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  1. roseynurse345

    Post procedure vitals

    Hi everyone! I am helping to set up procedure and policy for my facility. I work at an outpatient MDs office that only does EGDs and Colonoscopies, this office is under the auspices of a major medical center. How long do you document vital signs post procedure, generally how long do you keep the patient? 99% patients are receiving Propofol. Thanks!
  2. roseynurse345

    Would you be insulted?

    Hi Princess Bride! I felt the same way on my unit too. I didn't precept either in my ICU, I was not a big personality on my unit. I kept to myself but I got annoyed I was not ask to precept. When I finally got the opportunity I did shine but it was too late. They asked me to go to the preceptor class but I was already leaving the unit. It feels if you are not a preceptor its your management saying you are not a good nurse. However, they like to assign these things to nurses who are bubbly and outgoing and may make the preceptee feel comfortable, its not based on experience and know how. Don't take it personally. You are on to bigger and better....
  3. roseynurse345

    BSN is a joke

    OP if you are unhappy with your BSN program, withdraw, you get what you put into it. If you want to know about EKG interpretation and other things, seek opportunities in your hospital or on the outside. Nursing being in taught in colleges, is a recent phenomenon. Why? Nursing was considered women's work. Women weren't admitted into colleges a 100 years ago, that is why these diploma programs developed in hospitals. Now more than ever we have access to amazing educational opportunities. Nursing should keep up with these developments and move forward. Every other profession isn't fighting it.
  4. roseynurse345

    What makes a good manager?

    When your staff wants to leave or transfer to other units, be gracious about it. Don't take it personally and try to sabotage it for them.
  5. roseynurse345

    What is a FGP nurse? 😕

    Its a faculty group practice, meaning the doctors teach at NYU medical school.
  6. roseynurse345

    Loss of motivation for school

    Hi Everyone! I'm ADN who is trying to finish my BSN program. When I was in the LPN and ADN nursing programs I was very motivated about school and did very well in both programs. Now I can't even finish the BSN program, I have lost my drive for school. I keep dropping out of the BSN program. I wanted at some point to be an NP, but I don't know if that is possibility at this point. Did anyone else have this loss of motivation regarding school? How did you overcome it? I keep telling myself I need to have my BSN for all the uncertainty in the job market. If I want to leave my job or do something else it is necessity for the NY job market.
  7. I worked as a UAP in a hospital while I was in school and it was a great experience. I gained confidence in interacting with patients. I learned telemetry monitoring, phlebotomy, and other useful skills. I read charts during downtime learned about medical conditions and how to document. Watched the good RNs and how they cared for their patients. When nurses know you are in school they are willing to teach you things you may not see in school. No experience is a waste, you have to make the most out of it.
  8. roseynurse345

    SUNY Delhi online RN-BSN

    I tried out Delhi for a semester, although its online it is alot of work. You have the convenience of sitting at home for classes but you have to work very hard. An example of this is you have a reading assignment, the professor poses a question. You have to respond to the professor in APA format. Then you have to respond to two other classmates responses APA format and then respond to people who are responding to your response. This happens weekly. On top of that you have papers to write and powerpoints to make up. As for clinincals you have to find your own and get them approved by Delhi.
  9. roseynurse345

    Shocked by new grads at job fair

    Wow!! It is suprising how people will act. I remember wearing a suit to a career fair and trying so hard to make a good impression. I think people forget you have only 5-15 seconds to make a good impression at those fairs. There are so many books out there and so much information available about how to interview. All colleges have employment centers which advise students on how to act on an interview. So shame on them!!!
  10. roseynurse345

    New York Times Article about RNs getting their BSNs

    I wish hospitals would make it worth your while to go back to school. They give such lousy raises after getting your BSN. I'm actually working on my BSN for career opportunities, but I definitely see the push in the NY metro area for BSNs. I work with PCAs who have ASNs but can't find any jobs.
  11. The New York Times article talking about how more RNs are going back to school for their BSNs. Its describes an RN taking online classes and how their is shift in nursing education for the BSN degree. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/24/education/changing-requirements-send-nurses-back-to-school.html?_r=1&hp
  12. roseynurse345

    Nurses At Several NYC Hospitals May Launch Strike At Christmas

    St. Francis and NUMC have laid nurses off, you are right they will have no problem finding replacements on Long Island.
  13. roseynurse345

    New Grad needs info on St. Francis Hospital in LI

    Yes, unfortunately SFH has started layoffs, nurses and ancillary have been given their pink slips starting yesterday. Which is very surprising since only 10 years ago, SFH was one of the few facilities operating in the black in NYS. Unfortunately, with the layoffs in NUMC, it is making the employment situation on Long Island very difficult.
  14. roseynurse345

    Does this sound crazy?

    Report her to the infection control dept. I had a manager who tried to pull this stunt, when some one complained to infection control, she changed her tune pretty quick. If it doesn't work, report her to OSHA, Joint Commision confidentially, and the dept of health. What she is doing is against the law.
  15. roseynurse345

    Ny lpn to rn program charging $1200 for pre-requisite course! Normal??

    I know this couse is annoying, but I think it lets them know you are able to handle college material. The math section will definetely help you. Yes, HFCN credits are transferable, they do have articulation agreements with certain colleges. I'm going to a university that doesn't have articulation agreement with HFCN, had no problem transferring my credits.
  16. roseynurse345

    Discharged and left to die ????

    You can appeal the discharge. In NY when someone is being discharged and disagrees with it, you can call 1800 number and appeal it, this part of the admission paperwork.