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Chickenlady has 8 years experience as a ADN and specializes in ER, GI, Occ Health.

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  1. Chickenlady

    nurses with Aspergers/autism?

    I'm Aspie and found that I do better in less "touchy feely" specialties. In Psych I crashed and burned. I would suck in L&D. In the ER I did well technically but never was nominated for a Daisy. In jail, I did OK because it is discouraged to ...
  2. Chickenlady

    Fake Nursing School Scammed Me

    Sadly, this is the reason everyone needs to be Buyer Beware. You're going to spend $16k on a used car? You take it to a mechanic before you buy it. Spending $16k on a nursing program? Gotta do your due diligence and figure out if the school is re...
  3. Chickenlady

    IV Sedation Question

    I do conscious sedation a lot and we know as a matter of course that people under 30 are harder to sedate. We usually try to schedule them with propofol sedation instead.
  4. They may have had a gift or inheritance from family that allowed them to make a large down payment
  5. Chickenlady

    Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    They can get my last name if they request the medical records, which takes time. What I'm concerned with is my immediate safety while the psych patient in crisis is standing in front of me. By the time they get my last name from the medical records...
  6. Chickenlady

    New Grad Contract — Enforceable?

    If the contract wasn't fair, then you shouldn't have signed it, or should have negotiated it. Once you signed it, you agreed to it, fair or unfair. I understand your reason for quitting, but if they enforce the contract, that is a consequence of th...
  7. Chickenlady

    Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    Huge safety risk. If my hospital does that, there will be one of three outcomes: 1. Incomplete notes 2. Staff will be in danger 3. Staff will quit OK.....maybe all three of those things will happen, but I will be in group #3.
  8. Chickenlady

    Is there any point going to nursing school?

    Just about any decent paying job is going to require an investment of some sort. If nursing is what you want to do, then nursing school is the only way to get there. There are lower cost ways of entering like LPN and then working while you progress...
  9. Chickenlady

    Another one wanting to bite the dust.

    GI, outpatient surgery, occupational health, corrections are all good options
  10. Chickenlady

    Gastroenterology Nursing

    Lots of overlap into PACU nursing and circulating. I've enjoyed GI nursing.
  11. Chickenlady

    struggling first year nurse help needed

    In the same vein, GI lab is an outpatient surgery center type vibe. It is routine, until it isn't, so there is opportunity to learn and get comfortable but you also need to stay on your toes. GI also does inpatient procedures on some pretty sick pe...
  12. Chickenlady

    Four 12s in a row?!?! ??

    I'm a zombie on day 4. It's really not in anyone's best interest for me to work that kind of schedule
  13. Chickenlady

    Student Attempted IV 7 Times

    I don't think that was the best thing for the patient, but I doubt there will be lasting effects. I would probably tell my partner that I had found out we weren't supposed to do IVs and we should keep it on the down low and not make the same m...
  14. Chickenlady

    PHN Certificate- is it worth getting it?

    I got a Masters in Public Health and it didn't help me much. I can get a job with the health dept but they pay about $20k less a year compared to hospital pay.
  15. Not sure where the patient came through to get to your care, but an ER would take the symptoms and timeframe into consideration, complete a CT to rule out a BLEED, and then consult neuro for possible TPA or surgery to treat a clot. Even if they were...