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Post procedure vitals

roseynurse345 specializes in Tele, Dialysis, Med-Surg, ICU,GI.

Hi everyone! I am helping to set up procedure and policy for my facility. I work at an outpatient MDs office that only does EGDs and Colonoscopies, this office is under the auspices of a major medical center. How long do you document vital signs post procedure, generally how long do you keep the patient? 99% patients are receiving Propofol.



nurselana22 specializes in OR and Obs and End.

I came to this site to ask the same thing??

Any response??

endo2006 specializes in gi.

In our endoscopy dept, we recover pts than  have recieved propofol from anesthesiologists.  Our policy: vitals every 5 minutes times 3.   Then every 15minutes until discharge criteria is met.  (same protocal  after conscious sedation).



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