I'm tired.

  1. This semester is wearing me down! I couldn't wait to start nursing school, especially couldn't wait to start the real clinicals- let alone the mother/baby and NICU ones...but I'm tired. Love nursing but I'm tired of school. Heaven help me I have a year left! I've lost some spark for sure. Wondering if maybe a good holiday break will help bring it back...hope so. I'm just so...tired. Lol Anyone else? Only two more clinical days here, plus a couple weeks of classes left. Almost there!
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  3. by   seconddegreebsn
    Yep, exhausted. In the hospital four days a week, in THREE different hospitals today. This is me tonight.

    But nursing school isn't forever - just keep telling yourself that. I plan a little treat at the end of each semester to help sweeten the fact that I'm that much closer to done!
  4. by   Stephalump
    Add me to the tired list! Nursing is taking over my entire life. I'm working 3 12s in the hospital, in clinicals one dat a week, in school 2 days a week, studying the rest of the time, and I spend almost ALL my time with people in health care. I'm so over it. Tired. Tired of studying and all the rest of it. I'm just dragging myself through (and being dragged by all of my friends.)
  5. by   MDS3
    I am so tired. 2 more clinical days & about 3 weeks of school left (including finals!). We are almost there!
  6. by   christina731
    I feel ya, sista! I have 4 weeks, 5 exams (2 of which are very large cumulative finals) 1 case study and 6 clinical days left. I cannot wait until winter break. This semester (2nd) is killing me!
  7. by   ER(notso)n00b
    I am right there with ya. I graduate in 5 weeks and every day is just dragging by. I just did 3 twelve-hour practicum shifts in a row and my brain is toast. The breaks have helped. This past summer was especially relaxing - all I did was hang out with my kids by the pool every day. I miss those days. Now I'm just taking it one day at a time. The days are slowly turning into weeks, and the weeks are turning into months. I live to cross another day off of the calendar.
  8. by   krisiepoo
    welcome to nursing school, LOL

    for what it's worth, I got less tired when I started taking better care of myself. A solid nights sleep (when I could), exercise, healthy foods. It made a world of difference in my school and other life.
  9. by   rubato

    I'm older than most of you, so I had to share. When you say "I'm tired", this is what I think of.
  10. by   Everline
    Two more clinical days and about three weeks of classes, exams and sim labs left. Yup. I'm tired. Next semester will be my third semester out of five. These days, I leave clinical and want to go home, take a shower, get in bed and stay there for a few days. Alas, when I do get into bed, I'm awake all night...thinking.
  11. by   sjalv
    This is my 1st semester and I'm over it, haha. But I definitely think the winter break will help me recuperate. When I feel uninspired, I just watch inspirational nursing videos. This is a good one.
    Being a Nurse - YouTube
  12. by   Julesmama28
    Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I have one more clinical day and a bunch of finals. I have eight kids so coming home at night really isn't a break...even if I didn't have homework. Lol Christmas vacation sounds soo good right now! We can DO this!
  13. by   Levitas
    Hang in there!

    Earlier this year, during my Advanced Med-Surg and Psych rotations, I went through a bout of depression, and it hit me hard. I had trouble focusing, and felt like no matter how much I studied, none of it retained. But it did! I passed those classes, went onto Obstetrics (loved that class!) And after the Summer break, I was back to my normal self! Super excited, and motivated. Just finished my Pediatric semester, and now I'm 10 days away from walking the stage!

    I've got two job interviews lined up, and I'm studying my arse off for boards. I'm exhilarated, and excited about nursing the same that I was on my first day of Fundamentals. I cannot wait to get out there and nurse my butt off!

    You too can do it, just hang tough! It WILL get better!
  14. by   MsDanielle
    I can imagine why you feel so exhausted! I am only a pre-nursing student at the moment and I am exhausted! Just keep pushing and realize you're closer and closer to reaching your dreams each day. Break will be very nice for you, just make sure you don't schedule too much friend/family time (mistakes I consistently make)... you need your rest! Congratulations for making it thus far, your hard work is evidently paying off.