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Earlier today I saw someone recommend that a student purchase a nursing diagnosis book. I have searched the forum and can't find a recommendation from the last couple years. Can someone please... Read More

  1. by   HalfBoiled
    Saunders NCLEX review guide.
    Has literally everything, and straight to the point.
    REALLY HELPS with care plans
  2. by   Apple-Core
    With regard to your books, I would suggest sniffing around on eBay and buying ones that are used and even the previous edition.....saves a fortune. I have done this for years throughout school and never once has it been an issue to not have the most up-to-date edition.

    I second everything else: pen-light, decent binder, tons of pens, decent and rugged backpack, knee-high compression socks, solid and comfy shoes, cheap plastic watch with second hand, stethoscope, clipboard.
  3. by   AngelKissed857
    Inexpensive water resistant watch with a second hand and glow in the dark numbers- a stopwatch function would be a bonus. There most comfortable shoes imaginable that comply with your as school dress code. BTW, spent under $40. for my watch on Amazon, it's a man's watch with metal band.
  4. by   Rionoir
    We were required to buy this (along with an ipad) for our program:

    Nursing Central™ from Unbound Medicine

    I use it constantly at clinicals. It has a nursing diagnosis handbook, as well as davis's drug guide, and some other things.
  5. by   northmississippi
    my fav items are my voice recorder (get two if you have extra classes like pharm so that you can keep it all separated better), and get one that has a noise reduction feature and a way to slow down the recording, i like my sony px333 i think it is.

    Get you a black and white toner printer that can scan copies also. if you buy a color printer, you will be out of ink every time you need a late night sunday printout for mondays meeting.

    For clinicals, I like my little spiral bound book called lab notes, and med surg notes, along with betty ackleys careplan/diagnosis book.

    I like my flash drive that is made like a key that fits on my keychain, so that you'll always have it handy, and you wont run off and leave it in the pc at school since its also your car keys.

    acer laptop, 17 inch and home internet access.

    get your own 02sat monitor off ebay and a basic thermometer from dollar general.

    snacks in your backpack and car.

    numbers of class mates and teachers in your phone.

    learn to do care plans and nursing diagnosis

    good luck.
  6. by   MiladyMalarkey
    Besides all the gear & nursing diagnosis book, I would have told myself to buy some sort of electrolyte and pharmacology study guide/flash cards/chart. Would've saved me some time.
  7. by   Royalq
    - Rolling backpack. This has seriously saved my back. I have all my books in electronic format on my ipad but i would try to carry my laptop and other supplies. One day i came home and i needed to take 2 Advils because my back was so sore. Thats when i decided to get a rolling backpack.
    - tablet/iPad. Ot completely necessary and if you dont have one dont worry about it. But if you have one go ahead and bring it to school. Try to get as many of your text books in electronic format as possible.
    - compression socks, good quality sneakers, and shoe inserts for your specific needs. Im flat footed so my foot strikes the ground all wrong leading to knee and hip pain and decreased tokerance to walking. I went to a running store and stood on one of those machines go get my foot scanned and got a shoe insert that will help balance my foot. My foot feels so much better.
    -a pack of comouter paper. Leave it in your locker or car for quick access.
    - planner. Every semester i get all my syllabuses and put due dates in my planner for the whole semester. Each class is a specific color for quick reference.
    - highlighters. Now i bought a pack that comes in different colors but my eyes gravitate towards the yellow kind so thats what i use to emphasis important info.
    - loose leaf paper, binder, dividers.
  8. by   HarleyGrandma
    Along with all the great suggestions above I would highly recommend, "Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Exam" book! It has an online portion with over 2000 questions too. I've studied with that in my last semester, and it has really helped me grasp the overall concepts (pulling it all together).
    Nursing school is a process, it will test and challenge you in ways you won't expect - but it can be done and you can learn a lot!
    All the best
  9. by   Silver_Rik
    I'm glad someone finally mentioned a glow in the dark watch (though maybe others assumed it was implied.) Not in Clinical, but at work we start taking vitals at 0400 - pts appreciate not having the lights turned up. Some people have evening clinicals

    A pair of bandage scissors can come in handy and will make you popular among hospital staff and classmates (though I can't carry them at work)