How long will it take you to get your 2-yr degree?

  1. I am in my first semester as a nursing student, pursuing my associate's degree. Finishing my prerequisites and general education requirements has already taken four semesters, so by the time I get my degree I will have four years invested in a community college.

    At the community college I attend, they only accept 40 nursing students twice a year, so it takes on average a year of waiting after the last prerequisite is passed before you actually start the nursing classes. I'm not saying it is wasted time on my part, but I wasn't prepared for it to take this long. Is this situation common?
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  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    Hmm, wonder if you live near me. That sounds like my program. It is a year wait from the time you finish your prereqs. I started back on this in August of 2001. I had a lot of transfer credits so I only had to take Chem and Micro and then wait. I could have got in the Jan 03 term (at the earliest), but because of our new baby on the way sititng it out till August 03. By the time I finish it will be May 05. That's 4 years for an associates degree as well. (I have been working on my last general ed class this semester, but other than that I have nothing but nursing classes left.)
  4. by   inodou
    It is going to take me 3 years. I just finished my first year of pre prerequisites . I was accepted into the nursing program this fall. I will be out in 2 years. I still have anatomy 1 & 2 and Micro. I am taking Lifespan Dev. Physiology this summer.
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    the community college ADN programs in my area all take 3 yrs.
  6. by   studentdeb
    At my community college, it take about 3 years with the pre-reqs. I will start in the fall and should finish May 2005. I am taking A&P II this summer and then the only other class I need is micro. By the way, our college accepts 120 students in the fall and then 120 in the spring. I've noticed that most seem to accept less.
  7. by   moonshadeau
    I finished my program from start to finish in 23 months for my ADN. That is including generals and no transfer credits. Now I hear the wait list is about 18 months. I don't know why I got in so quickly, timing or NLN score. Not that it really matters when nurses in my area finish because unless there is a mass exodous out of the area, there are few jobs to be had.
  8. by   FutureNurse2005
    We only have the BScN in Ontario, and it will be 1 year for my pre-reqs and 4 years of Nursing!!

    5 years of school!!!!

    It will be worth it though
  9. by   AmyLiz
    It's supposed to only take 2 years...BUT...

    At my school (community college) they tell me that there's a 4-5 quarter wait list to get into the program. On the other hand, a friend of mine who's in my chemistry class knows a girl who just got accepted into the program after only 2 quarters, so who knows. I'm working on my chem pre-req & will be able to then take the pre-admission exam. After that, it's wait, wait wait.

    One of the advisors said that I "might" be accepted before some folks because a lot of my classes transferred from my bachelors degree, so here's hoping.

    But really, it doesn't bother me that it may take longer to get in. I'm going part-time at the moment & working full-time, so dedicating the quarter to around 2 classes isn't so bad. It gives me more time to concentrate on those classes & hopefully get better grades!
  10. by   fnimat1
    At my school it's supposed to take 4 semesters (which equals to 2 yrs.)...taking courses in the summer makes your Fall and Spring load easier. I was previously an Early Childhood Major(I took all the pre-req's and general courses required for my nursing degree) so all I have to take are my nursing courses (which is a good thing) But in order to get aid for my ds's day care expenses I have to attend school full-time, I'll probably take some really easy photography or

  11. by   cpgrn
    School for me took four years - 2 years part time for pre-req's and two full years after that. We had to take a test for both the lpn and rn programs and we were placed according to scores. Our college is lpn the first year and adn the second. I was lucky enough to get right in both years.
  12. by   marilynmom
    It depends on the school here. This is also one of the reasons I am getting my BSN instead of an ADN cause the time difference is that not great in completing them both. I know at one school here they accept 60 students a semester and if you go full time you can have your ADN in 4 semesters- not bad at all.

    Good luck, I cant imagine having all my pre reqs done and then having to wait a year to get in!

  13. by   nessa1982
    I dont think ANYONE gets it done in 2 years. At least I've never met anyone who did it. By the time I'm done with my ADN nursing program I will have been at a JC for 4 years. But at the same time I received all of my transfer classes it might only take me 1 year to 1 1/2 years to get my BSN. I hear it takes most people 3 years for a regular associates and 5 years for reg BS or BA so i guess I', not too behind. But sometimes it feels like it !
  14. by   maire
    It has taken me 6 years just to get this far, but then again, I have gone part-time the whole way and took 3 semesters because my vehicle transmission went toes up and I couldn't afford to go, and two because I had a baby and decided not to go.

    However, my personal story aside, at my school to get an ADN it generally takes 4 years...2 for pre-reqs and 2 for nursing classes...unless you take co-reqs at the same time, in which case you might be able to finish in 3 years...I don't think I know anyone that has done it that way, not that it hasn't happened...

    Geez I ramble.