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amandaxyo has 4 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Telemetry.

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  1. amandaxyo

    New specialty bullying?

    Hi! I’m wondering if anyone has changed specialties and encountered passive aggressiveness / bullying from other nurses? I’ve been a medsurg/Tele nurse for 3 years. I also have some experience in outpatient same day procedures. I recently made the change to the ED. I have been encountering problems passive aggressiveness from some of the ED nurses. It’s unprovoked. They’ll make comments to me as they walk by or just flat out tell me they don’t know how I can work the floor without having critical care in my background. They act like an inpatient nurse, I never worked my butt off. I ignore it but it’s starting to irritate me. If you have experienced anything like this, how did you handle it?
  2. amandaxyo

    Post procedure vitals

    I do outpatient GI (endos and colonoscopies) post-procedure in an office. We do VS every 5 mins for 4 times is the minimum. So a minimum of 20 mins after the procedure before they be discharged. By that 4th VS, pts are normally awake and we give them something to drink. However, its longer for a pt having a more difficult time waking up or things may change if there’s issues.
  3. amandaxyo

    FNP Preceptor needed in Philadelphia Area

    I'm very interested as well! I've been actively researching this program. I also live in the Philly/NJ area. They advertise on their site that they guarantee clinical placement. I would've thought it be easier to gain clinical placement especially being in the same state.
  4. amandaxyo


    Thank you so much for this explanation and insight! 😊
  5. amandaxyo


    Hi everyone! I'm interested in pursuing a post-MSN certification for nurse practitioner. However, I'm trying to learn the difference between these types of NPs (Family NP, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP, and Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP), where they can gain employment, and the type of population they work with. I'd appreciate any explaination or insight! Thanks so much! 😊
  6. amandaxyo

    Brookline College - AZ accelerated

    I didn’t have to take anymore classes to test in PA. The NCLEX is a national test so all accredited nursing programs in the US, in theory, should meet the standards. But if Nevada is different, I would just check with Nevada’s Board of Nursing on what you need and find out how to go about completing that. When you are in Capstone, they get you ready to send info into the state for NCLEX testing. Instead of AZ, I had them send my info to PA when I applied and registered to test. I also hold a license in NJ. I had no issues with completing my BSN in AZ and obtaining RN license on the east coast.
  7. amandaxyo

    Brookline College - AZ accelerated

    After I graduated, I applied to take the NCLEX in Pennsylvania instead of Arizona. Arizona is a compact state, correct. But just because I completed the schooling in AZ, doesn’t mean I have to test in AZ.
  8. amandaxyo

    Nurse Residency Programs around Philadelphia

    I applied to a regular RN job posting. At the time, I was unaware that Temple even had a nurse residency program. I was contacted shortly after applying and was asked if I was interested in their nurse residency program. HR provided me with some information about the program. From the time applied until the time I was contacted about the residency program was about about a week or 2? I scheduled to sit for their exam about 2 weeks after that. A week or two after the exam, I was contacted for an interview. The whole entire process from applying to starting the job took about 2 months. But throughout those 2 months, I was in contact with HR pretty regularly.
  9. amandaxyo

    Nurse Residency Programs around Philadelphia

    I think it’s a GPA of 3.0 or 3.2 as a requirement. When I did it, I had to complete and exam and then based on scores, they call for interviews. They select a certain amount of people. They ask alll types of questions. The nurse residency program was a year long. IDK if it’s changed since then or not. The instructor is wonderful. You have orientation but each month For the year, you also have a residency class. They do simulations too, which help especially if you’ve never used some of the skills you’ve learned in nursing school. I hope this helps!
  10. amandaxyo

    Nurse Residency Programs around Philadelphia

    As a new grad, I was hired at Temple and completed their nurse residency program. I highly recommend it
  11. amandaxyo

    NP programs in Philly area?

    Hi! Are there any NP programs in the Philadelphia area that assist with clinical placements? thanks in advance!
  12. amandaxyo

    Temple Health Tuition Benefit?

    I am also interested in learning what the tuition benefit is when employed at Temple Health System. Have you found out?
  13. amandaxyo

    Penn Medicine Critical Care Gateway

    Hi CoffeeFirst, I am also a new grad looking into nurse residency at Penn Medicine. Have you tried contacting HUP regarding the program? I'm under the impression you need to apply for a job and you're put into the residency program from there, that there are not really any official start dates.
  14. amandaxyo

    New Grad in Philly area

    Hello everyone, I'm a new grad nurse in the Philly area. I already have my PA RN license. I went to school for my BSN out of state and just moved back. I've been applying, applying, and applying to RN jobs. I'm feeling a little discouraged because many of the hospitals in this area hire new grads from the schools that are attached to their hospitals. Does anyone know of hospitals in the area that take new grads that aren't from their schools or have any advice for the job search? Thanks so much!
  15. amandaxyo

    Study programs for NCLEX?

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for the NCLEX-RN? If so, did you think it was similar to the actual NCLEX?
  16. amandaxyo

    Med Surg II help?

    Hi Everyone! I just started Med Surg II nursing and needless to say, I'm pretty intimidated by it. It seems intense. Does anyone know of any tips or resources that would be helpful for this class? It is much appreciated. Thank so much!