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Chickenlady has 7 years experience as a ADN and specializes in ER, GI, Occ Health.

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  1. They may have had a gift or inheritance from family that allowed them to make a large down payment
  2. Chickenlady

    Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    They can get my last name if they request the medical records, which takes time. What I'm concerned with is my immediate safety while the psych patient in crisis is standing in front of me. By the time they get my last name from the medical records the crisis will likely have been addressed and I'm no longer easily accessible to them. And as for the idealistic statement: "Nursing care is centered on the patient and their family, not the nurse.", that is the kind of idea that has gotten us to the point where there are few consequences for patients who physically attack nurses. The safety of the provider vs. the focus on the patient are not mutually exclusive ideas although they seem to have become so in reality. Patient centered care does not include my injury or death. And my hospital did just institute this policy, although we have a mechanism in the ER to not release a note to the electronic chart the patient can view online. Still, I'm uncomfortable enough with this situation that I have not worked any ER shifts, and have no plans to do so.
  3. Chickenlady

    New Grad Contract — Enforceable?

    If the contract wasn't fair, then you shouldn't have signed it, or should have negotiated it. Once you signed it, you agreed to it, fair or unfair. I understand your reason for quitting, but if they enforce the contract, that is a consequence of the situation. I sounds like the consequence is a better outcome than staying in the job you couldn't function in. I will echo being careful saying your mental health was so bad you couldn't work, the BON can take that as an admission that you are unfit to work as a nurse, when the reality is that perhaps you're better suited to a nursing job outside of the hospital.
  4. Chickenlady

    Another one wanting to bite the dust.

    GI, outpatient surgery, occupational health, corrections are all good options
  5. Chickenlady

    Gastroenterology Nursing

    Lots of overlap into PACU nursing and circulating. I've enjoyed GI nursing.
  6. Chickenlady

    struggling first year nurse help needed

    In the same vein, GI lab is an outpatient surgery center type vibe. It is routine, until it isn't, so there is opportunity to learn and get comfortable but you also need to stay on your toes. GI also does inpatient procedures on some pretty sick people, so there is that to step up to once comfortable with the outpatient side. I've found GI nurses to be a pretty cheery and supportive bunch. The negative to both GI lab and PACU areas is that it is procedural, so when your cases are done, you are done. That can be very eary (missing out on $$) or very late (unpredictable schedule).
  7. Chickenlady

    Four 12s in a row?!?! 😭😭

    I'm a zombie on day 4. It's really not in anyone's best interest for me to work that kind of schedule
  8. Chickenlady

    Student Attempted IV 7 Times

    I don't think that was the best thing for the patient, but I doubt there will be lasting effects. I would probably tell my partner that I had found out we weren't supposed to do IVs and we should keep it on the down low and not make the same mistake again.
  9. Chickenlady

    Second Guessing Myself. Did I handle this situation correctly?

    Not sure where the patient came through to get to your care, but an ER would take the symptoms and timeframe into consideration, complete a CT to rule out a BLEED, and then consult neuro for possible TPA or surgery to treat a clot. Even if they were outside the treatment window, they would still at least have neuro following them, especially if there was no history of mental illness or dementia and this was a sudden change of mentation. Seems like when you initiated the chain of events, the patient was finally able to get on the right treatment path.
  10. Chickenlady

    I feel responsible for a patients death

    Poop happens, and sometimes it happens to the nicest patients. This is an unfortunate outcome. You didn't cause it and you took appropriate steps to address the issues as they arose. We don't win them all, as much as we would like to.
  11. Chickenlady

    Need advice for school...

    Bridge it. Why waste time? You will refresh your LPN skills while doing RN clinicals
  12. Chickenlady

    Please Read: Fired from first nursing job

    What do you think (besides the disorder) was impeding you in progressing the first job? Until you address that, and have a concise way to explain it and show how you have overcome it, it will be difficult to get into another residency
  13. Chickenlady

    Taking time off to take care of my new baby? Bad for career?

    Do what is right for your family. You'll find another job later
  14. Chickenlady

    HIPAA Violation? I don't think this is a violation

    Also, HIPAA in a correctional environment has some different standards. Not that it applies to this situation, because it doesn't.
  15. Chickenlady

    Toxic relationship with nursing

    I became bitter and angry all the time in the ER. So judgmental too. I needed to get away from it and took a full time non-ER job and only did ER a few shifts a month. I think I'm a better ER nurse when I'm not doing it all the time.
  16. Chickenlady

    How to deal with mean staff

    If you can't talk to him, I'd send him an email (paper trail) about a specific incident. I'd talk about wanting to improve communication and request a meeting between you two and your manager. Either you will hash things out or the Doc will realize he is being petty and quit it.