorrow afternoon. Grannynurse:balloons:
  13. grannynurse FNP student

    NYU, LIU and other Private Nursing colleges

    I am a graduate of LUI's RN to BSN program. LIU has gone thru many changes since I was first a studen in 1964. Then it was a good program for basic students. It went downhill a bit, then it went back up hill, then back down. It is presently on an uphill swing. I would go to NYU if I had had the money to pay for it. LIU has always been somewhat classified as a second class school. Grannynurse:balloons:
  14. grannynurse FNP student

    Welcome to the Diabetes/Endocrine Disorders Forum!

    Well kiss my grits. Boy am I happy to see this forum both as a diabetic and as an RN. I am not seeking medical advise, I get that from my PCP. I am sharing a current experience. I developed a dime size black and blue spot. Within dour days it was much bigger. Saw my PCP and he put me on three powerful antibiotic's. I am going to see a wound care specialist Monday. I hope they can figure out what is going on. I don't remember getting bitten or bumping my leg. Has anyone else had a patient with this experience. I have had a few but they have a history of PVD, which I don't have. Grannynurse:balloons:
  15. grannynurse FNP student

    Is there a doctor or nurse on board this flight?

    I took my flight to S.F. And had a wonderful time. Two years after this happened the air line went out of business. It was Eastern. The paramedic and I satayed in touch. He used his to fly to Seattle.. Grannynurse:balloons:
  16. grannynurse FNP student

    Is there a doctor or nurse on board this flight?

    Forgot to add, our guy arrest 35,000 feet in the air. We successfully resuscitated him, landed at Charlottville and paramedics wisked him away. We both need a drink after we took off again. And were given all we could drink-two was my limit.