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We are almost done with our first quarter, (A &P and Fundamentals/Skills); at least 12 of my classmates (out of 45 at the start) are about to drop out due to failing grades. How many did you lose... Read More

  1. by   BoonersmomRN
    started with 65. 28 left. Final class ADN program
  2. by   roseynurse345
    In my LPN class, we started off with 27 students, in four months we were down to 9. It was an accelerated year program, it was the most stressful experience in my life. Everybody in this program probably had a good cry at least twice in the bathroom, however it has toughen me up, especially for the RN program I'm in now.
  3. by   teresadkinslpn2rn
    Hello all...I am in my last semester, and actually have finished all class work..have a few papers to turn in and a couple tests to take...I start clinical's as an LPN on Nov 1. How many classmates have we lost.....we started with about 32 and are down to 14. I am generally an A student...but have been happy to have a C now! Midterm we lost 3 more...couple weeks ago...So sad to come so far and then to fail out...not quit! In our program it takes 78% or better to pass. Good luck to all...and hope to come back an share with you again...
  4. by   RISN
    0 so far
  5. by   StudentNurseSteph
    we started with 75..we're now in our fall semester of senior year and we have 49 left
  6. by   beth66335
    Our NS covers 4 campuses, so I don't know how the other three groups are doing. I know total we started with 260, picked from 800 applicants! We lost 4 before school started and one after the first day! No one at our campus failed the "big" math test, But my lab partner and great friend had to drop at the beginning of Oct because she was diagnosed with Leukemia. So, we have only lost 2 at our campus. Fortunately, she is in remission now, so she will finish her consolidation chemo over the next three months, spend the summer getting her hair back and join back with us next year. She will be a first year again, but she will always be part of our group!
  7. by   GeauxNursing
    Quote from Chanzes MiMi
    We are 10 weeks into the LPN program and have gone from 30 students to 20 (and 2 other students are considering dropping).

    We went thru our A&P in 4 wks ! The entire twenty something chapters!
    yes next week is our last A/P test. we did it in 8 weeks.
  8. by   FutureNavyNrs
    I'm in the fall semester of my senior year of a BSN program and we started out with 48. We've lost 8 so far (four first semester, and two each the last two semesters), but had three join us from the class ahead of us. About half of the class is currently failing one of our classes. The thing is, it's not just that people aren't mature or whatever - nursing school is hard. I coasted through all of the prenursing classes with straight A's, but once I hit nursing school, it was like a whole other ballgame. Instead of straight A's, I'm getting mostly B's and working my butt off for that. I think sometimes people don't understand just how relentless it is - the lectures, the labs, the clinical rotations, the clinical paperwork.... it just goes on and on.

    Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel....and I don't think it's an oncoming train.
  9. by   MotivatedOne
    Quote from jorlsu
    I have heard numerous girls in my class saying "I can;t believe __insert instructor name here__ is making this so hard! I had all A's, STRAIGHT A's, in CNA school. This is just ridiculous." Well, honey, this ain't CNA school. We are taking care of critically ill ppl, it HAS to be hard. I feel bad for them, don't get me wrong, I just think that their attitude and whole approach is wrong.
    I'd probably say the same thing...I made straight A's in my pre req's or I made straight A's with the exception of a C on a test(didn't have my book to study) during my CNA program. I honestly believe that I can do anything I put my mind towards doing. I just have some internal (constantly daydreaming/side tracking) problems I need to correct. I wouldn't blame my teacher's for my problems. Especially if I don't ask for help. Makes me wonder if I'm cut out for the nursing profession
  10. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from MotivatedOne
    I wonder if nursing school is really that difficult. I can't understand why people would go through so much trouble to get in the program and not go through the same, if not more trouble to stay in the program. I haven't even applied to nursing school yet and it just breaks my heart to hear that so many people who were accepted are dropping out while the ones who weren't accepted have to sit back and wait. I personally think it's silly.
    Nursing school is not what people think. People may think its is like getting any other degree,But Its Not! It is not like if you study then youll be ok and get through each course with a C. No, the average people in my class will study their butts off and still only get a C. People get so discouraged because there is soooo much to do in NS that if they barely pass or dont pass they feel like, why should I put so much work in when Im not passing or barely passing. No it doesnt seem fair but Nursing is something you really have to want if you are going to go through the schooling because it is a whole lot of work to do and then some.
  11. by   pkohm
    Quote from Rage
    Something that needs to be remembered here is that colleges and universities are first and foremost businesses........they need to generate profits. So yes they will lower their requirements and yes they will accept students that the year before weren't considered "qualifiable". It all depends on the bottom line and the amount of money that a peticular college can generate. Be it business, computer science, or even nursing. After that then it's the curriculum that will weed them out. So basically what is good for this year may change next year.................

    Although i agree with this for the most part, you also have to remember than being a buisness they want to appear better. It's like a TV company making a cheap TV with bad color/short life. More people will buy it, but the brand will be remembered for making inferior products and no one will want to buy their stuff. Schools are the same.. if your statistics show high drop outs/low passing rates at the end and on exams it makes the program and school look bad. Look at some of the really nice universities out there, they have much much lower first year drop out rates than lower level state or local schools. Nursing school is the same people will say "they got 95% Nclex passing rate!" and who wouldnt want to go there lol? Not, "3/4 of the people drop by the 3rd semester" you'd be like "um... let me rethink this place" lol.
  12. by   omni
    Quote from Norwaystud
    News from Norway:
    My class started with 138 (which was over admission capacity) and now in the 3rd semester out of 6 we are down to 100. Unfortunately, I don't think failing is the problem here. The administration is a mess and the requirements are low. You can pass a test with an E here. Imagine that folks, they invented an extra letter in the grading system just so more people could pass.

    Disappointed American
    Are you serious? I hope you realise that most of Europe have this system. It is not so more people can pass it is so that you get more variations in the grading. You still fail by the same precentage. It just so the divide between a B and a C, or A and B, won't be that big.
    I understand that you think the American grading system is better, but I can tell from experience that an A in America is very easy and an A in Norway is not! so there :-)
  13. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Oops, thought poster were comparing schools in US vs. Norway, when it was actually Norway vs. Norway. Sorry.
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